by ArabellaMortimerHendry

Lincoln castle and my visit to the infamous Lincoln Victorian Prison. I am very spiritual and so I encountered interesting things whilst I was there, which I documented.

I set off to Lincoln at 5:00 am which wasnt my idea of fun! Thankfully I am a morning person so I just had my coffee and I was good to go! I made sure I had packed everything that I needed to and I was prepeared for the Journey. I suffer from anxitey so whenever I go up to london on my own, its a big deal for me. Waiting at the deserted train station I tried to get signal on my phone. I had recently added new songs to my playlist so that I could listen to them on my travels.

Looking at the station clock, I could not help but feel pleased with myself. I was in plenty of time and was very organised! Everything would be alright becuase I had made sure it would be! I decided to take one last look into my wallet before setting off, Just to make sure I had everything. Which I didnt! A feeling of dread and panic washed over me as I realised I had not packed my ID! So without hesitation I unpacked my suitcase on the platform.

Bras and tights were flung into a messy pile onto the bench, as I frantically searched for my ID. Looking at the clock I cursed. Ringing up the taxi rank I explained my situation trying not to nervously laugh. The Taxi was on its way, and so I stuffed everything back into my suitcase. Considering that my suitcase was half the size of me, I decided to hide it under the stairs whilst I raced home and got my ID.

The taxi came and I rushed home got my ID, and then when we arrived back at the station the train had just pulled in. It was a miracle! I ran up the stairs and across the bridge. Just as I was about to jump on the train it left! Typical now I would have to wait another half an hour. After five hours of being on the train I finally arrived in Lincoln.

The following week I went to Lincoln castle and the Victorian prison. The city of Lincoln is famous for its beautiful cathedral as well as being home to the Magna Carter.


Lincoln Prison intense moment when the spirits are with you

the chapel
the chapel
lincoln castle
lincoln castle

Lincoln ghosts

 The city of Lincoln is famous for its beautiful cathedral as well as being home to the Magna Carter. As I walked along the cobbled streets towards the castle, I thought about all the ghost stories I had heard about the Bailgate. For those of you who don't know the Bailgate is the oldest part of the town, and is located near the cathedral. People have said that they have seen a horseman in the middle of the night ride through the gates of the castle. Also a figure of a man wondering around the town. Browns Pie shop, Grease stone steps, The White Heart Hotel, Court room, are other haunted locations.




Prisoners watching

I entered the gift shop to purchase my ticket for the day, before embarking through the prison. This was the first time I had gone to the prison on my own, So I was looking forward to seeing what sort of " vibes" I would pick up.

In the Victorian times the prisoners attended Church services. In the chapel room they would sit in individual "boxes" I refer to them as boxes because they would not be able to see who was sat near them, They could only look forward. For example horses sometimes wear " shades" so that they cannot see anything but the front of them. The prisoners would be told countless times that they were all going to hell and their souls were dammed because of the crimes they had committed.

As I walked up the stairs to the chapel a strange feeling washed over me. It felt like I was about to enter a room that had lots of people in, even though I was about to enter a room which was deserted and full of mannequins that represented the Prisoners. As I entered the room I looked around in awe. I felt like I was being watched constantly and it wasn't a very nice feeling. As I walked down the steps and up to the pool pit ( Where the vicar would of sat) I was overwhelmed by all the spiritual energy I was picking up.

I had never sensed such a strong energy field before and I didn't know how to handle it. There is no air con in the chapel room and so I was quite surprised to feel a very cold breeze sweep across my legs. It felt like someone was " in my face" and was following me around the room. As I started to walk up the steps to the pit, I had to stop. I was recording my experiences in the room for my YouTube channel. I looked around the deserted room and tried to calm myself down. It felt like the Prisoners were scrutinising every move I made, I could feel so many emotions coming from them. One of the emotions I felt from the spirits was curiosity and anger. I felt like I was under attack in a way because the energy was so intense.

