How To Teach Online And Get Paid For It

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How to teach any subject online and get paid for it as a teacher. You can create video courses and article tutorials or just about any other form of teaching material all for free.

Teaching Online - Get Paid For The Knowledge You Possess

Get Paid As An Online Instructor

Teaching online is nothing new really, if you think of how the Internet started out back in the 1990's as the information selling of info products has created many millionaires along the way early on in the Internets history and even still today there are people who call themselves experts in an industry that they know a lot about that are teaching online with video, articles and through ebook learning materials which help others to learn from them.

This article will aim to gather resources and websites to which you can easily begin your online teachning career whether it fits into your existing online business or you might want it as a separate side income for things like holidays and treats for the family etc.

The first and most obvious areas to start is with that old favorite YouTube. This has to be the most widely successful and morepopular ways for any person who knows a subject inside and out to help people to learn by uploading video demonstrations of software or specific how to types of videos. Video marketing has become immensely popular these days with video creatores realising the potential benefits of creating good quality content that directs people to their website to actually purchase something whether it's an ebook with complete information that the video was only a small part of and an even bigger course on the same subject.

Of course other video sharing sites could be used as the same thing if you feel YouTube has got too big and you feel daunted by it. Sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo and Bliptv which is slightly different but I'm quite confident that others will pop up over time for you to corner a niche in elearning.

Free blogging software

Being a Wordpress junkie this is my preferred platform as now it's even easier to have your own website or blog up and running and I say website because there are that many available free managed and supported plug-ins that help make your website that much more than a simple blog as you can create a site that people can purchase products directly off your website, you can add  forum to your site, directly add product data feeds to your site, make your site a video website and the ideas are endless. Of course others like Blogger, Weebly and the managed revenue sharing sites like Hubpages, Squidoo and Hubpages are also worth a shot too to deliver your courses together with advertising and affiliate links to products.

In fact when starting out as an online teacher I recommend getting your early courses and publications on the free platforms and then when you are serious about creating an elearning environment you need to think of some professional website space on a decent hosting account for your own website or two. Making your tutorials and informational content available on as many places as possible really does help to establish you as an expert within your area of expertise. Remember to provide some free tutorials too aswell as paid content as you can add some advertising around your educational information and some affiliate links to related products which helps to monetize this free content on a long term basis.

There's a great site I've found quite recently which made me write this article. The site is called Udemy which is obviously a play on the words Academy and U which means "your Academy" and on this site you can create free courses which have sub courses which are called Lectures like a proper lesson and also you can get set up to get paid for your courses too as a paid instructor which you can either get paid through a regular check or through Paypal which I prefer.

The site seems like it's set up quite well and the way in which you can organize your content seems like a dream at the moment and you can create PDF's, Videos and article tutorials that you can create to demonstrate your knowledge. People will pay to learn if the subject is within their range of interests.

One example of a paid course is How To Build Wordpress Site which obviously must do what it says in the title of the course. So really there are lots of other things that can help you create an online expert presence and we'll update with more resources as time goes on. Remember - Teach what you know as they will listen if they are interested!

Updated: 01/18/2012, onepagearticles
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DerdriuMarriner on 12/06/2023

The third and the fourth paragraphs to the first subheading, Teaching Online - Get Paid For The Knowledge You Possess Get Paid As An Online Instructor, respectively designate You Tube and then "Dailymotion, Vimeo and Bliptv which is slightly different" alternatively.

Does the descriptive phrase "which is slightly different" apply to Bliptiv, since it immediately follows it and since the subject verb is in the singular? If so, how is Bliptv different from other mentioned video sites?

Alphabetical and reverse-alphabetical order make me reconstruct and remember listed items best. You mention "Dailymotion, Vimeo and Bliptv" in no such orders. Might their order reflect best to worst or vice versa sequencing?

onepagearticles on 01/18/2012

Sure I teach drawing fantasy art on my youtube channel here - and my first free video drawing course on Udemy here -

Sheri_Oz on 01/18/2012

Thanks for these pointers. I am trying to build up a collection of articles in my field and then I will hop over to Udemy to see about setting up a course where I will start monetizing what I am offering.
Are you, yourself, teaching online? Any examples of success you can give for encouraging the shy and hesitant?

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