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The Attack of the Wargs LEGO set is based upon one of the final scenes in the movie "The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey" and includes 2 dwarf, 3 orc and 2 warg mini figures.

The introduction of the LEGO Hobbit Attack of the Wargs 70092 set, in late 2012, coincided with the release of the movie "The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey" a scene from which it is based upon. This exciting scene comes close to the end of the movie and with the dwarfs in peril, Bilbo Baggins's actions finally get him accepted as one of the group.

The LEGO mini figures here are very detailed, as are most of the movie-themed sets these days, and here you get the leader of the dwarf company - Thorin Oakenshield as well as the Wargs, which make their first appearance in this set.

On this page you can see the mini figures that come with this set and I will list what is good and bad about them. I will also show you the tree and rocks that are the main pieces of scenery in this Hobbit LEGO set.

LEGO The Hobbit - Attack Of The Wargs 79002

LEGO The Hobbit Attack of the Wargs

This Hobbit LEGO set has attracted a lot of attention for various reasons. This set is based on the scene close to the end of the first "Hobbit" movie when the Orcs, riding Wargs, catch up with the dwarfs and attack them. Thorin Oakenshield is singled out and is close to death when Bilbo intervenes - as Bilbo is central to the scene it is a bit strange that he is not included but instead Thorin, the leader of the dwarfs, is as well as two superb Wargs and some Orcs.

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This set does contain some inconsistencies from the movie - the revolving tree with a jewel in it and, most of all, Yazneg, a character who is killed before this scene happens as well as him being a badly crafted mini figure. It is possible that LEGO knew this was one of their weaker sets and that is why they included Thorin and the excellent Wargs that fans just have to get. The two Orcs are cool too and Bifur is another excellent dwarf mini figure.

The Hobbit LEGO - Attack of the Wargs Details

  • Pieces: 400
  • Age: 8-14
  • Lego No: 79002
  • Minifigs: Thorin Oakenshield, Bifur, Yazneg, 2 Hunter Orcs
  • Year: 2012
  • Theme: The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey


Thorin Oakenshield

What's Cool

  • Thorin's wild haired look is great with this special LEGO hair piece.
  • Double-sided face printing gives Thorin two expressions, including his battle face.
  • Very detailed body printing, on the back and front, is excellent and, of course, unique.
  • Thorin comes armed with Dwarvish axe and sword.

What's Not Cool

  • No leg printing for Thorin or, in fact, any of the dwarfs.

What's Cool

  • Bifur's hair piece is unique and extremely detailed. Not only does he have rugged hair and beard but the beard is grey and black plus this piece includes the metal that is imbedded in Bifur's forehead.
  • Double-sided head printing gives Bifur two expressions.
  • Bifur comes armed with a nice spear.
  • Nice color scheme is finished off with a light brown cape.

What's Not Cool

  • I am not a fan of the upper part of the body printing on the front, but seeing as it is hidden by Bifur's beard it does not really matter.

What's Cool

  • The printing on Yazneg's face makes him look a fearsome enemy.
  • Yazneg's body printing is unique to the character.
  • This character comes armed with a bone axe as he is in the movie.

 What's Not Cool

  • Once again we have a LEGO mini figure who is bald with an exposed stud. No head attachment also means Yazneg has no ears. Come on LEGO it is time to sort out these bald characters properly.
  • The spiky collar is horrible and only slightly resembles the clothing of the real character.
  • The flesh color on the body does not match the head.
  • The legs are the wrong color.
  • Yazneg does not even feature in this scene of the movie, he has already been killed by Azog who did appear in this scene.

This is almost certainly the worst mini figure in The Hobbit LEGO sets.


What's Cool

  • The design of the Wargs' head is really good with evil looking eyes and short snout. The shaggy mane is done very well too.
  • Movable mouth for biting enemies.
  • The Wargs can take a regular saddle for riders to sit in.
  • Two different colored Wargs - look out for other colors in later sets.

What's Not Cool

  • As the new horses in the Lord of the Rings sets have movable back legs it is a little surprising that the Wargs do not.
Hunter Orcs

What's Cool

  • The orcs have really scary faces with piercing eyes.
  • Superb hair piece with ears finishes off the cool look to their heads.
  • Intricate body printing on front and back gives them a worn-out, leather armored look.
  • Although these orcs are new for this set they are very similar to those contained in the orc forge Lord of the Rings set so that they can be part of a larger orc army with some variation within it.
  • One orc is armed with a bow while the other has a large scimitar.

What's Not Cool

  • Only two of these mini figures are included. Come on LEGO you could have given us at least one more!
Add to your Orc and Warg army - Bid for them on eBay

Once you have collected all the 13 dwarf mini figures that make up the group you will need a more formidable orc and warg army to fight against them. You can bid for these mini figures separately on eBay to build up your forces.

If you want to see this LEGO set in close up then watch the video review below. All the mini figures can be seen in detail and all the other facets of the set can be seen too.

The dwarfs are under attack from the warg-mounted orc skirmish party. The only way to keep away from these terrible enemies is to climb a huge tree, but the orcs set fire to it! Thorin Oakenshield and Bifur must fight the orcs and wargs with their battle axes and hope for the best.

The LEGO Tree

This is one of the larger LEGO trees to be included in a set and as far as parts are concerned for building woodland scenes, it is great. However, does a tree constitute a good LEGO set?

Well, collectors are going to love this set for the Wargs and Thorin Oakenshield, as well as the bricks to use for something else, but quite some thought has gone into this tree to make it a good play feature so that kids will enjoy it.

The tree has two points at which it revolves, which some people will not like (why does a tree spin?), but kids will love it to play with. They will also like the fact that some of the fire bricks can be shot off of the tree using push-firing pegs. Everyone will like the little mushrooms!

There are also some little pieces of treasure in the tree, which is irrelevant to the movie but, again, children will like this little play feature.


The Large Rock

For many Hobbit fans this large rock formation represents a desperate attempt by LEGO to add enough pieces to this set to justify a high price for the set which contains Thorin and the Wargs.

However, some people will like this little piece of scenery as it makes a good place to pose a Warg and his rider, ready to spring onto an unfortunate dwarf. It also forms a little play feature, for youngsters, who can use this sloped rock to launch a Warg attack at the dwarfs hiding in the tree.

So, once again, this feature will please the kids but probably not the older collectors who will really just want to get their hands on the mini figures.

The Small Rock

This part of the scenery is purely for fun as it acts as a little catapult system for firing rocks or mini figures into attack. This piece only barely resembles a rock on its own but it does join to the larger rock to make a more convincing piece of scenery.

As with the tree and the larger rock, this increases the playability of this set to make it great fun for the kids.

Summary of Attack of the Wargs LEGO Hobbit Set 79002

The strongest points of this set are the two dwarf mini figures, the two Orc soldiers and the fantastic Wargs. Thorin Oakenshield is the leader of the dwarf party so most fans are going to want to get hold of this excellent mini figure as well as Bifur to complete the party of thirteen.

The Orcs and Wargs are great too and can be used in this set and lots of other scenarios, including the battle of five armies which happens in a later installment of the story, as well as being part of a larger Orc army to combine with Lord of the Rings LEGO sets.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The younger fans of the LEGO and The Hobbit will like the many play features of this set - the revolving tree and the catapult making this a good choice for those who actually play with their LEGO sets.

The weaker points of this set are the fairly average scenery pieces and the low quality Yazneg mini figure that has obviously not had the thought and care put into it that the other excellent mini figures have.

LEGO Hobbit - Attack Of The Wargs Poll

LEGO Hobbit - Attack of the Wargs
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