Handmade Oatmeal Soap - The Perfect Moisturizing Soap

by Digby_Adams

Oatmeal is full of natural moisturizers that protect your skin long after it's been rinsed off.

Oatmeal is brimming with polysaccharides and high-quality fats. These combine with water or milk to create a moisturizing gel that quickly permeates your skin layers. Rinse off the oatmeal soap from your skin, all this goodness remains for hours. For oatmeal soap to be effective it has to have a good dose of oatmeal. Not just a sprinkle, so some company can call it oatmeal soap. The best way to ensure this is to make your own oatmeal soap bars. No that's not quite what you had in mind? I get that there aren't enough hours in the day for that. Luckily there are many places that you can buy handmade oatmeal soap.

Everywhere I go, I search for handmade soaps from local soap makers. I love to discover a natural soap bar with some distinctive fragrance or list of ingredients. You'll often find that oatmeal has been combined with olive oil, shea butter, milk, goat milk, or honey to make it even richer and more moisturizing. Some days I do prefer the simplicity of a soap bar with no fragrance. Especially if I'm not feeling well and have a headache. But on other days, I crave the comforting scent of lavender or vanilla. At the beginning of a busy day I love then energizing scent of peppermint or orange. That said, you can see that I have a variety of oatmeal soap bars available. Our baths and washing rituals should not be treated lightly. It's a time when we care for our bodies and also our spirits. Aromatherapy is a respected field that can improve our moods and sense of well being.

I believe in minimizing the impact of chemicals and artificial ingredients on my body. Whenever possible I choose organic oatmeal soap bars. But sometimes a particular soap combination is so compelling that I'm just happy if it's a handmade oatmeal soap bar from a local artisan.

Handmade Organic Oatmeal Soap

Artistan Soap Bars on eBay

Handcrafted Natural Oatmeal Soap

Natural Soap Available on eBay

I do especially love oatmeal soap with the soft and feminine scent of lavender. The oatmeal soap gently cleans my sensitive skin while the lavender scent calms my mind. This is the perfect remedy caused by the stress of a busy day, that didn't go the way I wanted it to. If you've got a friend that's going through a rough time in her life. A bar of oatmeal and lavender soap is a small gift that could lift her spirits. Just the idea that you were thinking of her will make her day. But when it combined with a product that is designed to make her body and spirit feel better, it can make a difference. If a special aunt or friend has a birthday coming up and you don't know what to get them, a small soap gift is the perfect item. Now, I warn you. If you give a box of grocery store soap, they might think that you're hinting that they need a good wash. But a homemade special gift soap will truly be appreciated.

Homemade Oatmeal Soap with Lavender

Homemade Soaps for Sale on eBay
Updated: 01/13/2013, Digby_Adams
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PeggyHazelwood on 05/22/2013

I haven't tried oatmeal soap but it sounds wonderful! I love the oatmeal lotions. So soothing!

PeggyHazelwood on 05/22/2013

I haven't tried oatmeal soap but it sounds wonderful! I love the oatmeal lotions. So soothing!

Digby_Adams on 03/09/2013

Thank You Brenda!

BrendaReeves on 03/09/2013

This soap sounds wonderful. I made some soap once and loved doing it. I'll have to check out those recipes on You Tube.

katiem2 on 01/16/2013

Ewww sounds wonderful.

Digby_Adams on 01/14/2013

I've been hanging out on YouTube finding some wonderful soap making recipes. I'm perfecting my olive oil soap. For fun I'll probably take on a raspberry chocolate soap.

katiem2 on 01/14/2013

BTW, I'd love to learn how to make soap myself, any ideas as to how??? :)K

katiem2 on 01/14/2013

Oatmeal is so good for dry skin. I had no idea as to the other benefits of oatmeal soap, thanks for pointing out the benefits. :)K

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