My Five Favorite Creepy (and Cheap) Spider Pins

by Digby_Adams

Transform any sweater or coat into a Halloween statement with a spider pin!

I am an artist and I love to decorate myself. Tattoos aren't my thing so I have to rely on jewelry. Spider pins are the perfect way to creep people out during the creepiest holiday of them all. I love to wear a black turtleneck sweater and then have spider pins on the collar.

Lots of people are scared of spiders and you can see them cringe. Just the thought of a spider on their neck gives them the willies. Unlike a spider tattoo, my spider can come off at the end of the day. It can also change color and design to match my wardrobe and the event I'm attending.

For formal Halloween events there are rhinestone spider pins, for more casual affairs there are enamel spider pins.

Why I Loved These Spider Pins for Halloween

I chose these spider pins because they are all pretty big. They range from about 2 inches to 5 inches. Hey on Hallowen, the best policy is to go big. They represent a variety of colors so you can select silver, gunmetal or gold tones. Some have more bling than others. Did I say these fab pins are cheap. Don't forget to check out the prices!

1. Elegant Rhinestone and Pearl Tarantula Pin

Gunmetal Crystal Rhinestone Gem Pearl Bead Halloween Tarantula Spid...
Only $11.99

You don't have to spend a ton of money on Halloween jewelry to make a statement. There's lots of fashion jewelry available. This tarantula pin is about 1.5 inches across. Big enough to see but not overwhelming. A large pearl comprises the tarantula's body and rhinestones give it's face life. It's gunmetal gray body, will stand out even on a black dress. 

If you've got a plunging v-neck dress and a daring sense of humor, you can position it so that it's just creeping into your chest.

2. Halloween Spider and Web Pin in Red Austrian Crystals

Halloween Spider Web Teardrop Filigree Brooch Pendant Red Austrian ...
Only $19.99

The gray spider web grounds this brilliant red spider pin. On Halloween, you might think of it as a blood red pin. Whatever description you use the red Austrian sparkling crystals on the legs really emphasize the intricate spider shape. They are the perfect foil for the sooth heart-shaped crystal that makes up the spider's body. 

This giant spider pin will make a huge statement however you decide to wear it. If you count its legs it measures 5 inches across. The skinny gold-tone spider legs give it a realistic vibe. If you own a black wool coat or jacket. This is the perfect pin to wear on it. It would also look fabulous anchoring an orange scarf. 

I just love the shape of this spider pin and the way the jewelry designer used rhinestones, enamel and metal. It's Halloween Fantasy Jewelry at its best. Measuring just under two inches, this substantial pin has the flexibility to be worn in many different ways. It will look great on the blouse collar or pocket. If you're making a business presentation on Halloween, perhaps tuck it on your cuff. See how many people look at your wrist as you speak!

This Halloween spider pin is already for the colors of Autumn. This is fun fashion jewelry that will make quite a statement. Golden topaz is a refreshing change - especially when paired with cool green and orange tones of the design. It's almost an animal print spider pin, but not quite. This casual spider pin is perfect for picking pumpkins out for jack-lantern carving.

Updated: 08/26/2014, Digby_Adams
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Guest on 08/26/2014

I don't care how colorful they are, I'm still an arachnophobe. Sorry!

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