Hobbit LEGO - An Unexpected Gathering

by nickupton

The Unexpected Gathering LEGO set recreates the "Bag End" Hobbit house seen in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies and includes 4 Dwarf mini figures as well as Bilbo Baggins.

The LEGO Hobbit Unexpected Gathering 70093 set was released in late 2012 to accompany the release of the movie "The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey". For fans of Tolkien this is a LEGO set that was much hoped for after the introduction of the Lord of the Rings sets and creates one of the iconic buildings from the movies.

LEGO mini figures are highly detailed these days and although you do not get the full thirteen dwarfs here you do get four of them plus Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf.

On this page I will show you the mini figures that come with this set and talk about what is good or not about them. I will also discuss the Bag End model which is the main focus of this Hobbit LEGO set.

LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering 79003

LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering
Only $334.15

This is the one Hobbit LEGO set that attracted the most attention from fans as it recreates Bag End, the home of Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit and Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings. This scene, from The Hobbit, is when the dwarfs unexpectedly burst in on Bilbo and start to clean him out of food, as well as mess up his house. Thirteen dwarfs arrive but only four are included in this set, they are, however, some of the more prominent characters.

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The visual impact of Bag End is superb, and a number of new LEGO pieces have been designed to make this model look good. Inside Bag End is rather small but lots of little accessories make this a very playable set and four superb dwarf mini figures make it highly desirable for collectors too. Gandalf and Bilbo mini figures are also included.

The Hobbit LEGO - An Unexpected Gathering Details

    • Pieces: 652
    • Age: 9-14
    • Lego No: 79003
    • Minifigs: Balin, Dwalin, Bombur, Bofur, Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey
    • Year: 2012
    • Theme: The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey

The LEGO Minifigures

Balin the Dwarf

What's Cool

  • Exceptionally detailed body printing gives Balin's clothes a textured look as does his cloak.
  • Great hair and beard LEGO piece which allows his face to be seen.
  • Double-sided face print which gives Balin two different expressions.
  • Great color scheme.

 What's Not Cool

  • Balin does not have any special weapon, just a simple sword.
Dwalin the Dwarf

What's Cool

  • Great head printing showing Dwalin's tattoos and grim expression.
  • Cool beard.
  • Highly detailed front and back body printing which creates a nice color scheme for the character.
  • Dwalin is armed with a massive battle hammer - a really cool specialized weapon.

What's Not Cool

  • Dwalin's bald look is spoiled by the head stud. It is about time that LEGO came up with an answer for this to make bald characters look better.
Bombur the Dwarf

What's Cool

  • A superb, unique hair, beard and stomach LEGO piece which gives Bombur a wonderful beard, balding head and fat stomach.
  • Double-sided printing on the face.
  • Detailed body printing so that Bombur can be used without his beard and stomach.
  • There is plenty of food included to stop Bombur feeling hungry.

What's Not Cool

  • Bombur is only armed with a dagger.
Bofur the Dwarf

What's Cool

  • Unique hat and hair LEGO piece making Bofur look just like he does in the movie.
  • Double-sided head with smiling face and battle face expressions. Also with a nice beard design.
  • Highly detailed body printing on front and back gives Bofur distinct clothing and a water gourd on his belt.
  • Nice cape finishes off the look.

What's Not Cool

  • Bofur's weapon is a standard LEGO pick axe; a custom design would have been better but also more expensive.
Bilbo Baggins

What's Cool

  • Bilbo has cool, wavy hobbit hair.
  • Detailed body printing gives Bilbo this unique Shire clothing look.
  • Double-sided printing on the head gives two different expressions.

What's Not Cool

  • Bilbo is the same height as the dwarfs. Hobbits should be smaller.
Gandalf the Grey

What's Cool

  • All grey color scheme to reflect the name "Gandalf the Grey".
  • Nice long, white beard.
  • Comes armed with his wizard's staff.
  • Detailed printing on the torso and his clothes are finished off by the addition of a long cape.
  • Concerned expression printed on the face.

What's Not Cool

  • This mini figure is not exclusive to this set and the character appears in many sets.

Watch the video review below for close-ups of all the mini figures and the Bag End model. If you are interested in this set, this video clip is something you should see.

Bilbo is rudely interrupted by the dwarfs Balin, Dwalin, Bombur and Bifur as he is about to eat dinner in his fastidiously clean home, Bag End. Joined by the wizard, Gandalf the Grey, they eat and make merry before discussing their dangerous quest to reclaim their treasure from a dragon.

LEGO Bag End

Most of the 652 pieces that are in this set go into completing the model of Bilbo's home; Bag End. This model consists of the facade of the Hobbit hole that is seen in the movies and contains elements from the movies "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings".

The Front of Bag End

This is awesome. A huge amount of work has gone into making the front of Bag End look good with a number of new bricks to make the round windows look authentic. The design is interesting and uneven, as a house built into an earth bank should be, and there is a nice combination of browns and greens. Lots of flowers and leafy pieces are included to finish off the look with a small tree on the top.

Bag End's Interior

After the front, the inside of Bag End is a bit disappointing really - it is just too small. While there are some nice details and loads of accessories for kids to play with, there just is not enough space to do much with. I guess that LEGO have done the hard part here and fans can build onto the back and increase the size of Bag End using bricks from their collection.

Summary of An Unexpected Gathering LEGO Hobbit set 79003

This is a very strong Hobbit set and probably one that all fans will want to buy, especially as it gives you six of the main characters from the story, including four excellent dwarf mini figures. The visual impact of Bag End is great too and collectors will probably like several of these sets to get their hands on the pile of green and brown bricks, including some molded for this set.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Younger fans will love this set too with its six mini figures and lots of play items inside the Hobbit hole, including the food, table and round, opening door.

Advanced builders will also want to get themselves several of these sets and build onto the back of  Bag End to make it larger and more extensive inside so that it can fit all thirteen dwarfs when all of them have been collected.

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LEGO Hobbit
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