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by nickupton

The Orc Forge Lord of the Rings LEGO set features 2 Orc and 2 Uruk-Hai mini figures as well as a cool forge where Uruk-Hai warriors and weapons are made.

The Orc Forge Lord of the Rings LEGO set was released in 2012 as part of this new licensed theme which was long-awaited by LEGO fans. The set is supplied with four great mini figures including an exclusive Lurtz mini figure - the first Uruk-Hai to emerge and leader of the first Uruk-Hai raiding party. The other mini figures are 2 Mordor Orcs and another cool Uruk-Hai warrior in armor.

This page displays the mini figures of the Orc Forge set, pointing out their features, as well as the forge section of the set itself which has several interesting points of playability.

Please enjoy reading about this Lord of the Rings LEGO set and viewing the mini figures. Please vote in the poll and leave a comment. Thank you.

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The Lord of the Rings LEGO Orc Forge allows fans to recreate the dark scene in the movie The Fellowship of the Ring where the first Uruk-Hai warrior (Lurtz) emerges from the soil. Lord of the Rings fans will love the four detailed mini figures with their horrible faces, particularly the exclusive Lurtz mini figure. If you are building an army of Uruk-Hai and Orcs then this set is a great addition to your collection.

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This is a very nicely designed set, one of the best in the Lord of the Rings first seven sets, with a high level of playability and it will combine well with several other sets in the range, supplying more warriors for battles.

Lord Of The Rings LEGO - Orc Forge Details

  • Pieces: 363
  • Age: 8-14
  • Lego No: 9476
  • Minifigs: 1 Mordor Orc with hair, 1 bald Mordor Orc, Lurtz, 1 Uruk-Hai warrior
  • Year: 2012
  • Theme: The Lord of the Rings; Fellowship of the Ring

The Lego Minifigures


What's Cool

 Lurtz has a hideous face with the white hand of Saruman upon it thanks to some highly detailed printing.

 The hair piece looks just like the Uruk-Hai hair in the movie.

 Cool body printing gives Lurtz a very muscular appearance.

 Lurtz comes armed with Uruk-Hai armor, sword and shield with the white hand of Saruman printed on it.

 Unique brownish color scheme makes Lurtz instantly recognizable from the other Uruk-Hai.

 Double-sided printing on the head gives two different battle expressions.

What's Not Cool

 Lurtz does not come with the giant bow that he uses to kill Boromir.

Uruk-Hai Warrior

What's Cool

 Fantastic Uruk-Hai helmet with the white hand of Saruman printed on it.

 Nicely molded body armor, sword and shield. Spare armor is also supplied, some with the white hand and some without.

 This Uruk-Hai is the same as those in other sets allowing him to fit straight into the Uruk-Hai army.

 Cool, detailed body and leg printing.

What's Not Cool

 Only 1 Uruk-Hai warrior. We want more!

Mordor Orc

What's Cool

 Two Mordor Orc mini figures; one with hair and pointy ears, one bald Orc.

 Grotesque face printing reflects the ugliness of Orcs.

 Superb body printing adds a lot of detail to the Orc's clothing.

 Flesh-colored head and hands make these Orcs distinct from the Moria Orcs in the Mines of Moria set.

 Supplied with tools for working in the forge.

What's Not Cool

 There are no battle weapons for the two Orcs so they are unable to do combat with heroes from other sets.

Do You Want More Orcs?
Want To Build A Big Uruk-Hai Army?

Get close up views of all the mini figures and other parts of the Orc Forge Lord of the Rings LEGO set in this video review below.

Saruman's army is being built in the Orc forges of Isengard with weapons of all shapes and sizes being created and the mighty Uruk-Hai warriors are unearthed with the first to emerge being Lurtz, leader of the Uruk-Hai band who kill Boromir and capture Pippin and Merry before heading into Rohan where another battle awaits them.

LEGO Orc Forge

The large majority of the 363 pieces that constitute this LEGO set go into constructing the Orc Forge itself.

The design of the forge is exceptionally detailed with a winch to lift the metal ore from the ground and then little pieces of ore to slide down the chute into the melting pot. The pot can then be moved onto the fire after which the Orcs can use the molten metal to forge blades, armor and helmets.

The winch and slide section can be separated from the pot and fire section and reconnected easily. This set also comes with a red light brick which goes under the fire and is lit by pressing a button at the back of the model. Another fun play feature is the compartment under the winch where Lurtz can be places before emerging from the earth.

This is a really good set with a nice variety of brick colors and an interesting one to build.

Lord Of The Rings LEGO - Orc Forge Poll

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The scene where we see Saruman witnessing the emergence of Lurtz, the first Uruk-Hai warrior, in the Orc forge of Isengard features in the first Lord of the Rings movie; The Fellowship of the Ring.

Saruman creates his own army using Mordor Orcs to help him grow Uruk-Hai which are a bigger, stronger and more aggressive form of Orc.

The scene on which the Orc Forge LEGO set is based can be watched on the left.

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