Honey Badger don't care!

by colonelle

Crazy Fashion spread around internet. Check, what the heck is this Honey Badger!

This is Honey Badger

Most fearless animal on earth!

What on earth, is Honey Badger? You shouldn't ask that question, you should know the answer! And if you don't know, probably you miss one of the funniest and craziest internet fashion of recent months.This whole thing started from one, or to be specific two You tube movies.

First is here below to watch....

Honey Badger-The Most Fearless Animal on Earth

Honey Badger. Chapter II

How disgusting is that!

So, as you can see, nothing unusual in this video.  Just very educational video about South African Honey Badger (btw. did You now that Honey Badger is in The Guinness Record Book as most fearless animal on whole earth! How interesting is that!).

...but in January 2011 something hilarious appeared on You Tube! Check this video below and try to find 10 differences:)

Honey Badger don't care!

Honey Badger eats cobra!

Just kidding, don't try to find differences between these two movie, because you will find a lot more than ten!

And what do You think? Personally I find it very hilarious!

Connecting not very manly voice of narrator and whole nature character of this movie was quite a nice movement. It was enough to start crazy fashion spreading out around the globe.

From this movie we all can learn few crucial facts about this crazy little monster:

- First of all: Honey Badger don't Care! I know, it' s not proper grammar but I doesn't matter. Honey Badger don't care about grammar! It don't care about any rules!

-Second Thing: Honey Badger doesn't give a sh#%! Do you think he cares about African Killer Bees? No! He enter to hive takes larva, eat them, and gets out just like that!

-Third Point: Honey Badger is real Badass! Look out for Honey Badger! Birds, jackals, cobras, literally everyone are afraid of our hero! He is terrorizing whole area, you can beat him, just avoid him at all cost!

Three basic facts about fearless Honey Badger!

Here are few gadgets with Honey Badger on it! T-shirts, mugs, IPhone cases, stickers, hats, lots of stuff are to be found around Internet in hundreds of stores. Below just few designed by me, Madame Colonelle.


Final Chapter. Some REAL facts about Honey Badger

So we heard that Honey Badger is real badass, but maybe we should know some real facts about this little animal.

-Honey Badger is not related with "traditional" Badger. Honey badger is classified in Sub-family: Mellivorinaen

-The reason that Honey Badger is called Honey, is because he just loves honey. But besides that, honey badger eat larvae, snakes, fish, frogs, little mammals and carrion (!!!)

-Honey Badger is really fearless and vicious. In his natural environment he has no enemies, besides human of course ( and other honey badgers). There were reports of honey badger attacks on sheep, horses and buffaloes. Size doesn't matter!

-Honey Badger has very loose and tough skin which is resistant from bites of other animals. That's why can even be bitten by cobra!

and that's it. More facts about honey badger you can find here, following that link: http://www.badgers.org.uk/badgerpages/honey-badger.html

So that's it! and whatever you do, beware of Honey Badgers:)

Updated: 09/14/2011, colonelle
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Pinkchic18 on 10/21/2011

lol I like it. "look he even goes backwards"

TerriRexson on 10/18/2011

Funny. Love the designs. Honey Badger is everywhere!

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