Guide to a Bank Debit Card

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Understand the benefits of using a debit card for your day-to-day transactions, as well as keeping your checking account safe and balanced.

What You Need to Know About This Convenient Banking Feature

Bank Debit CardBank check cards or debit cards have evolved considerably since the introduction of basic ATM cards in the 1980s.  Today, bank debit cards are accepted generally everywhere credit cards are, making it easier and more convenient than ever for you to buy the things you want.  These days, when you open a checking account, chances are you’ll get a check card or debit card with it.  These two terms essentially refer to the same thing – a card which immediately withdraws the money from your checking account rather than having you charge it like a credit card. (image credit)

Debit Card Information for Selecting a Pin

What you may not realize, however, is that bank debit cards have numerous benefits over credit cards.  This guide will help you understand some of the major advantages of using a debit card.

Use common sense security measures when using your debit.  For instance, don’t give your debit card number out to anyone – online or on the phone – unless you truly trust them.  Make sure your PIN is not something a thief could easily guess, like your birth date or the last four digits of your phone number.

Big Ticket Purchases on a Debit Card

When making a big ticket purchase, it’s still better to use a credit card (as you may not have available funds in your checking account), but for everyday things like eating out, groceries and gas, a debit card like the Aurora Bank (Equal Housing Lender, member FDIC) debit card is easy, convenient and works in minutes.

Best Practices on Debit Card Usage

Easy Tips on Securing Your Debit Card Transactions

Action Steps

What You Need to Know About This Convenient Banking Feature

Bank Debit CardA bank debit card can help you with the budgeting process.  You can find out where you’re spending money by examining your statements (even online) to see where you’re spending.  Sometimes, you can combine both your bank debit card and money management software to download your statements automatically to your computer and track your spending habits over several months.


  1. Use your debit card, such as the Aurora Bank (Equal Housing Lender, member FDIC) debit card, with software like Quicken or other money management tools to create a workable budget that helps you monitor where your money is going.
  2. Take advantage of your debit cards.  While having one won’t help you build up a credit history (or improve one, if you’re trying to), they are easier to get than credit cards, which can make it much more convenient and flexible for you to make purchases. You can also choose to have overdraft protection linked to your account. (image credit)

Tips and Tactics

Make The Most Out Of Your Debit Card

A few easy to follow measures should keep your debit card safe and secure while helping you to easily carve out a budget you can work with and while monitoring your spending easily. 

  • Taking a few simple steps to understand the basics of using a debit card as well as online banking can make a significant difference in your spending habits. 
  • Still have questions? Ask the bank before you sign up – their customer service is eager to help and can answer all your questions thoroughly and happily.

Do you use your debit card for all your purchases?

How to Use a Debit Card Video

Videos Instructions for Debit Card

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