Halloween Door Greeters

by blackspanielgallery

Halloween door greeters are characters who stand at the door and usually hold a bowl or a pumpkin that is filled with candy. Thy can add much to your Halloween decorations.

A door greeter is an object that stands at the door, and often holds a bowl of candy. A door greeter can be a fun Halloween decoration. Some come with lights and movement. And, most hold bowls for candy. They can be used to give out candy when you are busy by you filling the bowl, and most have a bowl, and making it the honor system for the children to help themselves. This works well in some areas, and not at all in others. Or, you can give out the candy by sitting next to the door greeter where you reach into the bowl and personally give out the candy.

There is a large selection of door greeters from which to choose. Just look at some of the nicer ones below.

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Ghost and Pumpkin Lighted Greeters

The set is lighted, and the colored lights change.  As a trick or treating child approaches it is difficult for the child to watch both.  When a child focuses on one the lights change on the other.  Out of the corner of the child’s eye the change is detected, so the child will want to be careful and watch the other.  But they both change color, making for an interesting dilemma.


These door greeters are available as a set or individually.  


Door Greeter

If it is monsters that work with the other decorations consider Frankenstein.  This door greeter is a hanging door greeter, and comes with a pumpkin that can be filled with candy.  It is certain to be an attractive monster addition to your Halloween display.

Star Wars

Door Greeters

If you enjoy Star Wars let Yoda greet the children at your door.  Yoda stands with a bowl of candy, and makes an attractive addition to your Halloween participation.


Yoda is not specifically a Halloween character, merely a well known and loved character being used as a Halloween prop.  So, there is no reason Yoda cannot hold party favors for a birthday party.  In fact, Star Wars makes an excellent party theme, so why not invite Yoda to come and greet the guests at a birthday party?  He can be used indoors as well as outdoors, and will be an instant hit.


Or, perhaps you like the more menacing character of Darth Vader.  As with Yoda, Darth Vader can be used for birthday parties as well as Halloween.


In fact, there are many other Star wars door greeters available.

Mickey Mouse

Door Greeter

Mickey Mouse in a vampire outfit makes an excellent door greeter on Halloween.  He is small enough to not intimidate the children, and is easily recognized, even when wearing a vampire outfit.  This is certainly a vampire who is not scary.


Minnie Mouse

Door Greeter

Minnie Mouse is as well known as Mickey, and Minnie Mouse as a witch is hardly scary.  Minnie Mouse can be used with Mickey, or can stand alone.  Minnie Mouse can serve you well as a door greeter on Halloween.

Monster University

Door Greeter

Mike Wazowsky from Monster High is as unscary as a monster can be, and he is well known to most children.  Let Mike sit on his pumpkin and greet the children as they trick or treat at your door.  He will add so much to the night for the children who visit.

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Updated: 10/18/2019, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 09/08/2015

Thanks. I accidentally found one so I looked for more. I also had no idea they existed, but they seemed nice enough to look into.

younghopes on 09/08/2015

Just loved these, very nice collection i havent seen any of these before so i am just pinning to my halloween party board

blackspanielgallery on 08/27/2015

I stopped with these, but I also saw a Storm Trooper and R2D2. And there is another version of Minnie Mouse. I found Mickey and Minnie while writing the Halloween with a Disney Twist, and simply searched for door greeters. It was a fun and easy one to write after the accidental discovery. But, Yoda is my favorite too.

dustytoes on 08/27/2015

I'd love to have Yoda help pass out the candy! Nice collection of Halloween door greeters.

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