Lord of the Rings LEGO - Battle of Helm's Deep

by nickupton

The Battle of Helm's Deep LEGO features the Helm's Deep fortress and eight mini figures; 4 Uruk-Hai, Aragorn, Gimli, King Theoden and Haldir.

The LEGO Lord of the Rings Battle of Helm's Deep set was one of the first seven in this theme, released in 2012. This set comes with a large Helm's Deep castle as well as 4 really cool Uruk-Hai warrior mini figures as well as superbly detailed Aragorn, Gimli the Dwarf, Haldir the Elf and King Theoden of Rohan to take part in the battle.

Here you will find the LEGO mini figures from the set featured, with comments on their good and bad points, as well as some information about the Helms Deep fortress model.

I hope that you enjoy looking at this Lord of the Rings LEGO set and please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

New in 2012: LEGO The Lord of the Rings The Battle of Helm's Deep 9474

LEGO The Lord of the Rings 9474 The Battle of Helm's Deep
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The Helm's Deep battle scene is one of the best from the three Lord of the Rings movies and fans will love this set with its four Uruk-Hai and other great mini figures which include a horse with movable head and back legs. The castle components are really good too with some nice details and mechanisms that make it fun.

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This is the biggest Lord of the Rings set in the initial 2012 release  and probably the one that collectors will like to get hold of and expand upon. The playability of this set is really high too with the exploding wall and Gimli firing device and with 1368 pieces it takes some time to build.

Lord Of The Rings LEGO - Battle Of Helm's Deep Details

  • Pieces: 1368
  • Age: 10-14
  • Lego No: 9474
  • Minifigs: Aragorn, Gimli, King Theoden, Haldir, 2 Uruk-Hai with Armor, 1 Uruk-Hai with Helmet & 1 Berserker Uruk-Hai
  • Year: 2012
  • Theme: The Lord of the Rings; The Two Towers

The LEGO Minifgures

King Theoden of Rohan

What's Cool

 King Theoden's helmet is an excellent shape with golden crest and extremely detailed printing.

 Printed face which actually resembles King Theoden from the movie.

 Awesome color scheme which makes him look rugged but regal at the same time.

 Leg printing which makes it look like chainmail protection.

 Fantastic detailed printing on a great breastplate of the armor piece.

 Comes armed with sword and round shield with nice color printing.

What's Not Cool

 Nothing. King Theoden is one of the most detailed mini figures in the Lord of the Rings LEGO theme.

What's Cool

 The LEGO Aragorn mini figure actually looks like the character from the movie because of the detailed face printing with grim expression, facial hair and rugged hair piece.

 Superb body and leg printing combine to make it look like Aragorn is wearing a long coat.

 Comes armed with sword.

What's Not Cool

 Aragorn has no shield which makes him look awkward when fighting, although it is accurate to the movie.


What's Cool

 Gimli comes with a superbly molded Dwarf beard with plaited mustache.

 Comes armed with a large, doubled headed battleaxe as well as small throwing axe.

 Nice, accurate helmet with detailed printing.

 Shorter than most other mini figures to reflect his stature as a Dwarf.

 Detailed printing on the torso and nice color scheme.

What's Not Cool

 Gimli is the same height as the Hobbits.

 Gimli's legs do not move as other mini figures that use the short leg pieces.


What's Cool

 Superb new hair piece with Elf ears and plaited back.

 Great color scheme.

 Nice face printing.

 Haldir comes armed with bow and arrow to fire from the castle wall.

 Extremely detailed body and leg printing combined with red cape completes Haldir's clothing.

What's Not Cool

 Haldir is the only Elf mini figure included in this set. More Elf warriors are needed.

Berserker Urk-Hai

What's Cool

 A completely unique mini figure which will probably never be repeated by LEGO as he only appears in the Battle of Helm's Deep scene in the movie.

 Great face printing with the white hand of Saruman and haunted expression.

 Cool body printing.

 Comes armed with fire torch for lighting the bomb that breaches the wall of Helm's Deep.

What's Not Cool

 No helmet. The Berserker Uruk-Hai in the movie has a special helmet, it would be great to have that here.

What's Cool

 Superb helmet is extremely accurate to the helmets worn by Uruk-Hai in the movie.

 Face printing gives the Uruk-Hai a horrible expression.

 Body and leg printing add fine detail to the character's clothing.

 Three Uruk-Hai warrior mini figures come with this set; two with armor and helmets and one with just a helmet.

 Two Uruk-Hair are armed with cool swords and shields with one mini figure armed with battleaxe.

What's Not Cool

 Not enough Uruk-Hai mini figures are supplied.

Do You Need Some More Uruk-Hai?
Get Some Rohan Soldiers To Defend Helm's Deep

Watch the following video clip to see the Battle of Helm's Deep LEGO set in close-up; the mini figures and all the features of the Helm's Deep castle.

The Uruk-Hai army of Isengard closes in on the fortress of Helm's Deep. The castle defenders feel safe in what they think is an impenetrable stronghold until the Berserker Uruk-Hai arrives to blow up the Deeping Wall allowing the rabid attackers in for a hand-to-hand assault.

Helm's Deep Castle

Most of the 1368 pieces that come with this set go into building the Helm's Deep castle. This castle is a front only model and not a complete castle, but as Helm's Deep in the movie is built into a rock face this is expected.

The LEGO Helm's Deep has a gate section with ramp, an inner keep, a tower and a section of the Deeping Wall.

All these pieces are closely modeled in what we see in the movie and with the inclusion of pieces that have stone markings on them and accessories such as flags and torches they look really good.

The Deeping Wall

This section is really cool with a grill where the stream passes through and a giant Uruk mine placed in it. A nice mechanism can be operated which blows up the wall and allows the Uruk-Hai mini figures to charge in.

The Front Gate

This has everything you would expect; the ramp leading up to the gate, the doors, the opening trap doors above for throwing down rocks, a mini catapult and a fun little device that shoots Gimli into battle.

The Tower

This tower contains a ladder to the top and the horn which Gimli blows in the movie to sound the charge.

The Inner Keep

The keep is where King Theoden relaxes and contains his throne and dinner chamber complete with cups and food. There is a folding ramp which can connect the keep to the gate.

One of the cool things about the Helm's Deep LEGO castle is that it is designed to fit together with the section of wall that comes in the Uruk-Hai army Lord of the Rings LEGO set to create a longer section of wall.

With the addition of the Uruk-Hai army set your battle of Helm's Deep will be joined by 4 more Uruk-Hai mini figures with a siege weapon as well as two warriors of Rohan.

Lord Of The Rings LEGO - Battle Of Helm's Deep Poll

Lord of the Rings LEGO
Lord of the Rings LEGO
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