Gotham Episode Review: “LoveCraft”

by StevenHelmer

A review of the season 1 episode that first aired November 24, 2014

Synopsis: A group of assassins are sent to Wayne Manor to kill Selina Kyle (Cameron Bicondova) and she and Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) flee to Gotham City so she can stay hidden. Believing Dick Lovecraft (Al Sapienza) is behind the hit, Gordon (Ben McKenzie) chases him down in an effort to get it called off. However, when he finds Lovecraft, he quickly learns his top suspect isn’t as important as he was led to believe.

Guest Stars

Guest stars include Clare Foley and Declan Mulvey.

A Great Fall Finale

I think the thing that really stood out for me when it came to this fall finale was the doubt it casts on Harvey Dent’s (Nicholas D’Agosto) credibility going forward. When the series first introduced him last week, he seemed like the only other person in Gotham that couldn’t be bought. However, after learning he was at least indirectly responsible for Selina being found and the person (Lovecraft) he insisted was the brains behind the Wayne murders wasn’t even a major player, I am starting to wonder if maybe he’s just playing Gordon like everyone else, perhaps with the goal of getting the detective in enough trouble to justify his demotion to security guard at Arkham Asylum.

One thing I found I really liked about this episode is how it gave us a glimpse at Selina’s life on the streets, including what turned out to be a pretty complex underground network of street kids working for various fences that answer to Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith). I have a feeling this will come into play later, along with Ivy (Foley), who seems a little creepier every time I see her in an episode.

I have to admit, after seeing this episode; I am growing more and more intrigued by Alfred (Sean Pertwee). He has some real skills when it comes to fighting and I am starting to suspect he is much more than just a butler. In fact, I’m starting to wonder if Bruce’s parents hired him more for those skills, perhaps as a bodyguard that can protect their son in case something were to happen to them. I’m sure, at some point, we’re going to get more background information about him and I will be paying close attention when that happens.

Final Opinion

I’m sure Gordon’s demotion will come into play going forward. However, this episode, in my opinion at least, was more about setting the tone by revealing a much deeper mystery about the Wayne murders and showing nobody is safe in Gotham. I can’t wait until the midseason break is over.

My Grade: A

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StevenHelmer on 11/26/2014

I have to admit this one surprised me. When it first came on the air, I figured it was going to be yet another Batman ripoff. But, it is well written and has a good mix of action and mystery.

dustytoes on 11/26/2014

I am really enjoying this show. Can't wait for it to come back!

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