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The Helmlock Grove TV Show is a big-budget supernatural murder-monster-mystery created by Eli Roth. It is based on the novel by Brian McGreevy and created exclusively for Netflix.

The Hemlock Grove TV Show is the latest offering in a long line of super natural incarnations in pop culture. Like the Twilight movies, it is also based on a novel. However, it has the opportunity to be a point of difference in that it is breaking ground as a TV show made exclusively for Netflix and its monster murder mystery premise sounds intriguing.

Supernatural big budget TV and movie incarnations of last century’s B-horror movie monsters have been in vogue over the last few years. Zombie movies rose from mainstream oblivion to swarm pop culture once again, reinventing the genre at the box office and in its niche of straight-to-DVD. There are even comic books and a prime-time cable show. Next on the B-movie conveyer belt of horror was vampires and werewolves. These creatures pounced from the Blade trilogy to Underworld, before beginning to dominate even tween culture. While the zombie hordes are quieting down, the vampire and werewolf infestation is showing no sign of abating. But what’s next?

The recipe: take two parts Twilight, one part Cruel Intentions and one part Twin Peaks, place in a blender and pulsate. Season with a dream team of horror movie champions like Eli Roth, Mark Verheiden, Eric Newman and composer Nathan Barr.

You’ve just created Helmlock Grove, a supernatural murder-monster-mystery based on the novel by Brian McGreevy and created exclusively for Netflix.

The Recipe for the Hemlock Grove TV Show
The Recipe for the Hemlock Grove TV Show

Based on the Novel by Brian McGreevy

The Helmlock Grove novel by Brian McGreevy was released on March 27, 2012 and will form part of at least a three part series. It was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux and was the first book by McGreevy.

McGreevy decried the emasculation of vampires in recent incarnations, such as Edward Cullen in Twilight. He sought to reestablish the creatures as the aloof but debonair lotharios he believes they were meant to be. His language is rich and descriptive, if at times a little stream-of-consciousness, even self indulgent. However, arguably his style his could be perfect in his quest to reinvent the literary genre. Critics would be wise to appreciate that this is his debut novel.

By December of 2011, only seven months after its release, the book was picked up by Netflix for a TV adaptation to be created by Eli Roth. Author Brian McGreevy will contribute as a writer and executive producer.

The novel is set in Hemlock Grove, a town in Pennsylvania where the prominent, rich but mysterious Godfrey family have established a dynasty. The family includes a beautiful but ‘otherwordly’ matriarch, Olivia, and her two children, vampire-like Roman and Frankenstein-esque Shelly. The rich but everyman Dr. Norman Godfrey was the brother of the late JR Godfrey, father to Roman and Shelly. The other family in town are the Rumanceks, way on the other end of the social spectrum.

 A young girl is found murdered near the abandoned Godfrey steel mill, with all the hallmarks of a werewolf attack. Sheriff Sworn must lead the investigation that becomes increasingly supernatural. Accusations are cast on young self-proclaimed werewolf Peter Rumancek. However, he and Roman Godfrey decide to investigate the murder for themselves.

Hemlock Grove Paperback Novel

Hemlock Grove: A Novel

Hemlock Grove on Kindle E-Reader

Hemlock Grove: A Novel

Bringing the Novel to Life on Netflix

Eli Roth was the perfect choice to lead the supernatural adaptation. Roth is a modern day horror movie phenom, pushing the envelope with such films as Cabin Fever and the Hostel series. He will not only be the executive producer, but will direct the pilot and at least two episodes.

Excited by the opportunity to explore this new medium of streaming television, Roth will have few excuses not to create a smash hit, despite the untested medium. The first season of the Hemlock Grove TV series has been rumored to have a budget of US$45 million for a 13-episode season. That’s more than US$3 million an episode. This puts it alongside mega budget TV series like Game of Thrones, and way above most television series.

Joining Roth and McGreevy is veteran producer Deran Sarafian. He will act as a show runner and direct at least four episodes. Other executive producers are Mark Verheiden, co-producer of Falling Skies, horror movie champion Eric Newman, as well as Michael Connolly, Lee Shipman and Dan Paige. The show is produced by Gaumont International Television.

Originally planned to be filmed in Pennsylvania, filming eventually moved to Port Perry in Ontario, Canada. Filming began in July 2012. Nathan Barr, composer for the True Blood series, will compose the music for the Hemlock Grove TV Show. Barr has worked with Eli Roth since Roth’s directorial debut on Cabin Fever (2002) and went onto compose for his first two Hostel movies.

Watch out for Hemlock Grove in early 2013, coming exclusively to Netflix. Episodes will be an hour long and be available in high definition.

Hemlock Grove TV Series Cast

Famke Janssen ... (Olivia Godfrey)
Amazon Eve ... (Shelley Godfrey)
Bill Skarsgard ... (Roman Godfrey)
Landon Liboiron ... (Peter Rumancek)
Penelope Mitchell ... (Letha Godfrey)
Freya Tingley ... (Christina Wendall)
Dougray Scott ... (Dr. Norman Godfrey)
Lili Taylor ... (Lynda Rumancek)
Kandyse McClure ... (Dr. Chausser)
Aaron Douglas ... (Sheriff Sworn)
Tiio Horn ... (Destina Rumaneck)

Check out this Hemlock Grove Cast and Characters article for more information.

Get the latest news and information about the Hemlock Grove cast and characters, a mix of experienced and fresh actors tasked with bringing the spooky monster mystery novel to life
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