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by pkmcr

Looking for Haunted House Ideas this Halloween? Indoor and Outdoor Halloween Decorating ideas that can turn you house and garden into a Haunted House? Let's get spooky and creepy!

I know that quite a few of my friends absolutely love haunted houses and believe that they are one of the really great things about Halloween. Not only are they spooky and creepy, but they love the fact that they can scare the living daylights out of people coming to their Halloween Party!

Ghosts, goblins, ghouls - it looks like a scene from a horror movie. However, it's only a part of an amazing and unique project of creating a haunted house this Halloween. We all love Halloween, so we try to be creative this period of the year.

One of the most interesting breakthroughs in this field popped up when designers and toy manufacturers decided to create haunted house props and accessories.

Below are some haunted house ideas you might want to use come Halloween. These will really scare the pants (or the costume even) off of anyone who comes through your haunted house.

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My Favorite Haunted House Prop For Halloween 2014

Mad Scientist Deluxe Lab Kit

There's nothing like some randomly set up lab kit to indicate some crazy mad scientist running loose around the haunted house doing all sorts of experiments on live willing subjects%u2026or unwilling rather.

Everything in this kit is made of either plastic or rubber so it's not really dangerous, it just looks like it. The deluxe lab kit features various sized beakers, test tubes, burners, spider webs and spiders, a rat, snakes, and a skull.

Creating the Perfect Haunted House

There is a wide variety of Halloween haunted house props available on Amazon that look so realistic that literally anyone who enters in your house or even in the back and front yard will have a shock.

Every new year, the whole family gathers for a brainstorming, deciding on the design of the haunted house, the accessories and props. Hence, with some ingenuity and creativity, they manage to transform their houses into one of the scariest places on earth. Nevertheless, many of these families neglect the atmosphere. It's no use to have a "good looking" haunted house if the atmosphere is not that scary.

How to make the perfect haunted house? First and foremost you need to create the right atmosphere. You need to learn how to set up a proper atmosphere using lights, weird sounds and other interesting effects.

Make sure there is enough light so that all the family member and guests see where they're going, but ensure that your yard and house are still eerie and dark. Flashlights, string lights and LED lights are some of the best choices to create an eerie haunted house atmosphere hassle-free. In addition, set the right mood by choosing the proper sound. Buy a CD with some scary music.

My Favorite Haunted House Props

You may have decided to create your own Haunted House this Halloween or for a themed Fancy Dress Party. Or that you want to add an extra special feel for the kids and your guests. Whatever you have decided you will definitely want to get some Haunted House Props to add to the spooky feel!

The range of haunted house props is absolutely amazing! Whether it's animated halloween props, halloween headstones or scary halloween masks, an animated halloween witch, halloween headstones or vampire coffins there is no end to the haunted house props available.

To get just the right scary and creepy effect to your haunted house, you need just the right elements that work together to give anyone and everyone who passes by a chill up their spine.

Make this halloween extra special, scary and spooky with your haunted house props this year!

Bloody Weapon Garland

Just imagine what guests will think when they see the inside of your house lined with bloody weapon garlands. It's like the Psycho's own personal collection on display for all his potential victims to see.

This garland is 7 feet long and comes complete with the tools any lunatic needs to slice and dice, chop and hack. And we're not talking about chicken here.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Candy Holder

If you want to offer your guests their treats before you present them with your house full of scary tricks then maybe some candy will be good. But if you're busy behind the scenes, getting everything prepared then commission little Freddy here to pass out the treats for you.

This plastic candy bowl features a mini Freddy Krueger figure holding the bowl. It stands 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide. Your guests will happily help themselves to some candy that is if they're brave enough to reach into that bowl.

Choosing the Right Theme For Your Haunted House

Using the right theme can actually make your haunted house even more scary, allowing you to come with the best ideas about decoration and props. For example, if you choose a hospital theme and you prefer to have a large operating room, a laboratory, a special emergency room or a morgue, you can choose an animated prop on Amazon called hospital bed skelerector that might scare your guests to death.

Another amazing idea is to create a complex lunatic asylum theme by dressing up several dummies into psychiatrists with expressions of madness on their faces or mental patients who are eager to hurt your guests. For this theme, purchase an insane asylum music CD.

The CD below is an amazing choice for this theme.

Whatever theme you want to choose, remember to dress yourself and your family appropriately. Wear a special police guard costume that features a prop gun if you choose the prison theme, dress your family as zombie ringleaders or evil clowns for the circus-themed house and wear a white coat lab and a prop stethoscope with fake blood on it for asylum or hospital themed haunted house. No matter what, be creative and think out of the box, because this is what people appreciate more than anything.


