Hedge Your Bets: Increase the Chance for Acceptance to a Miami College

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A Miami college is just like a school anywhere in the United States. Although admission requirements do vary from school to school.

A Miami college is just like a school anywhere in the United States. Although admission requirements vary from school to school, there are always hoops to jump through or minimum numbers to meet. Some schools do not require minimum GPA or standardized test scores, but do require proof of residency, a high school diploma or a completed application form. When you add scholarship requirements or financial aid applications to the entire admission process, it is easy to see why some people lose out on higher education. Sometimes, a simple paperwork error can cause your application to be declined. There are some things you can do to increase the likelihood you will be accepted, regardless of the school or program you choose.

Be Organized, Neat and Complete

A first rule of any application process, whether it is for a Miami college or a new job, is to turn in a neat application. Take your time in filling out the application. If you can type the application through an online form and print it out or submit electronically, take advantage of the professional appearance of a typed document. When handwriting, print legibly in black or blue ink. Review your entire application for typos, spelling errors or incorrect information. A sloppy application can result in a bad first impression. In addition to neatness, make sure you are organized. College applications usually require attachments. School transcripts, essays, proof of residency, application fees and basic health records are just some items that might be required. Make sure you include clean, clear copies of require documentation. Keep a record of all information in case the application goes missing.

Be Creative, Professional and Personable

When completing an application, writing an essay or participating in an interview, be creative and personable. Show the school who you are and why you will be successful in their program. Even if admission to the school is likely and you do not have to participate in written applications or interviews, you should still conduct yourself in a professional manner during all interactions. Staff at the school may be in a position to offer you support or assistance in the future. For example, it is common for college and technical school staff to network with local businesses and suggest students for open job positions. Making a lasting, but positive, impression from your first day on campus makes it more likely staff will remember you during these occasions.

Do Your Research

A stellar application and professional appearance will not do any good if you simply do not meet admission requirements for a school. Conducting research will save you a lot of time, hassle and heartache. For example, a Miami college may require residency in the state of Florida. If you live in Georgia, grade point average is not going to do you any good. Some common college admission requirements include GPA minimums, standardized test scores, a high school diploma, residency in a state or city, and complete immunization records. If you have any questions about the requirements for your school of choice, it is best to speak to an admission counselor with the school. They can walk you through the fine print and help you ensure your application is complete. Getting some face-to-face time with someone in the admissions office also provides you with a contact for future questions or to check on the status of the application. However, you should not abuse that contact by making constant phone calls.

Whether you are applying to a Miami college or elsewhere, following these simple steps can increase your likelihood of success in the admissions process. Much of this information sounds like common sense, but many people do not take the time to put it into action. Make your application stand out by appearing professional, following directions and including all necessary elements.

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