Guess How Much I Love You: Book: I Love You To The Moon And Back

by bhthanks

"Guess How Much I Love You" is a charming family book ending with "I Love you to the Moon and Back"

Published in 1994 in the United Kingdom and 1995 in the United States, Guess How Much I Love You is an extremely popular children’s book written by Sam McBratney. The book was illustrated by Anita Jeram, and has won a large amount of awards. Since its initial publication, it has been published into a total of 37 different languages, with more than 20 million copies sold.

The plot centers around two Nutbrown Hares who appear to be father and son.

The title of the book comes from the question which the little Nutbrown Hare asks the big Nutbrown Hare. The book follows the conversation as the two hares use increasing measures to define their love for one another.

For every increase that the little hare makes in the love he feels for the father, the father has a bigger response. Each example of love begins with the words “I love you…” and is illustrated by a pictorial representation.

Guess How Much I Love You [Board Book]

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Guess How Much I Love You

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Throughout the book, the idea of the strength of love and the bond between the two hares is emphasized.

When reading this story with a child, it can be a strong way of bonding, and explaining to them the love that a parent and child share.

Alternatively, the book could be used as a gift for a spouse, as the measures of love that are talked about throughout the book could be as easily applied to romantic love as they are to the love between a father and son. A special version of the book, the Sweetheart Edition, was produced specifically for this reason, as a way of expressing romantic love.

The book has been released in a number of different forms. One of these is the board book, which is sturdy, making it easy to handle by young children, and decreasing the likelihood that it will be damaged. The standard version of the book is a 32 page hardcover book. Since the publication of the first book, popularity has been astounding, and consequently another book in the series has been produced, known as A Surprise for the Nutbrown Hares: A Guess How Much I Love You Storybook. This book follows the big Nutbrown Hare as he finds a box monster. Like the first book, this story focuses on how much the two love one another. There have also been other books released, as well as plush toys of the main characters.  The book has been extremely popular as a consequence of the simple, yet important, message that it conveys.

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A Surprise for the Nutbrown Hares: A Guess How Much I love You Storybook

A Surprise for the Nutbrown Hares: A Guess How Much I Love You Storybook

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The Guess How Much I Love You book focuses on the love that a parent and child share for one another.

It makes a good gift to give to a loved one such as a child, or for a child and parent to read together.

Additionally, it can be given as a romantic gesture between spouses, as parental love is implied, but never implicitly stated in the book.

Whatever the aim, the book makes a lovely gift, and it is a story that tells of strong and deep love between two people.

I Love You To The Moon and Back: Plaque
Updated: 02/26/2012, bhthanks
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sheilamarie on 03/01/2012

This book is certainly a favorite. It's a nice reminder and a great choice for a new family.

bhthanks on 02/26/2012

Thank you for your comments, Brenda and Angel!

BrendaReeves on 02/26/2012

Great review! Congratulations on the editors choice.

Angel on 02/26/2012

Love this book too. We have it here to read to the kids... we have four so we read a lot! The babies love it ... Great article. Editors Choice! Congrats.

bhthanks on 02/26/2012

Thanks, Katie!

katiem2 on 02/26/2012

I love this book as well, my daughters and I still say it, this much, to the moon and back. Great book every family should enjoy. Gonna tweet :)

bhthanks on 02/26/2012

Thanks, Jimmie! I enjoy reading this to my son as well.

Jimmie on 02/26/2012

Sweet, sweet book. Such wonderful memories of reading this to my daughter.

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