Why Orthopedic Shoes Are the Best Choice for Your Feet

by AgingandDisability

If the pain you are feeling is coming to a point where it is almost unbearable then you might want to consider purchasing a pair of orthopedic shoes.

If you experience any type of foot or leg pain it can be difficult to walk around all day doing your regular routine. If you have a pre-existing medical condition then your health insurance should cover part of the cost of your orthopedic shoes.

Even so the expense of a new pair of shoes can be outweighed by the benefits. Once you have a shoe that fits your foot it will be so much more comfortable to walk. After you take your shoe off your foot will not be as sore and achy. Many people have noticed a decrease in their foot and knee pain within days of wearing a good pair of orthopedic shoes.

Orthopedic Shoes

Orthopedic Sneakers

Orthopedic Shoes - 4 Things You Must Know

What Foot Conditions Require Orthopedic Shoes?

There are a variety of foot conditions that can benefit from orthopedic shoes. Some common examples include bunions, hammertoes, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis. Orthopedic shoes can provide support and relief from pain associated with these and other foot conditions. If you have a foot condition that is causing you discomfort, consult with your doctor or a qualified orthopedic shoe specialist to see if orthopedic shoes may be right for you.

An orthopedic shoe is manufactured to fit your foot correctly and is made of high quality and materials that allow for breathing and evaporation. Many times shoe inserts or insoles can be placed inside the shoe for added comfort. The toe section of an orthopedic shoe is wider than a normal shoe allowing more room for your feet to move. This is ideal for anyone suffering from swollen toes, hammer toes and other foot issues. Diabetic patients often wear these types of shoes to prevent pressure from building up and causing sores or calluses.

Manufacturers have replaced the once looking big and bulky orthopedic shoe with more stylish options. Today you would have a hard time making out who was wearing an orthopedic shoe and who wasn’t. With so many people having on the Internet, shopping for shoes online is a viable option and allows you to shop for bargain prices.

Orthopedic Boots


A good quality shoe will allow you to walk with no discomfort or pain. These types of shoes have good support for your arches and heels. The breathable materials allow room for air to circulate around your foot, keeping toenail fungus from developing.

Arthritis sufferers also benefit from orthopedic shoes because the shoe will help lessen the impact of walking on their knees and hips. These joints are prone to be more susceptible to developing arthritis and osteoporosis as you age. Taking care of our joints in our younger years will prevent the likelihood of foot and knee problems from developing.

You have many options when shopping for a pair of orthopedic shoes, always ensure that you get your foot measured correctly and buy accordingly. A good pair of shoes can easily last you 6 months of more before they need replacing and the additional comfort is well worth the cost.

Updated: 12/03/2022, AgingandDisability
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AgingandDisability on 10/16/2022

Yes, a lot of people need them and they look better than they did in previous years.

frankbeswick on 10/09/2022

The pope has to use specially made orthopaedic shoes,and has been wearing these shoes for many years.

AgingandDisability on 10/07/2022

@DerdriuMarriner Usually foot pain will cause you to seek out an orthopedic shoe.

AgingandDisability on 10/07/2022

@frankbeswick Sorry to hear that, but orthopedic shoes may be of help. Thank you for commenting!

frankbeswick on 10/07/2022

This was a useful article. I do not need orthopaedic shoes at present,but as my walking is seriously impaired by Parkinsonism there may come a time when I need orthopaedic footware.

DerdriuMarriner on 10/07/2022

Your two sample orthopedic footwear are quite appealing in their apparent comfort and obvious aesthetics. It's understandable why they are applicable to those who like and those who must wear stress-free footwear.

How would one know that insert and insole add-ons are necessary? Would such additions be complimentary ;-D or pricey ;-{?

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