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Get the latest news and information about the Hemlock Grove cast and characters, a mix of experienced and fresh actors tasked with bringing the spooky monster mystery novel to life

Introducing the cast and characters of the Hemlock Grove TV show

Hemlock Grove is a new TV show to be aired exclusively on Netflix next year and created by slasher movie aficionado Eli Roth. It will be based on the Hemlock Grove novel by Brian McGreevy, which was released earlier this year. The show features an ensemble cast of newcomers anchored by a few familiar faces. Veteran actors Famke Janssen, Dougray Scott, and Lili Taylor lead a fresh faced cast including Bill Skarsgård, Landon Liboiron, Penelope Mitchell and Freya Tingley. The ‘World’s Tallest Model’ Amazon Eve also gets her chance to break into the mainstream.

Read on to find about more about the cast and characters charged with bringing the Hemlock Grove to life on Netflix.

Helmlock Grove

Helmlock Grove is scheduled to debut on Netflix in early 2013. The 13 episodes will be based on  Brian McGreevy’s 2012 novel. Below you will find out information on the Hemlock Grove Cast and Characters, for more information on the TV Show and the novel, check out this article.

The cast of the Hemlock Grove TV show
The cast of the Hemlock Grove TV show

Olivia Godfrey played by Famke Janssen

No stranger to the science fiction and fantasy genre, Famke Janssen is the perfect choice to headline Hemlock Grove as Olivia Godfrey. She is certainly familiar with television as a medium, featuring prominently on the TV show Nip/Tuck as the sensational character Ava Moore.  Janssen has also starred in two unsuccessful TV pilots and had a number of supporting TV roles on shows such as Melrose Place, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Ally McBeal. She is perhaps most recognized for her role as Jean Grey/Phoenix in the X-Men trilogy.

Olivia Godfrey is the beautiful and mysterious matriarch of the Godfrey family. She is mother to Shelley and Roman.

Shelley Godfrey played by Amazon Eve

The World's Tallest Professional Model to Play 'Frankenstein'

Who better to play a character of extreme height than someone with a name like ‘Amazon Eve’, and who just happens to be the Guinness Book of World Records recognized ‘World's Tallest Professional Model’. Yes, Amazon Eve is a 6 feet 8 inch and is a personal trainer, model and actress. In the novel the character of Shelly was infamously deformed and Frankenstein-esque, so the makeup artists may need to work overtime in uglying Amazon Eve. However, she is also college educated in theatre arts and business, so that will help her portray the subtle intelligence of the Shelley Godfrey character.

Check out the video below left to find out about Amazon Eve and the challenges she faced due to her extreme height.

Video about Amazon Eve

Bill Skarsgård Photo Reel Video

Roman Godfrey played by Bill Skarsgård

Playing Vampires Runs in the Family

Twilight’s Edward Cullen meets Cruel Intention’s Sebastian Valmont for the compelling character of Roman Godfrey, the series’ most likely breakout character. The role of Roman Godfrey requires aristocratic aloofness and the vampirish complexion of Robert Pattison, so Hemlock Grove will call on the striking features of Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård (see video photo reel above right).

Only 22 years old, Skarsgård has already developed a respectable port folio of work in a career dating back to 2000. However, viewers are most likely to recognize him for his resemblance to his father, film veteran Stellan Skarsgård, and his brother Alexander Skarsgård.

While they may be cinema royalty in Sweden, Skarsgård is becoming the go-to name for supernatural characters. Even before Bill Skarsgård was cast as Roman, his brother Alexander was playing vampire Eric Northman on TV series True Blood. Father Stellan played Bootstrap Bill Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and roles in Beowulf & Grendel (2005) and Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist (2005) among his long list of film credits.

Peter Rumancek played by Landon Liboiron

21 Year Old Genre Veteran

The other likely breakout character is the 17 year old, self proclaimed werewolf, straight from the gypsy trailer park Peter Rumancek. He will be played by Landon Liboiron. A quick look at his resume shows Liboiron has worked in such titles as R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, The Howling: Reborn, and Zombie Punch. Landon Liboiron will certainly be comfortable in the genre.

Letha Godfrey played by Penelope Mitchell

After a couple of years in supporting roles, Penelope Mitchell gets the opportunity to impress as the beautiful, rich and slightly crazy Letha Godfrey. Letha is the super-natural obsessed cousin to Roman and Shelley. She’s also the love interest for Peter Rumancek (Liboiron)

Christina Wendall played by Freya Tingley

Christina Wendall is a young aspiring writer in Hemlock Grove. Christina interviews Peter Rumancek after she finds him swimming in the pond owned by her grandfather. This sweet and endearing character will be played by Australian new-comer Freya Tingley. Tingly is only 18 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting after being spotted by a talent scout in 2010.

Dr. Norman Godfrey played by Dougray Scott

The role of Dr. Norman Godfrey will be played by veteran Scottish actor Dougray Scott. Scott will be recognizable as the villain in Mission: Impossible II (2000) and as Ian Hainsworth on Desperate Housewives.

Dr. Norman Godfrey is the down to earth uncle of Roman and Shelley Godfrey and is at odds with the ostentatious lifestyle of his sister-in-law Olivia Godfrey, wife of his late brother JR.

Amongst a cast of newcomers, Dougray Scott and Famke Janssen will provide much needed experience as well as some familiarity for viewers.

Lynda Rumancek played by Lili Taylor

Former X-Files Guest Star Returns to Supernatural TV

From a career spanning twenty-five years, Lili Taylor will also provide much needed experience to the cast in her role of Lynda Rumancek, Peter’s mother. Her resume includes roles on Mystic Pizza (1988), Ransom (1996), High Fidelity (2000) and many more. Supernatural TV shows won’t be anything new, she has previously appeared on The X-Files in 1998.

The transient mother and son of Lynda and Peter Rumancek never live in one place for long, and have recently moved to a gypsy trailer park in Hemlock Grove from an apartment in the city.

Dr. Chausser played by Kandyse McClure

Dr. Chausser is an animal behaviorist with a track record of self destruction in her personal life. The role has been taken by  Kandyse McClure. McClure is a TV show veteran best known for her role as Anastasia Dualla on Battlestar Galactica.

Kandyse McClure & Aaron Douglas
Kandyse McClure & Aaron Douglas

See Kandyse McClure & Aaron Douglas in Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]

Sheriff Sworn played by Aaron Douglas

McClure’s fellow Battlestar Galactica alum Aaron Douglas joins the Hemlock Grove cast as Sheriff Sworn. Sworn is the local sheriff unlucky enough to have to investigate the mysterious murder of a young girl in his town, where all signs point to super natural influences.

See Tiio Horn in The Wild Hunt
The Wild Hunt

Destina Rumaneck played by Tiio Horn

The ‘Gypsy Witch-Prostitute’

Who is the lucky actress selected to play a character described as a ‘Gypsy witch-prostitute’?  Tiio Horn joins the cast as Destina Rumaneck, the ambigious character who is either very skilled at confidence games or who has actual supernatural abilities.

The Helmlock Grove TV Show is a big-budget supernatural murder-monster-mystery created by Eli Roth. It is based on the novel by Brian McGreevy and created exclusively for Netflix.
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Snowbubbles on 01/10/2016

The real actress who plays Shelley Godfrey is not Amazon Eve. Its Nicole Boivin. Amazon Eve plays Amazon Eve in AHS Freak show.

Deborah on 04/23/2013

DYING to find out what is up with Shelley and those hands

Mike_W on 10/28/2012

Hi Peter,
Yep, Tingley will be playing Christina Wendall.

Peter Jones on 10/27/2012

What about Freya Tingley?????

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