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by humagaia is the homepage for Google France. It is available in French [français]. You can go to Gmail, images, videos, maps, shopping & French news direct from Google fr homepage. is the premier search engine in France and the 25th ranked site worldwide, in terms of traffic. An average of 2.8% to 2.9% of global internet users used Google France over the last 3 months and they stayed within the search engine results pages for an average of around 9 minutes.

The majority of visitors arrive here directly. Otherwise Facebook,, YouTube, Wikipedia and Yahoo! are the main sites from which visitors arrive. The majority of search engine queries directing traffic here are for 'google', 'translation' and 'maps'.

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Google France (

Site information

The audience demographic, relative to the general internet population, is positive for the age range 25-44, males of graduate level, browsing from work, and negative for 45+ non-graduate level, browsing from home.

As would be expected, the majority of visitors are French-speakers. They come from France (80%), Algeria (4%), Morocco (1.5%), Tunisia, Belgium, China, Germany, Cameroon and Madagascar, with 10% coming from elsewhere.

(Data from Alexa as of 2012/01/30)

Alexa Site Audit

Google fr

Google fr France 20120130
Google fr France 20120130
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Overview and location

Google France, as for all Google home pages and results pages, is minimalist, easy to navigate, has good customer support, excellent content and an active community. One can obtain good deals from 'Shopping', but the best use is for research.

Google France is located, and can be contacted at:

  • Google France SARL, 38 Avenue de l'Opéra, 75002 Paris, France.

Jobs at Google Paris

The latest jobs at Google Paris can be found at this URL:


Google France SARL - Location

France Wiki

The French Republic, commonly known as France, is a unitary semi-presidential republic in Western Europe with several overseas territories and islands located on other continents and in the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans. ...

Republic of France

Geomorphology and Human Geography

France is the largest country in Europe. It has coastlines on the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the English Channel. It borders Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Spain and Andorra.

The great basins of the north and south-west are the lowest parts of the country. The highest points are in the Alps, Jura, Pyrenees and the Massif Central.

The climate ranges from moderate maritime in the north, through to Mediterranean in the south. These climate conditions allow farming throughout France. The west is ideal for livestock and there is good arable land throughout the Paris basin. Some of the world's best wines are produced in the south-west around Bordeaux.

The main industrial area is in the north and east.

The capital of France is Paris, and this is where Google Inc., France offices are located.

French currency = Euro.

Map of France


Apart from French (55m) there are significant populations within France that speak other languages (you can use Google France in these languages by utilising the URL shown next to each, where appropriate):

  • Occitan (~2m)
  • Arabic (~1.5m) [Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian] 
  • Swiss German (~1.5m) 
  • Italian (~1m)
  • Portuguese (~750k)
  • Kabyle (~500k)  
  • Breton (~500k)
  • Corsican (~350k)
  • Tamazight (~150k)
  • Creole French (~150k)
  • Turkish (~135k)
  • Catalan (~100k)
  • Dutch (~80k)
  • Basque (~75k)
  • Provencal (~70k)
  • Armenian (~70k)
  • Khmer (50k)
  • Luxembourgeois (40k)
  • Farsi (40k)
  • Wolof (35k)

Language estimates from Ethnologue (

If you would like to see Google France in English then use the following URL:

Google France in English webhp = en
Google France in English
Google France in English
Humagaia "Paint" screenshot

Products Google France homepage

Top left

The following products are available from the top left of Google France home page:

  1. Images – search images.
  2. Vidéos – search videos.
  3. Maps – search for maps and get directions.
  4. Actualités – search for French news, on any particular subject.
  5. Shopping – search for products.
  6. Gmail - access your account or register for a free account.

The [plus] link drop-down has Traduction (Translate), Livres (Books), Scholar, Blogs, YouTube, Agenda (Calendar), Photos, Documents, Sites, Groupes (Groups), and Reader as additional Google functions.

Other Products Google France

Top right & bottom

From the top right hand corner there are links to:

  • Paramètres de recherche (Search settings, i.e. preferences)
  • Recherche avancée (Advanced search)
  • Outils linguistiques (Language tools)
  • iGoogle
  • Historique web (your search history)


At the bottom of the page there are also links to information about advertising programs (Solutions publicitaires), business solutions (Solutions d'entreprise), and 'About Google' (A propos de Google).

Google fr Languages

How to access Google France

This French search engine can be accessed in several different ways. Each bypasses the automatic redirection of localised search or Google home page search:

  1. Type '' to access search results in French.

  2. If you have been classified by Google as 'France local' then click the 'aller a Google France' or 'aller a Google France, en Français' link at the lower right of the search homepage screen.

  3. You can obtain search results by adding or changing the “gl” parameter of the search URL, for example ''.

  4. Enter '', which redirects to the French home page '' or '', which redirects to Google France in English.

Plugin Checker

Firefox Google France
Firefox Google France

You can view just pages from France if you want to, using the Firefox browser, but only in the French version. Use the following Firefox URL:

Firefox does not need to be your browser to use this. When on the Firefox page, ensure either the (Search) Rechercher dans 'Pages francophones' button or 'Pages : France' is set, instead of the (Search) 'Web' button.

france24 livefeed news

Latest French News items

Copy and paste the French news item to for a translation
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Amazon France

Product availability

Amazon France
Amazon France propose des produits pour vous dans les catégories suivantes: Livres, Kindle, Musique, High-Tech, Informatique et Bureau, Jeux Vidéo et Consoles, Jouets, Enfants et Bébés, Cuisine et Maison, Beauté, Hygiène et Santé, Vetements et Chaussures, Montres et Bijoux, Sports et Loisirs

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