I didn't make it up to the pit, even though I was one step away from it. I had to ground myself because I was starting to feel dizzy. I was in a sort of trance with all the emotions I was being bombarded with, It was like a thousand people were trying to get my attention all at once, and were connecting with me by " walking into my energy field"

I couldn't physically move from the step that I was on which was strange. However after a few moments I plucked up the courage to walk down the steps and hurry out of the room. Noticing that I was a bit panicky one of the staff members asked if I was Okay. I explained to her that I could sense spiritual energy and the chapel room was a bit intense. She agreed that it had a strange atmosphere, and I was not the only one who had experienced it.


Magna carter.

After walking through all of the prison I went to see the Magna carter, which is situated outside in a small house. No photography was allowed for obvious reasons. Feeling drained from the energy in the prison, I made my way down the stairs to where the Magna Carter was. I felt abit silly not having seen it before. I went to school In Lincoln and college so there was no excuse to not visit it.

Entering the darkened room, I walked up to the glass cabinet it resides in. I attempted to try and read the writing however the parchment was so old that I couldn't. I felt very privileged to see the Magna Carter, because it plays such an important role in our English history. It is worth a visit if you ever get the chance to come to Lincoln

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/06/2023

Your last subheading indicates that no photography is allowed of the Magna Carta.

Would it be allowed to draw, paint, sculpt or sketch the document alone or the document and its protective setting?

DerdriuMarriner on 09/09/2022

The computer crashed before I could ask another question related to Lincoln as a place with a lake.

Would the names Lindon and Lindum be selected just to inform area inhabitants and visitors of freshwater resources or of something special, be that comforting or unsettling?

DerdriuMarriner on 09/08/2022

Thank you, Frank, for the foundation story and the original name regarding Lincoln.

The computer screen contents sometimes jump up and down so that it isn't clear that there are comments between the earliest and the latest. So I just noticed on this day, with the screen somewhat quietened, your comment from July 19, 2022.

The Wikipedia article on Lindum Colonia pairs the name with the reconstructed Brittonic name Lindon, for lake or pool.

Would that name relate to Brayford Pool?

DerdriuMarriner on 09/07/2022

Your subheading Lincoln ghosts acknowledges among famous ghostly Lincolnites a horseman and a town wanderer and among famous ghostly locales Browns Pie shop, Court room, Grease stone steps, and White Heart Hotel.

Which ghostly Lincolnite and which ghostly locale would be considered the most unsettling?

frankbeswick on 07/19/2022

Lincoln is a very old city that was founded in Roman times,hence it's name,from Lindum Colonia, so it has had a long time to build up a spectral legacy.

DerdriuMarriner on 07/19/2022

The local lore has it, according to your subheading Lincoln ghosts, that a horseman rides through the Lincoln castle gates during the middle of the night.

Is that a happening every night? And would the gates happen to be closed (scary scenario) or open?

DerdriuMarriner on 05/16/2022

Revisiting your wizzley brought to mind what I'd meant to ask you after the first reading and my shared reactions.

Did you feel any energy anywhere else in Lincoln? For example, does Lincoln cathedral have spiritual energy opposite to the unsettling type in Lincoln castle?

DerdriuMarriner on 03/25/2017

Arabella Mortimer Hendry, Thank you for taking us on the tour of Lincoln Castle, Cathedral and Prison. The Magna Carta is such a site to see even though it's a challenge reading the script from back then, and particularly when wits are frazzled from ghostly presences and spirit-charged atmospheres. I'm glad that everything cooperated to get you to -- despite having to go back for your ID -- and back again.

frankbeswick on 12/03/2015

Magna Carta: it means great charter.

happynutritionist on 12/02/2015

Interesting visit you had...is it Magna Carter or Magna Carta or are they two different things? I am not much for believing in ghosts, but did go to a hotel in Colorado that was supposed to have them years ago, and we convinced ourselves we heard some :-)

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