Cute Halloween Gifts and Party Ideas

by colonelle

I just love designing Halloween products. It makes me so happy. Here is insight view to some of my favorite designs


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Everyone disguise themselves, trying to invent the best costume. Literally, everyone! Adults have their parties, drinking a lot, dancing a lot, and having fun a lot:) And Halloween is just an excuse to launch a party and invite some friends for another wicked entreating night.

Halloween Ice Cream Team is watching You!

And on the other hand , we have kids! And they adore Halloween! Dressing up, trick or treating, perfect time for children!

Personally I think, Halloween is one of the best American holidays and fashion, that came to Europe. For example, in Poland (where I come form) in Halloween , we have very sad holiday (All Souls Day), when everyone visits cemeteries and think about ones that passed out. So Halloween, with its dressing up, costumes and parties brings us some kind of relief and joy:)

Below You can find some Halloween Ideas of mine. Some illustrated characters I decided to put for sale in my Zazzle Stores.


My Zazzle Stores

Great cute and funny designs on dozens of products!

Madame Colonelle Design: Monster Team
My illustrations to buy on T-shirts, posters, post cards, mugs, shoes and many more!

Party Monster Store
Party ideas, and Party help with lots of invitations, cards and gifts!

Halloween History

I noticed above that Halloween is American holiday and American tradition. That's not exactly true. Halloween is very old Celtic tradition, and has its origin in old Gaelic Festival called Samhain (pronounced "sah-win"). The Festival of Samhain , in old Gaelic tradition, is celebration of harvest season ending. During the time of Samhain, people prepare themselves for a winter season, gathering supplies and organizing stock. Ancient Celts believed that date of October 31 is special and magical. Beliefs are that this day the boundaries between the worlds of living and dead overlapped and the deceased would come back to life and cause havoc such as sickness or damaged crops. Costume making and dressing up as ghosts, daemons and undead is an attempt to mimic evil spirits and please them.

Little Miss DeathAnd the famous 'trick or treat' custom has its roots in belief that evil spirits will do 'tricks' to people causing panic and chaos. To please spirits, Druids gather food from all folks, going from house to house.

And "Halloween" word is believed that it was taken from catholic tradition. All Hollows Day is a different name for All Saints Day or All Souls Day from Catholic Church holiday calendar.

Remember all this, next time you will be partying at Halloween Night:)

Halloween Parties!

Below you will find my few propositions of invitations for Halloween Parties

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is near and I hope everyone will spend this holiday well. And I also hope that these cute designs I presented will make your Halloween Party perfect! And we have there many more. Post cards, post stamps, mouse pads, mugs and many more. We  wish you Happy Halloween and lots of treat and we are hoping that your Halloween costume will stun everyone around. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Pumpkin Ice Cream


Updated: 09/12/2011, colonelle
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