Scary Ideas for Halloween – Spooky Gift Guide to All Things Creepy

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Halloween is the festival of ghosts and spirits. It is the time to scare and get scared. People are increasingly looking for new and original scary ideas for Halloween every year.

Every year Halloween brings an opportunity to innovate something new that is spooky and blood-curdling to take the light out of people. Halloween is there to bring the hidden agenda of fear that feeds on all of us human beings and lies in the depths of our emotions waiting to be awakened.

What is the best gift for Halloween?

Anything that is spooky, gruesome and weird – that’s what Halloween is about. It doesn’t stop there; flimsy, wacky and funny also gels along with the usual gory and blood-curdling gifts. If you have a penchant for vintage, then you can even go with vintage gifts –antiques, artifacts and collectibles all seamlessly gel for this deadly event.

Carving a pumpkin to bring the daunting smile of Jack’O lantern or hanging a poster of demon, all these ideas are going to be tested with wits and the guts of people who will witness the “Deadly party” and are coming to experience the spooky décor of your haunted house.

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Scary Costumes for Halloween Celebration


On Halloween, the costumes are heavily depended upon to bring the scary element of the gala night. The outfits can give dramatically scary effects with the right colour and texture. Scarecrow and skeleton costumes, masks and makeup can heighten the scary effects. Headless horseman, sinister masks, predators and zombies - all weird creatures are welcome on Halloween.

Outfits that imitate these menacing characters can definitely recreate the chilling ambiance. Evil jester and werewolf costumes definitely make a great selection of dresses, so do the vampires and witches outfits. Scars, fake blood and disguises can work wonders with the right outfits. Likewise, accessories, weapons like cleavers and daggers soaked in blood make the attire more gruesome.

Adult Madhatter Halloween costumes are one of the most popular and widely wore outfits for Halloween.
Beautiful Indians clad in sexy Pocahontas costumes remind the era when native Indians tribes used to swarm the fields riding on horses.
Toddlers look cute in any costume that is colorful. You want to look them again and again in all adorable Halloween costumes for toddler boys.
Whether or not you adore zombies, the modern generation has festered a love and hate relationship with the “Walking Deads” on the deadly eve of the Halloween.

Scary Decor for Halloween


Skeletons props, coffins and mutilated body parts give a shiver to many of us. Popping them in strategic places is going to shake your guests and friends with fear. Spiders can really look eerie, bats and cats can enhance the ominous impact. Grim reaper rising from the grave, monsters hiding behind the posters and corpses can produce that disturbing and chilling effect.

Even trees with hanging branches can be displayed threateningly that can cause shocking, unnerving impressions. In the dark hour at night, the trees do look menacing and with a shrieking owl at a high pitch; it can complete the scary setting. Halloween candles, skeleton lanterns, tombstones can heighten the goofy decorations as well.

Every year October brings with it the gory stories of ghosts and spirits, an avalanche of Jack’O lanterns, mutilated skeletons,eerie tombstones,graveyards and spooky haunted props.
Owl decorations can be enchanting, especially if you love birds. Beautiful oil paintings of great horned owls perched on a cypress tree are the right combination of graceful art.

Scary Posters for Halloween


Devil’s posters, haunting mansions photos and floating ghosts are perfect scene setters to an otherwise boring, empty wall. Screeching, howling ghouls, creepy sculptures and figurines of phantoms adorned on the walls or pillars can introduce fear in the dark hours of night. Posters look awry in green and purple light. Try lighting effect to create the abysmal and hallucinated effects of hell. Dreary, depressing photos are capable of giving the worst nightmares.



Vintage inspired posters for Halloween are capable of taking you back in the 1980s era.Even with the black and white themes these pictures are capable of striking terror and mayhem
This is your chance of re-discovering the pumpkins with your kids in story books, cartoons, coloring pages, songs and poetry.

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Scary Animation for Halloween


The animation does the trick what others fail to do. With the right combination of sound and light, an animated prop that resembles a life size corpse or ghost is capable of giving a heart attack. My advice- Please don’t try with weak – hearted people and kids. Bizarre and supernatural sounds with inflatables and animatronics can shudder and shiver even the boldest and bravest souls.



Halloween animated decorations can produce the rare, spine-chilling effect that can be quite scary and unpredictably menacing.
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WriterArtist, Thank you for practical information and product lines.

In particular, I appreciate the last image, of the ghost fabric poster print, as the least scary of your scary product range.

WriterArtist on 09/17/2013

@EliasZanetti - Hope you found something scary here for Halloween.

EliasZanetti on 09/08/2013

Nice and scary suggestions :) Thanks!

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