Growing Up In a Different Age

by samsons1

Now, I'm a grandfather, but I still recall growing up as a child and the quality times we had as a family...

Today, merchandise is not manufactured to last

When I was a boy clothing lasted a lot longer than it does today

Hi guys, I’m Sam from upper east Tennessee.  Though I was born in Bristol, I’ve made Johnson City my home for almost thirty years now but I’m still within twenty-five miles of where I grew up as a child.  I was the youngest of three boys and growing up in the late forties and early fifties meant a lot of my clothing was ‘hand me downs’.  Back then clothing lasted a lot longer than it does today.  Manufacturers leaned more toward quality in the finished product as opposed to quantity in the number of sales like today.  Clothing was all American made for one thing and companies took pride in their products.  Now a days, it’s hard to find clothing made in America, and quality is not as readily scrutinized as it once was and glancing at the tags shows that the articles we cover ourselves with today could have been manufactured almost anywhere in the world.


As a family we spent time together

I only wanted to play

Times were simple and everyone knew everyone else in the community.  Homes were built with front porches back then and families would go outside and sit around together in chairs and maybe a swing after a good homemade supper and talk to one another about all that had happen that day while their food was settling my dad used to say.  We boys were eager to play some more before dark and the time we would have to come in and get cleaned up for bed, but mom and dad were firm and said that this was the only time of the day we had to be a family and we all could spare a few minutes after supper to be together.  We didn’t have television and computers had not even been thought of back then.  There was a telephone, but we shared the line with two or three neighbors and mom or dad were the only ones who could use it.


an old telephone
an old telephone

Do you remember family time as you grew up?

Sometimes the children have to compete for recognition

Could some parents be missing it?

Today, you seldom see a home with a front porch at all, and worse you don’t see families gathering together to sit and talk together.  Today’s culture says that most of the family’s activities have moved to the back of the house and neighbors sometimes never see their neighbors much less get to know them well enough to simply past the time of day.  Times have certainly changed and we can’t always say the changes have been for the best.  It’s true the wages have increased and we have more at home in the way of entertainment sometimes having more than one TV, a few computers and/or X-boxes and even multiple telephones not to mention multiple automobiles, boats and RV’s.  We have everything we could ask for as far as conveniences and pleasures are concerned, but sometimes the parents can’t even name their children’s teachers at school.


Today's children are given anything they want

In our attempts to give our kids all they want, I feel many parents have failed to give their own children what they really need and have reached out for, but to no avail, the love and fellowship of loving and caring family members.  Times have not changed so much that we no longer need the love and bonding that was present in our grandparent’s day.  You know what; I kinda miss those times when families were close…

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Rose on 12/04/2015

I love the picture of the telephone! My grandfather had one of the old black dial phones, which were really TOUGH to dial because the spring was so strong. It was heavy too, made of solid metal.

samsons1 on 09/16/2014

thank you othellos for your comments. No matter where were live, I feel the fun times as well as the heart-aches of life are universal; and we all experience these things as we mature and grow older in life. Here is wishing you a great day and future my friend...;)

samsons1 on 12/04/2012

thanks so much paperfacets for your friendship and for making your nice remarks. Life is certainly different now than when we grew up...

paperfacets on 12/04/2012

I certainly spent time playing outside till dark. My parents were not outside people so I was on my own with friends during that time. I grew up in a suburb in the 50's and 60's. Nobody sat on their front porches. They were probably watching black and white TV.
Watching and helping my kids grow up, though in the 80's and 90's, they generally, had the time of their lives. Anyway, I think so.

samsons1 on 01/11/2012

*thank you bhthanks for your fine observations. I like the 'old times' best...
*and thank you JD for stopping by. Like I just said, I like the 'old times', when kids could just be kids and left to play on our own with each other. There is something to be learned from dealing with each other as children that I feel and see is missing in today's children. We sure had fun didn't we...

bayouladyJDKimball on 01/10/2012

I definitely miss those SAFER, carefree days! Back in those days,kids roamed their street safely playing with the other kids in the neighborhood. I remember many summer nights of catching fireflies,racing down the street,and riding bikes until the street lights came on. Not a sign to come in the house,but to move to the yards.
I really detest this "hurried child" syndrome,too.Most kids I know today, are much too "grown up " to actually play at ten years old. My friends and I still had dolls in the sixth grade! I recently saw a picture of one I will not name who is only just turning 11. She was wearing clothing and makeup of a 20 year old. So sad.

bhthanks on 01/05/2012

It's true that the things have changed so much over time and over generations. with the introduction of modern technology, people are not as close. You made very good points. thank you for this.

samsons1 on 12/07/2011

thanks so much ethel for your comments and I agree. I believe some would go back to that 'less hectic' life if we could...

ethelsmith on 12/07/2011

Agreed. I know we look back through rose coloured glasses but life was in some ways less complicated. Times change but it is a shame we lose good things from society in the name of progress

samsons1 on 10/27/2011

thank you so much perms for taking the time to comment, and yes, I agree and the old adage 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder' is certainly true and I likewise miss the times I had as a boy learning about life from my best friends on earth...

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