High End Hotels in Ranthambhore National Park

by pateluday

A stay in a tiger reserve is as important as an exciting safari. Ranthambhore is where a number of wild tigers live. Seeking the best in accommodation is first priority on tour...

Ranthambhore is a tiger reserve and a National Park situated in Rajasthan in India. Popular for its wilderness, it is also known as the land of the tiger. But apart from the wilderness, the reserve is a showcase of Rajasthan State with a vibrant hospitality industry. The high-end hotels here offer the best in the hospitality business, not only comfort in style but an experience that is memorable. From five-star resorts to heritage hotels all are at your service choose the best.

Scenic Ranthambhore

Hotel Surrounds

Situated in desert confines Ranthambhore is an oasis on the lap of Aravalli Hills. The dry deciduous mixed forest and the scrub country imparts a colorful tinge to the otherwise desert surroundings. The Aravalli Hills are a low-lying complex of mountain ridges, plateaus, and escarpments.   

The whole landscape is interspersed with streams, large man-made and natural water bodies, or lakes. The geographical features create unique ecosystems which harbor ample floral elements and fauna. 

The characteristic dry mountainous terrain accords beautiful settings to the surroundings. This is where most of the hotels in Ranthambore are situated. The park is divided into two conservation zones the core and the buffer. The core is out of bounds for humans and their settlements except for the forest staff. The area is entirely reserved for the wilderness. 

The hotels are situated in the buffer zone at a distance from each other. Most of the accommodations are luxurious in nature conforming to five star or high-end category. The living space is in rooms and cottages and some offer a stay in ultra-luxurious tents.


Oberoi Van Vilas


Oberoi Van Vilas

Luxurious Jungle Resort

Special care has been taken to keep the surroundings in tandem with the wilderness that Ranthambhore encapsulates. 

The key feature is the tents that offer smooth and luxurious living. Equipped with ultra-modern World class interiors and embellishments the spacious accommodation excels in high-end living facilities.  Modern amenities and state of art services are the highlights of five-star living. 

The per-day tariff is on the higher side but it is worth it. Oberai Van Vilas is geared up to deliver the best living experience and exciting tiger safaris in the park.   

Taj Vivanta

Vivanta By Taj

Erstwhile Safari Lodge

Heritage Property

A true gateway to Royal living the property is an erstwhile lodge owned by the Maharajah of Jaipur. Albeit the aura of old-world charm still hangs around the accommodation has been modified into a Taj property. The fascinating Royal arts and designs are still present besides the modern appendages that have been installed to make a five-star step up.    

Vivanta By Taj ends up imparting an old-world charm along with the comfort of ultra-modern living in style.  The Taj Group is a globally acknowledged brand and it comprises a large chain of hotels and wildlife resorts all over India. Most of the Taj properties are upscale but at the same time worth the money. Taj is reputed for quality food and hospitality. The resorts conduct all nature activities and organize safaris in the park. 

Video Aman E Khas

Aman E Khas

Wildlife Camp

A grand expanse of opulence best defines Aman E Khas as a tented accommodation in the soothing confines of Ranthambhore. The tents are embellished with ultra-modern comfort furnishings and warm interiors. 

Not only for comfort living the stylish resort complex holds a healing spa and wellness treatment facility. Fine dining is in lovely tents that hold tables for private candlelit romance or a large setup for groups. The recipes are from expert chefs but can be tailored as per your needs. 

Video Dev Vilas

Dev Vilas

Abode of Gods

The Indo-Saracenic style of architecture gels perfectly with the Aravalli surroundings. Though not a heritage property it does emulate the hunting lodges of yore. The central building stands tall and stately amidst the greenery of Ranthambhore. A perfect setup for the elite, Dev Vilas offers accommodation in suites and tented bungalows artistically designed by an architect of repute.

The fine dining experience and exciting jungle safaris are the forte of Dev Vilas.   

Nahargarh You Tube

Nahargarh Palace Photo

Royal Retreat
Palace Hotel Nahargarh
Palace Hotel Nahargarh

Nahargarh Palace Hotel

Royal Retreat

Experience palace living as the erstwhile Maharajahs did in Royal Opulence. Nahargarh stands proud amidst the wide expanse of greens - a white enigmatic fortification - the palace.   

In buildings that carry old-world charm the luxury is defined as opulence sometimes grandiose and striking far removed from the modern architecture and designs.  Nevertheless, the palaces of yore are in tandem with modern architecture as far as luxury and comforts are concerned. 

As they say in India Live Life Maharajah Style!

Indulgent Properties

High End Resorts

High-End Properties are five-star class accommodations that provide luxurious living and a stylish way of life. Fine dining is assured with a wide array of recipes from all over the World. Stylish hospitality is accompanied by gracious care and services. 

In remote access like the high end hotels in Ranthambhore are expensive. Luxury and opulence command a price. These accommodations are the retreats of the rich and famous.

Nevertheless, there are luxurious properties with reasonable fares. Hence for people wishing to enjoy exciting safaris at Ranthambhore these luxury hotels are an option. During the off-season, some resorts may lower down their tariff as summer discount etc.   

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pateluday on 05/17/2021

Nylon is considered better than polyester hence preferred fabric of choice for luxury tents. Windows may have canvas body with PVC or glass windows, and the structure is supported by steel frames.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/17/2021

pateluday, Thank you for pictures, practicalities and products.
What materials are used to make the tents of the Oberoi Van Vilas? Are they totally of textile or is there something else for doors and windows?

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