Halloween Spider Decorations

by Digby_Adams

Creepy, crawley Halloween spider webs and decor will send shivers down your spine.

Since I'm not the best housekeeper in the world, my rambling and half-rehabbed farmhouse already has its share of spider webs. It seemed that adding more spiders and spiderwebs would be a natural step into decorating for Halloween. I think taking what comes naturally and amping it up makes a place more creepy. Of course, if I can use this philosophy as a reason not to dust for the next two months, I'll even be happier!

Spiders Have a Natural Creep Factor

Hairy Spider Happy in His Web
Hairy Spider Happy in His Web
Spider Webbing will Cover Lamp and Chair

This kit contains 12 smallish spiders an enough webbing to cover a 5 foot by 5 foot area. I am planning on covering a plain, cream-colored lampshade with the webbing. There's a Victorian wingback chair that sits beside it and I'm going to continue the webbing to the chair. The spiders will be on the lampshade, table that holds the lamp and top of the chiar. 

I am going for subtle creepiness. A person might even sit in the chair to enjoy some Halloween punch and the warmth of the fireplace If he spies a spider and startles a little bit, then my job has been done!

I'll be decorating myself with Spider Pins!

Transform any sweater or coat into a Halloween statement with a spider pin!

Old House Somewhere in between Decrepid and Restored

Halloween is an Old House Owners Favorite Holiday
Halloween is an Old House Owners Favorite Holiday

Homes like this look beautiful once they are restored. However, it take many do-it-yourself homeowners years and to finish their projects.The old houses often come with stories of hauntings and ghosts. When my husband and I moved into our house some of the kids thought we were the real Addams family. Since we have a sense of humor Halloween quickly became our favorite Holiday. 

Let a Giant Spider Defend the Halloween Punch

This spider has 30-inch legs, so she can put on quite a show. The kit also contains a creepy cloth and webbing so you can complete your spider corner. I would let it dangle over the Halloween punch bowl to dare any guest to stick their hands between giant hairy legs to get a soothing drink. The spider web can drape down along the table. Of course you can use a a few smaller spiders from the first kit and show them crawling up the punch bowl as well. Spiders are so visually powerful, you don't have to use a lot to get your guests attention.

Giant Hairy Spider with Red LED Eyes

Hairy Spider With Led Eyes

Friendly Hanging Black Spider

Not all Halloween Spiders have to be scary

Plastic Giant Hanging Spider. Can be Used Indoors or Outdoors. Easy to assemble. 20 ft. Perfect for Classrooms, Office Halloween Decor or for Your Party! Spider is Friendly, Cut...

View on Amazon

Spider Web Halloween Spider Decorations

Great Your Guests with Spider Style
Spiders and Web Translucent Window Decorations "Double Window Design"

Translucent window clings come to life when you merely turn on your lights. Your guests will see these bright orange and black spider webs and know you like your Halloween fun. They're very easy to cut for each window. Sized to fit windows from 24 inches x 36 inches to 36 inches by 60 inches. You can use them for many Halloweens to come. 

If you've got a porch, that's the perfect place to tuck this inflatable spider to surprise your Trick or Treaters. Of course you could just put it at the edge of the front steps and dare them to walk buy it. I would probably buy some smaller spiders so it looks the mommy spider had babies too. You can also buy some spider web in a can to make it look like the spider had been there for a while. 

It's not just the kids that it would creep out. Lots of grown-ups have a fear of spiders as well. If anything, it will be a conversation starter when people come to your house on Halloween. 

Giant Inflatable Spider

Scary Halloween Inflatable
4 Foot Wide Halloween Inflatable Black Spider Yard Decoration

Halloween Spider Treat Bags

Hand Out Halloween Candy in these Halloween Treat Bags that Match Your Theme
Set of 192 Orange and Black Halloween Spider Treat Bags with Window...

Gummy Spiders in Your Spider Treat Bags







I was so relieved when I found that spider candy was available. I can easily fill each treat bag with gummy spiders. CLICK HERE to buy from Candy Crate.

Updated: 08/11/2015, Digby_Adams
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Digby_Adams on 08/23/2015

Thank you Dustytoes. It does feel like I'm always ready for Halloween.

dustytoes on 08/23/2015

I like those spider treat bags!

VioletteRose on 09/05/2014

Great for Halloween decorations! I especially like the spider treat bags. Right now, spiders are the most interesting creatures to my four year old.

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