Haunted House A Halloween Rage

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Haunted House has become a rage in modern day Halloween considering the element of horror and spookiness associated with it.

A Haunted House is a perception or belief in almost all the cultures of the world. It is paranormal or supernatural, mostly bordering on hallucination, illusion, waking dreams borne out of strong belief and fear of the unknown & unnatural. It could be an effect of our past memories also. A haunted house is a spooky place associated with ghosts, spirits and ghouls.

A haunted house, building, manor or mansion hosts disembodied spirits of the deceased who may have been former residents or were otherwise connected with the property. It also could be the spirits of the dead who have suffered from violent or tragic events in the house such as murder, accidental death, or suicide.

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Who Delves in the Haunted House?

Home Sweet Haunted Home


Witches find a place in a haunted house along with trolls, goblins and ghouls. Popular as flying in the moonlit sky, they haunt the graveyards too. Haunting was attributed to generally fairies but of late it is attributed to only ghosts and spirits. An old, unoccupied, neglected and derelict house usually acquires the reputation of a haunted house. Belief is that, if human beings are not occupying the house, the ghosts would. Generally the dead residents of the house are believed to haunt the house. Bedrooms are the most common area to be haunted in a house. Every town and city would definitely have a haunted house.

Scientific Angle to Haunted House

Do Spirits Exist?

After centuries of scientific investigation it has been conclusively established that in reality there are no spirits, ghosts, fairies and haunted house. It is mostly in the domain of cultural beliefs across the world. Surveys have been conducted across the world and it is found that 20-40% of the population believes in the concept of spirits and haunted houses.

Inside Haunted Mansions

Residents of Haunted Mansions

Women tend to believe more in the phenomenon. A sense that something or someone else is present in the vicinity, is known to happen when people experience monotony, darkness, cold, hunger, fatigue, fear, and sleep deprivation. Haunted Houses are also believed to exhibit pollergistic phenomena like knocking, rapping and movement of objects.

Halloween Horror Elements

Adventurous Walkthrough in Makeshift Haunted Homes

Walkthroughs in spooky Haunted house is one of the popular items during Halloween. They are the best to bring the horror element associated with every Halloween. It is a kind of gruesome entertainment. Every house comes with a macabre and spine chilling theme. All tactics are employed to traumatise the visitors.

Haunted House on Youtube

Scariest Haunted Homes in World

Must Visit to Haunted Castles

Scariest haunted houses across USA are Headless Horseman, Field of Screams, The Dent Schoolhouse, 13th Gate Netherworld, Nightmare on 13th and Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory. For those who are looking for spooky experience, a visit to these haunted houses is a must. Some of the most important things one should have in a Halloween Haunted House are spider webs, dust, skeletons, skulls, zombies, ghosts, vampires, werewolves and even a tunnel of terror with illusions and special effects to scare the wits out of the visitors. There could be even live actors to bring a realistic effect and frighten the visitors. Visitors and actors are generally forbidden from touching each other.


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frankbeswick on 10/03/2022

There is no reason to think that angels cannot work through animals,but there is no reason to think that they do. Certain higher animals might be nearing the status of persons,and so might have a conscience. I am am thinking of dogs, certain apes and dolphins.

frankbeswick on 10/03/2022

Evil posseses people, good seeks consent,hence angels will never possess anyone or anything.

blackspanielgallery on 10/02/2022

There is no reasonable backing to disbelieving in haunted houses. If demonic possession is possible, and is mentioned in the New Testament, including possession of animals, then why not accept a possibility of demonic possession of an inanimate object as possible?

One thing I have never heard of is angelic possession, but could such exist? There are cases of animals assisting humans, but what is the cause? Are they being directed by angels?

In the U. S. the term haunted house has two meanings. One is as described, the other is a Halloween attraction where people pay to enter and become scared. Of course those are just actors and decorations that offer the scaring.

frankbeswick on 10/01/2022

I think that the house was demolished some years ago and the site redeveloped.

DerdriuMarriner on 09/29/2022

One haunted house experience that stays with me is the El Greco house and museum in Toledo, Spain. The site may be haunted by Jerónima, whom my wizzley The Beautiful Lady at the Haunted Gardens of the El Greco House and Museum in Toledo Spain describes as "the love of El Greco’s socio-economically troubled life -- who stops on transits between her possible San Isidro birthplace and Santo Domingo de la Rioja deathplace."

Another haunted house experience musters up the Hotel Palace and the Royal Botanical Gardens in Madrid, Spain. The former notes unpredictable sightings of Mata Hari even as the latter offers what my wizzley Two Ghosts Who Haunt the Royal Botanical Garden Across From the Westin Hotel Palace in Madrid, Spain observes as "a harried beauty" and "a hurried hunk" from the late 18th, early 19th centuries.

WriterArtist on 09/29/2022

Frankbeswick - My guess is spirits/demons/zombies choose to show in front of selected people only, however; there is no evidence. Glad nothing showed up during your visit of haunted house.

WriterArtist on 09/29/2022

Holistic_Health - I would personally love some aesthetics even with the gory & creepy stuff. Thanks for the comment.

Holistic_Health on 09/29/2022

I love a haunted house, especially at this time of year. Very good choices in decor I might add. Love this!

frankbeswick on 09/29/2022

In one of them, which was uninhabited, I had been doing some work and was left alone for a time while some of the team with whom I was working went to get some material. I was eighteen at the time and did feel a bit scared.But nothing happened.

WriterArtist on 09/29/2022

I do not ever want to visit haunted house, nor do I intend/want to see anything even in broad daylight. @Frankbeswick, you must be quite brave to venture in haunted mansions.

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