High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

by JoyLynskey

Working as a freelance writer can be thankless and often frustrating. Learn how to go from slow pay to knock out pay in a few easy steps.

Do you work as a freelance writer part-time or full-time? Perhaps you are currently a part-timer who is too realistic to make the leap from your day job to a full-time career in online copywriting, writing short stories, or even just running a personal blog. Well, before you quit your day job, or before you dive into that new car you have been eyeing, you may want to do a few things that will enable you to have a fully lucrative career that you can depend on just as much as any 9 to 5 job, but with many more perks.

Spruce Up Your English

Providing High-Quality Content is a Must!

One of the most important elements in a freelance writing career is, of course, your writing skills. Battling with article site guidelines, editor requests, and general rules of English will likely be a constant battle for you, regardless of your skills. This is because you will run across many clients who have different types of projects. Some projects may even require you to use improper English, no easy thing for the sticklers out there.

This makes the most vital stepping stone in your freelance writing career the leap you need to make from so-so English skills, to super English hero.

Freelance Writing Guide - The True Secrets to Success

Freelance Writing Guide - The True Secrets to Success

This ebook will show a budding freelancer how to get started and still provide trending information for the pro freelance writer.

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Portfolio's and Social Networks

Are a Must for a Professional Career with Professional $

There are two kinds of freelance writers. Those who jump in, do the work, and hie off to the beach or the nearest pub, and then there are those who have a passion for their work, and want to be recognized as a professional writer.

For those who desire a professional career, having a digital portfolio, as well as a social media presence are both imperative elements of a notable career.

There are two distinct forms that digital portfolios can take. The aesethically pleasing, and the industrial versions are both nessecary to your career. You will meet some clients who may benefit from seeing the creativity of a digitial portfolio such as those that you can create at Weebly.

Weebly Portfolio

For a more industrial digitial portfolio, and by industrial, I mean crisp, to-the-point, no hint of fluff, and fully inclusive of all of the valuable information an employer may want to see. You can find a more industrial digitial portfolio format at Foliospaces.

Foliospaces Portfolio

A well-prepared freelancer will have both formats to provide to their clients depending on their specific needs.

Social Networking

Social networking is another element that a freelance writer needs to give critical consideration. Although there are over 220 social networks and aggregation sites, you will need to choose those that are most relevant to your career. 

Take the time to learn from an expert who has tried the methods that have proven highly effective.

E-Commerce, Freelance Career, and Affiliate Marketing

This book is highly relevant to all of the above mentioned online marketing elements.
Beginners E-Commerce Management and Social Networking

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Where to Find the Real Freelance Writing Jobs

The crux of the problem

There are many fantastic freelance writers out there just lined up waiting for that one job that will make their career, concrete their own sense of self-worth in this position, and in general just cause much celebration and hub-bub for a writer who has previously been down on their luck.

However, one of the most critical issues is that there are so many others, willing to do the same work as you, but for much lower prices. This likely eliminates the possibility of batch work from the freelance writing path for many high-end writers. This is a good thing. Your goal as a freelance writer, that is, if you are one who expects to be compensated fairly, is to stay away from large write sites where you are forced to compete for prices, instead, apping and working for more private copywriting companies where extreme high-quality may be expected, but you will also be properly compensated for your time in fixed pay rates.

Most of the companies provided in this freelance writer ebook pay begins at 5 cents per word, some going as high as 10 cents or more. I can promise that anyone who has the quality of writing required for these sites, can make multiple k's per month in reliable work, and promising career opportunities.

High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

This is where they are hiding!
Where to Find the Real Freelance Writing Jobs

This ebook shares all of her top-notch companies that are often hidden from public view. This book will share where writers can drop those dollar articles, and start making 90 ...

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Helpful Freelance Writing Links

For every element of your career plan!

Free Marketing Tools
Check out tons of Free marketing tools that can help you to advance your freelance writing career.

Not a Writer? Check out some homegrown talents that can make you $$$!
This helpful marketing article can help you if you are a freelance writer, or if you are harboring other talents that could be more lucrative for you!

Free Freelance Writing Tools
Check out the free tools here to help you improve the quality of your writing!

Personal Branding for Your Writing Career
Learn the elements required to brand yourself as a pro writer

Should Freelance Writers Use Pen Names?
Read here on why using a pen name could be a mistake for an online copywriting career.

Do It Yourself Social Media Marketing - Beginners Setup
Read here for how to get set up on a path to a healthy social media marketing campaign.

Article Marketing for the Small Business Owner
Learn how article marketing can promote your freelance writing career.

How to Write with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Learn methods of pain management so that you can continue a career even once CPS sets in.

JRL Solutions Freelance Writing Education

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James on 01/10/2012

I would also recommend ContentSpree.com. We're a content marketplace focused on business writing (which typically has much higher pay rates). We're launching this month and are currently accepting registrants.

JoyLynskey on 01/07/2012

Hi Yarddog.

Its been a very busy week :) Missed the notice on the first mail but I got this one. Let me figure out how to generate a coupon code for it for you on Amazon. That way you can get it for free, just for asking and being patient. Ill go now and check on those options. Usually Amazon takes about 3 days to do anything, so will get back to you soon!

JoyLynskey on 11/18/2011

I hope you do Stacey! I am 100% here for you if you take that leap! Thanks for commenting sweetheart!

Stacey on 11/18/2011

Well done, and how odd at the moment for me...I have been considering doing something along these lines for the past week or two, something I can do while we full time in the RV. It's almost a sign :) Thanks for sharing!

Holistic_Health on 10/25/2011

Nice resource for writers. Thanks!

JoyLynskey on 09/16/2011

You are welcome Shelia! Thanks for the comment!

sheilamarie on 09/16/2011

This is very helpful information. Thank you for putting it together!

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