Home Hospital Bed Safety

by AgingandDisability

If you’re using a home hospital bed, there are some safety considerations.

Hospital beds are not just found in hospitals. Home hospital beds are found in outpatient care centers, short-term care facilities, and even private individuals make use of them.

Many of today’s hospital bed models are quite complex so it’s important that patients and health care workers understand how to use them properly. Some training may be required on the part of the caregiver.

Home Hospital Beds
Home Hospital Beds

Home Hospital Beds

Hospital Bed Entrapment

hospital bed for home usePeople who have mobility issues or are totally dependent on caretakers for their mobility, run the risk of getting trapped in the bedrails. Since each person differs in their sleeping habits, no one bed will work for all.

When choosing a hospital bed for use at home, it’s important to consider medical needs, comfort, and freedom of movement. Take into consideration if the person using the bed suffers with any sort of mental confusion or lack of muscle control.

New hospital bed and rail design configurations make entrapment less likely; however, it’s important to be aware of the issue when you make your purchase. Don’t hesitate to involve the doctors or nurses in your decision.

To minimize risk of entrapment, assemble the bed according to manufacturer’s instructions, make sure rails, mattresses, and bed frames are compatible, and reassess the patient’s needs on a regular basis.


Taking Apart a Hospital Bed

Hospital Bed Accessories

Home Hospital Bed | Fire Prevention

It’s important to have an awareness of fire risks associated with electrically operated beds in order to protect against loss of life and property damage. Needless to say smoking in bed, as well as any sort of inflammable items (matches, candles) should not be used near an electric hospital bed.

Before purchasing the bed, make sure your home can support its electrical requirements. When you initially plug in the bed, inspect the power cord for any type of damage. Make sure any nightstands or tables do not accidently crimp the cord. The plug should fit snugly into the wall outlet, and not be plugged into a power strip or extension cord.

It’s preferable to have the cord in a no-traffic area to avoid damage or spills. The motor should be checked periodically for any dust or dirt. Regular checks of the motor and damage to wires combined with adhering to the manufacturer’s schedule of maintenance should be sufficient.

Hospital beds are considered medical devices. Although they are generally considered safe and accidents from fire or entrapment are rare, they need to be maintained like any other piece of equipment. With normal care and maintenance, it should last for years.

Updated: 10/08/2022, AgingandDisability
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AgingandDisability on 10/07/2022

@DerdriuMarriner Ideally it should plug into the wall, but make sure any extention cord can handle the electrical current.

frankbeswick on 10/07/2022

In the UK it is possible to borrow a hospital bed from the National Health Service. My wife's mother got one on loan and when she died we simply told the authorities, who removed it.

DerdriuMarriner on 10/07/2022

The leftmost image of the four sample hospital-bed styles above the subheading Hospital bed entrapment looks the subtlest even as the middle image looks the securest.

The subheading Home Hospital Bed | Fire Prevention mentions that "The plug should fit snugly into the wall outlet, and not be plugged into a power strip or extension cord."

I thought that extension cords and power strips give added protection to plugs and their currents. Would they instead encourage fire or shorts?

AgingandDisability on 08/20/2013

Yes, they come in handy when recuperating at home.

marciag on 08/20/2013

For keeping a patient at home comfortable, such a hospital bed is sure a great help.

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