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by nickupton

Dino LEGO T Rex Hunter is a cool Lego set released in 2012 which will excite those boys who love dinosaurs as well as constructing Lego vehicles.

The LEGO Dino T Rex Trapper is one of the mid-priced sets in this dinosaur theme. The cost reflects the size and complexity of the helicopter which is the principle method of trapping the dinosaur and of course the extremely realistic Lego T Rex himself as well as four minifigures and a small off-road buggy.

On this page I will introduce Lego fans to this T-Rex Trapper set and highlight some of the good points and a few of the pitfalls.

I hope this page helps you learn a little about this LEGO Dino set.

LEGO Dino T-Rex Hunter 5886

LEGO Dino T Rex Trapper
LEGO Dino T Rex Trapper

This set contains one of the Lego dinosaurs that will be most-wanted by young dinosaur fans; Tyrannosaurs Rex. For those who wish to collect Lego Dino this is a great way to add a really cool piece of machinery to your dinosaur-trapping arsenal - a helicopter with chain and winch which is also armed with tranquilizing gas torpedoes! Oh, and don't forget the unique brown Lego T-Rex.

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If this set is bought as a gift for young Lego fans it will meet with a good reception. With great vehicles, a great dinosaur and a high level of playability this is great stuff.

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LEGO Dino T-Rex Hunter 5886 Details

  • Pieces: 480
  • Age: 7-12
  • Lego No: 5886
  • Minifigs: 1 T-Rex, 2 Dinosaur Hunters
  • Year: 2012
  • Theme: Dino

The Dinosaurs & Minifigures

Lego Tyrannosaurus Rex

What's Cool

  • Lego T Rex is really big, he towers over the minifigures just as he should.
  • The color scheme on this T-Rex makes him look really fierce and although T-Rex can be found in other Lego sets, the color scheme here is unique.
  • This T Rex Lego has huge snapping jaws that can easily fit around a minifigure's head and bite it off!
  • Movable head, jaws, arms, legs and tail make for great playability with this dinosaur Lego figure.
  • Lego studs on T Rex's back allow imaginative modelers to attach any type of construction they like.
  • T Rex will keep kids who are dinosaur fans mesmerized for ages.

What's Not Cool

  • T Rex's hands are fragile and could get broken.
The Minifgures

What's Cool

  • Two minifigures come with this set. The more the merrier!
  • Highly detailed body printing makes these heroes look ready for anything.
  • Armed with tranquilizer guns they are ready to protect but without killing.
  • One of the figures has a cool flying hat with goggles.

What's Not Cool

  • The color scheme for these two guys is a bit dull.
  • Although the guns they come with are great, they are the same as the weapons in all the other Lego Dino sets.

A full review of the LEGO Dino T Rex Hunter set can be seen in the video displayed below.

LEGO Dino T-Rex Hunter 5886

Tow away the awesome T-Rex! T-Rex is on the loose! The scout vehicle has spotted the awesome T-Rex stomping out of the jungle towards the city. Strap the harness around the dino...

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Hunt the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex by buggy and by helicopter. Use tranquilzer darts to put the beast to sleep and entrap it using the massive grabber hanging below the dino-chopper.

This set contains hours of play and LEGO adventure.

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