Gollum Gifts for Hobbit Fans

by Marie

Any enthusiast of the creature called Gollum will appreciate Gollum Gifts for a birthday, Christmas or a surprise present that is sure to impress. Perfect for a Tolkien LOTR fan.

Looking for Gollum Gifts for a fan of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien? You'll find some great suggestions here like the Making of Gollum book put together by a fan of the popular fantasy movies and books.

Gollum is a sad specimen of a creature who was once known as Smeagol. Although his emaciated appearance is frightful, he is more to be pitied than to be afraid of. He has an instantly recognisable appearance with his sharp, rotten teeth and bulbous blue eyes.

The Creature Gollum

This plush figure shows what Gollum looks like in The Hobbit movies. Such a rather pathetic and vile looking creature that you might wonder why he has any fans at all! I think most Tolkien fans are fascinated by his rather split personality.

He had once been a glorious Hobbit himself called Smeagol but became corrupted by a magical ring known as the One Ring. Through this ring's evil and all-consuming power, Smeagol changed into the creature Gollum and became a shadow of his former self.

The character we see in the movies is divided because he both hates and loves himself as he hates and loves the One Ring. He is a creature that provokes pity in some and loathing in others.

LEGO The Hobbit Riddles for The Ring

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Gollum the Lord Of The Rings 1/4 scale figure

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The Hobbit Wacky Wobbler Gollum Bobble Head

Before the Lord of the Rings, there was the Hobbit. Collect all of these cool bobble heads from the movie The Hobbit. Each Sold Separately.

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What about the One Ring?

Gollum was completely obsessed with the One Ring which he had until the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, stole it from him and then passed it on, many years later, to his younger cousin, Frodo Baggins. You knew that Gollum would never rest until he got the ring back. Gollum frequently refers to the ring as My Precious.

It makes sense then to consider a precious One Ring for your Gollum fan. You can get an officially licensed version of the ring with a gold color finish. The ring comes on a chain and is designed to be worn around the neck as Frodo Baggin's wore it. It's a great replica gift.

For someone who loves looking at Gollum and isn't fazed by his creepy stare, you can get an amazing bust. This limited edition bust shows the head and neck of Gollum in all its glory. Check out those horrid, pointy teeth.

A great idea for someone who is interested in how Gollum was created for the movies, there is a book called A Behind the Scenes Guide of the Making of Gollum which is by Andy Serkis, the guy who played him. A visual feast for the eyes, the book contains over 100 full-color images which include concept drawings, photos and stills from the movie.

Below are even more gift ideas on a gollum theme that you should check out from eBay.com.

Round Gollum Necklace

This printed image of a hand-drawn image of Gollum looks wonderful set into a round necklace and makes a great and unique keepsake gift. It really captures the facial expression with Gollum's bulbous and bright blue eyes very well.

Andy Serkis, an English actor and director, performed the movements and the voice of Gollum for all three The Lord of the Rings Movies and for the upcoming The Hobbit movie as well.

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