Create An Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO Theme

What's scarier then entering a hotel with a psycho on the loose? This is definitely an awesome and classic haunted house theme that has so many possibilities when it comes to décor.

Below are just some of the items you might want to incorporate into your very own Bates Motel. This is haunted house psycho-style!

Psycho Bathroom Set - Bloody Bath Mat & Shower Curtain - With Horror Sound Machine

With a sight like this you can be sure no one will want to take a bathroom break in your haunted house. And for those overnight guests, forget about showers.

This Psycho Bath set includes one blood stained bath mat with bloody footprints, a blood stained shower curtain complete with smeared bloody handprints and as a bonus, you'll receive a horror sound machine with 16 terrifying sound effects.


Create A Freddy Krueger and a Nightmare on Elm Street Theme

When it comes to trick or treating in neighborhoods there is one street that every child, teenager and parent tries to avoid, ELM STREET.

The place where all your nightmares come true followed by a scary shadow with deadly claws. Sounds familiar? That's right; Freddy Krueger is out to get you and makes for an awesomely frightful haunted house theme.

Nightmare on Elm Street Sign

Just in case your visitors aren't quite sure where they are, this sign should clear up all confusion, as well as invoke incredible fear.

Place this Elm St. sign where everyone can see it, preferably at the entrance of your haunted house. It measures 5 ½ inches high and 17 inches wide.

Bloody Wall Backdrop

With a backdrop this bloody, there's no doubt something nightmarish happened in that room. This is the perfect wall covering for every room in your Freddy Krueger themed haunted house.

This plastic sheet wall mural measures 4 feet by 30 feet and is covered in smeared and splattered blood stains.

Top Halloween Haunted House Ideas

Some of the most popular Halloween haunted house ideas today are:

  • Dracula's Tomb. No haunted house is complete without the presence of Count Dracula from Transylvania. Set up a simple coffin or buy a prop online, create Dracula out of sheets and pillows or, if you can afford, buy it on Amazon. Gather all the kids around the coffin and tell them a story (even if it's not true, you can make that up). You can make Dracula open up his eyes or rattle the coffin lid in order to maximize the impact of the story.
  • Glow in the Dark. A fun activity. Tell your kids a spooky story and turn off the lights from time to time. Play some spooky music in order to heighten the effect of the story.
  • Autopsy Room. This is one of the favorite Halloween haunted house ideas, because it is so scary, yet extremely interesting for kids. As a matter of fact, even if they are scared to death, their instincts make them to put their fingers on every prop and touch every patient or crazy physician.

If you want to make the most out of this coming Halloween, make sure you choose a unique haunted house theme and buy the most interesting props on Amazon that will suit your theme. The payoff will be quite rewarding.

Halloween Haunted House Props

Ghosts and witches are an important accessory for a haunted house. There is a wide variety of props on Amazon, from human heart prop, severed sick hand, severed big toe, cut off ear, left leg vinyl, ripped off finger, ripped out eyeball, skinned right foot, two headed demon baby, hanging witch, gallows, butcher table, walking beheaded man, dropping vampire or even a mummy.

All these props are designed to help you save some time when preparing your house for Halloween, because you won't have to waste precious time hand-making ghosts, witches, gravestones or severed heads.

Build Your Own Haunted House

Making Your Own Haunted House Guide
Build Your Own Haunted House
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pkmcr on 10/11/2014

Thanks @WriterArtist really appreciate the feedback and that does indeed like a very scary experience but fun I am sure!

WriterArtist on 10/11/2014

Loved the ideas for haunting the house - gory and spooky. It reminded me of my visit to the haunted theme house full of ghost animations and props during my travel to Singapore. It was very scary.

Virginia Allain on 10/03/2014

While traveling in our RV this fall, I noticed some RV parks are using haunted houses to draw campers with children to their campgrounds. Good strategy.

pkmcr on 08/13/2013

@Virginia Allain I can imagine how much work would have been involved but so very worth it for the pleasure it brings people

pkmcr on 08/13/2013

@jptanabe they are aren't they and make for a really spectacular or should than be spooktacular time :-)

jptanabe on 08/13/2013

These are so much fun! I'll not be getting too many of them for my house, but I hope to see my neighborhood well adorned with all this creepiness!

Virginia Allain on 08/13/2013

Our library held a haunted house, using the library's basement. People were fighting to get the free tickets for it. It was a hugely popular event. (also a huge amount of work to produce)

pkmcr on 06/12/2013

@AnomalousArtist thanks very much and glad you "enjoyed" them!

AnomalousArtist on 06/12/2013

Love haunted houses! These are some really original--and very twisted--ideas, awesome! :)

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