Cheap Ways To Improve The Outside Appearance of Your Home

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Cheap ways to improve your home's curb appeal. Cheap and simple do it yourself projects that will improve the outside appearance of your home.

Cheap Ways To Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

When people drive down your street does you home stand out as being the nicest one? Does it stand out as being dirty and outdated? If you answered yes to the latter, it may be time to improve your home's curb appeal. There are simple improvements that you can make to the outside of your home that cost little or no money. It doesn't cost money to sweep the porch, trim the shrubs or park the car in the garage, and it costs little money to change porch light fixtures, replace the house numbers and plant some colorful flowers. Here are more simple, cheap ways to improve the outside appearance of your home. 


Clean Up - Cleaning up is the least expensive way to improve your home's curb appeal. Pick up the trash, rake the leaves, sweep the porch, remove the car from the driveway and park it in the garage, prune the plants and shrubs and pull the weeds.

Windows - One cheap way to improve your home's curb appeal is to clean all the windows. Sure, you can hire a professional window cleaner but you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself with some window cleaner and a squeegee.  

Mailbox - Purchase a new mailbox, repaint your old one, or just plant some flowers around your current one. You can change the style of your mailbox with a magnetic mailbox covers from Amazon. They are cheap on Amazon, around $10, and come in all sorts of colors and styles.

Paint - Add a fresh coat of paint to the outside of your home, touch up some spots, or change the color of the trim. No need to hire a professional painter. The cost to touch up the paint yourself is around $15-$30 per can of paint. 

Doorbell - Another cheap way to inprove the outside appearance of your home is to replace your old doorbell with a shiny new one. They sell for as little as $20.

Plants - One of the least expensive ways to improve the outside appearance of your home is to plant flowers, which can be done for as little as $1.00 per plant. Plant evergreen shrubs to block eyesore views.

Edge the Lawn and Fertilize the Grass - Improve your home's curb appeal by edging the lawn with a manual lawn edger and fertilizing the grass for a thick, greener lawn. Both can be done for around $150 or less!

Light Fixtures - Improve and lighten up the outside appearance with new porch light fixtures. You can do this for as little as $20.

Artwork and Yard Fixtures - Add some flare to the outside appearance of your home with some artwork or yard fixtures, such as windchimes, bird baths or a water sculpture.

Driveway - Swept and water the driveway, remove the car and park it in the garage, kill the weeds with weed killer, and repair any cracks. You can also fix it up by staining the concrete.

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