Halloween Owl Decor

by Digby_Adams

You'll love these Halloween owl candle holders, owl pillows and owl figurines. A curated unique selection at low, discount prices. Both new and vintage owl decor is available.

Owls are creatures of the night and what night is more suited to them than Halloween. It's easy to include unique and artful pieces in your home decor, when you shop on ebay. A decorative owl figurine will fly gracefully from your fireplace mantle to side table. Toss a Halloween owl throw pillow on your sofa for an instant and cozy Halloween accent. Create a peaceful night time glow with a Halloween owl candle. When you shop on ebay you also have access to vintage and antique decor, that you'd never see in your local big box retailer. So browse away at these gorgeous items, vintage and new, and think about how great they'll look in your own home decor.

I prefer to use decorative candle holders with white or other soft neutral colors, because I can't bring myself to light beautiful owl candles that could pass for owl figurines. You can opt for owl candle holders that the the candles in front of or behind the owl or owl holders that encase the candle. Either way you'll cast a mysterious shadow over your owls.

Halloween Owl Candle Holders

DecoFlair 3-Candle Tray Owls

This decorative Candle tray will immediately add to the decor of any room. At 11-1/2-Inch Tall by 17-Inch Wide this 3-Candle tray features a perched Owl design. Makes a perfect ...

View on Amazon

Wise Owl Ornamental Vine Leaf Votive Candleholder Stand

With its fanciful theme and its rich, earthy colors, this vine shaped candle stand is a wise decorating choice indeed! Cute owl ornament is ever so enchanting when backlit by a ...

Only $7.24

View on Amazon

Lenox Owl Votive Tea Light Holder

One owl is wide-eyed, the other winks, and both are uniquely sculpted votives. Pierced accents create the owls' feathers and allow candlelight to shine forth from inside the vot...

View on Amazon

Vintage Halloween Owl Die-Cut Decorations

Remember childhood Halloween celebrations with vintage owl die-cut decorations. Usually made in cardboard or tin, you can hang them to bring your guests back into a different era. On ebay it's not uncommon to find decorative items from the 1920s or 1930s. The stylized shapes and period colors might well remind you of old-time cartoons. They'll create a sentimental and playful vibe in your Halloween decorations. Perfect if you want to celebrate the Halloween holidays, without putting a frightful scare in your guests or children.

You'll be able to find owls on their own, usually in front of a full moon or along side a crescent moon. But sometimes they are joined by their Halloween friends, cavorting ghosts, witches in their spiked black hats, or circling bats. I know that I love to sit on my porch at night and listen to their mysterious calls. It's no wonder that owls have become a popular component in today's Halloween decor.

Even though I toss pillows around the couch for decorative touches, it always amazes me how often I find myself using that pillow for increasing my own personal comfort. Either tucking it behind my back or propping my arm on it while I gab with my sisters on my cellphone - for hours.

Halloween Owl Pillows

Halloween owl figurines can be very close visually to Halloween owl candle holders. But the big difference being you can't set yourself or your home on fire with a figurine. This is especially important if you're enthusiastically clumsy (like me) or if you've got small children. I love adding figurines to holiday displays. You can of course put a Halloween owl on your mantle piece surrounded by skulls and garlands.

You can also make them part of an autumn display. Because they're a bird, they fit beautifully with your brilliant Autumn floral display. Add some glowing faux candles and you'll have a glowing buffet centerpiece.

Halloween Owl Figurine

Will You be Adding an Owl to Your Halloween Decor?

Quite frankly owls are the "IT" item for Halloween 2012. You know that there's one every year. Something every well dressed haunted house has to have. Thankfully this year it's not bloody Zombie pieces. You''ll find a diversity in home decor that will let you be classical or whimsical in your Halloween Owl decorations and accessories. Even ardent birdwatchers will feel at home this year. You can even be very subtle by putting an owl door knocker in the middle of a black Halloween wreath. You can also bring a small owl token, as a host gift if you're visiting friends or relatives to join in their Halloween celebration.

Updated: 08/25/2014, Digby_Adams
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Marie on 08/28/2012

I hadn't thought of Halloween owls, so that's a neat idea.

Pinkchic18 on 08/28/2012

Love the idea of using owls for Halloween. Plus, owls are kinda hip right now :)

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