Here Are 7 Ways To Install Balustrade Safer

by RobertKeith

When it comes to creating a balustrade barrier, safety is the primary factor you should have in mind.

Typically, a wire balustrade system is designed to prevent people from falling and ending up with fatal injuries. We're talking about your little kids or from the neighborhood, friends, relatives, and even pets.

The way and materials you use to install the handrail will determine its safety and durability. You must have looked at the railings on a commercial building or one that's under construction and wondered how they get installed. If you can imagine, it takes the worker many guts to firmly secure the wire railing and ensure it's safe for you and your loved ones.

There are several types of wire balustrade systems, and each of them has a distinct way of installation. Do you want to install a balustrade safer? Here are our best 7 ways of doing so.

1. Follow the rules and guidelines
Every country has rules and regulations that pertain to the handrails and balustrade. So, before you start installing your favorite balustrade system, be sure to meet and comply with the standards of your country. As a requirement, you should get proper guidance and approval from the local authority.

This helps to ensure that you get a legalized and quality wire balustrade that guarantees users' top safety. Besides, the local authority can help assess the place you intend to install the wire. Therefore, this ensures the worker's utmost safety during the installation.

2. Make proper considerations
The next way to get a safer wire fence installed in your home is to make specific vital yet initial considerations. What you should first understand is that different wire balustrade system fit varied situations. Consider the following factors:

• Understand the type of surface you intend to install the wire on. Is it on timber, metal post, or a mixture?

• The shape of the area to install the wire. Is the site flat or angled? Also, this factor determines the form of the wire.

• Distance between posts. This helps you know the cover area and determine how many posts to use and how much space to leave.
• The height of the deck. Be sure to use wires of the appropriate size to suit different viewing needs.

3. Use premium quality materials
Another way to create a safer wire balustrade is by using top quality materials and tools. Stainless steel wires are the best option as they are robust and durable. Besides, check for the quality of the posts, whether wood or metal. This will guarantee you a firm foundation that will last for a long time to protect you and your loved ones. Other than that, be sure to consider choosing vital installation tools like wire cutters, drill bits, and tensioning spanners.






4. Use entry-level wire systems
The entry-level wire balustrade systems are incredibly versatile as you can apply for flat or stair areas. Besides, the system can get installed on timber or metal posts using simple mechanical tools. However, installing a wire balustrade can be quite tricky and time-consuming.

5. Use slimline wire systems
These systems are exquisite and very easy to install. Other than that, they need robust hydraulic crimping tools, which are often readily available for purchase or rent. In this system, you can get some wires that are professionally customized for ultimate efficiency. Moreover, they are easy to install, yet they give a safe barrier suitable for your family and pets.

6. Apply the mechanical swaging technique
In this method, a hand-operated crimping or swaging tool is essential for installing your wire balustrade. In most cases, a looped stainless steel wire fitted together with copper swage is used to offer incredible support to the worker during the installation process. Therefore, it’s safe and handy for making reliable wire balustrade barrier.

7. Hydraulic swaging
This is a unique way of making a stainless steel wire secure to a stainless steel swage fitting. After that, the wire gets secured to a post or other fixing point. As a result, it offers a safer and reliable spot for the worker to install your new wire railing system with confidence.

Updated: 11/27/2020, RobertKeith
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