Hippopotamus Toys, Candy and a Song

by Sheri_Oz

This big ugly safari animal makes a cute and cuddly stuffed toy or a laughable image for games and puzzles.

In the wild, the hippo is a dangerous animal, some say it is the most dangerous animal in all of Africa. But the tamed version that we see in games and stuffed toys makes the hippopotamus image cheering and lovable.

The name, hippopotamus, is Greek for "river horse". I'm sorry, but horses are much better looking that this creature! Perhaps its ugliness is one of the reasons that the hippo is a much loved toy and cartoon character.

Play "Mud Mud Glorious Mud" While You Shop

Flatopotamus for Babies

The North American Bear Company was set up almost 30 years ago in NYC by a new mother who wanted to find the perfect teddy bear for her son and decided to design one herself. She uses only the silkiest softest plush for these teddies. The cuddly blanket, below left, has a flat body and a full hippo head. It is easy for little hands to grasp and cuddle. It comes in three sizes, 7, 15 and 25 inches long and is machine washable.

The "chime", below right, is 8 inches around and its hippo can also be grasped by baby's hands. It can be wiped clean.


Hippo Educational Toy Recommended for Children Aged 18 Mos to 3 Yrs


Take pieces out of the hippo and put them back in - through its mouth or behind its head. Pull it or push it on its rollers.  Clip the pieces onto the back or the wheels to make new imaginary creatures.

Kids love this toy. Children younger than 1 1/2 years will have fun with it, but not yet be able to take full advantage of all its features. By 3 they may be moving onto other more advanced toys and games.

Singing and Dancing Hippo for Girls Aged 3 and Up


Darly the dancing hippo is a lovely doll that stands 30 cm (12 inches) tall. She is soft and cuddly, dressed in a satin outfit. She sings "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer and dances to the tune as well.

Little girls love to cuddle her and dance and sing along with her.

Batteries are included.

Absolutely the Most Cuddly, Softest and Squeeziest Hippo That Was Ever Made!

Aurora World Aurora Plush 12 " Hippo Tubbie Wubbie

Who can resist this sweet face? This is a stuffed animal any child, teen or adult would be happy to receive as a gift. It has been purchased for young children, boyfriends for their girlfriends, students going away to college and stuffed animal collectors.

Reviewers rated this particular toy consistently high. The quality of its materials and workmanship were praised.

Hippo Clip Art and Cartoons for Free Online

Links to some fun websites

Hippo Cartoon Fun
A collection of hippo comics you can buy or just read and enjoy online. By some well-known cartoonists.

Free Hippo Clip Art
Hippo clip art that you can download and modify for free under very liberal terms.

Free Printable Hippo Coloring Pages for Kids
A number of free printable coloring pages for kids of various ages and skill levels.

Free Happy Hippo Game
Here's a challenging game based on the Happy Hippo Game. I tried it and didn't do very well the first time. Got better with time. It is fun! For young children and adults.

Hungry Hungry Hippos - Classic Game for 2-4 Players Aged 3 and Up

Reviewers love this game and yet many are disappointed by the poorer quality of this and other games as compared with the same games produced decades ago. The solution one parent suggests is to make sure to put the game back in its box after each time playing and that will prevent stepping on parts or otherwise breaking them.

The game is great fun for kids and adults to play together. Kids learn (noisily) about friendly competition. You can even tone the competitive element down a bit by saying that the winner's hippo was the hungriest hippo. That can take the sting out of losing for children who have not yet learned the important skill of sportsmanship.

Hippo Jigsaw Puzzle for Age 8 and Up

Mother Hippo and Her Baby

A challenging puzzle with 252 pieces for the hippo lover. While that is not a lot of puzzle pieces, the challenge arises due to the small range of colors in the photograph. Children learn to pay attention to shape as they work on this puzzle.

The final puzzle size is 10 X 14 inches, a nice size for framing and hanging on the wall in your child's bedroom.

Want to Make a Safari Theme Party?

Jungle Safari Cake Pans - by Janet21
A selection of products that will help you make the best safari themed party ever!

What is Your Favorite Safari Animal?

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Sheri_Oz on 03/26/2014

Yes, this is a photo I took when on a unique safari in South Sudan. You can read about it, and see a larger copy of the photo, on my article on safari in Nimule Park. Thanks for the compliment.

Sheri_Oz on 03/04/2014

Hippos are adorable - and in real life they can be quite dangerous. I'm lucky to have gotten so close to one to take this photo and lucky to be here to talk about it.

deaniewrites on 03/04/2014

The Hippos are adorable, both in real life and as toys.... though when you mentioned a song I figured it would be "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas." :)

WriterArtist on 07/11/2013

These toys are lovey, stuffed hippopotamus toys are cute.

Sheri_Oz on 03/24/2013

Never heard of that song. I'll have to look it up.

BrendaReeves on 03/24/2013

These are cute. I'll have to keep them in mind for the grand-kids. My brother and I had a record when we were kids called, "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas." We loved that song and played it over and over.

Sheri_Oz on 09/28/2012

Me too.

sheilamarie on 09/28/2012

Love the "Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!"

Marie on 08/27/2012

Glad you got the Happy Hippo candy which is seriously yummy. Love hippos, they're very cute.

Sheri_Oz on 08/24/2012

@Katiem - actually, there is a hippo pez dispenser but it's no longer available. You got me curious so I googled around and found a happy hippo candy bar and it is now included above.
@2uesday - never heard of that song. So looked it up and now included it as well.
Thanks guys! Much appreciated.

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