Hotel Safety

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Things you should know and questions you should ask before booking your hotel stay.

Hotel Safety Tips

Is your hotel room safe?

Is your hotel room safe? Are you and your valuables protected? Is there hotel security? Is the hotel in a safe neighborhood? Does the room have smoke detectors and sprinkler alarms? Are hotel employees required to carry identification? These are all questions that you should know the answers to BEFORE you book your hotel stay. Here are tips for choosing a safe hotel, advice on hotel room safety, and a list of things you should ask before you book your hotel stay.  .

Choosing A Safe Hotel

10 things you should look for when choosing a hotel
  • Choose a hotel that has a high safety rating.
  • Choose a hotel that is located in a safe neighborhood.
  • Choose a hotel that has rooms equipped with a dead bolt.
  • Choose a hotel room this has a peephole in the door.
  • Choose a hotel that has rooms with an electronic key lock.
  • Choose a hotel that has rooms equipped with a telephone, one that has the ability to dial outside of the hotel is even better.
  • Choose a hotel that has well lit hallways and garages.
  • Choose a hotel that has 24-hour security.
  • Choose a hotel where you can book a room near the ground floor. It will be quicker to exit in case of an emergency or fire.
  • Choose a hotel room that is near the elevator rather than one on the end in the corner. If you do stay in hotel room on the corner, be aware of your surrondings when walking to and from you room.

Hotel Safety Questions You Should Ask BEFORE Booking Your Hotel Stay

  1. Is there 24-hour hotel security?
  2. Do all the hotel rooms have working fire sprinklers and smoke detectors?
  3. Are there in-room safes in hotel room?
  4. Does the hotel perform prehire criminal background checks on their employees?
  5. Is proof of identification required for all hotel guests?
  6. How many crime incidents are there each year at the hotel?

A 15 Second Must See Video

The hotel room door safety latch does not protect you from an invasion!

Hotel Safety Tips

  • Keep the hotel room door locked at all times.
  • Hang the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the outside of your hotel room door knob and leave it there throughout your stay. This will also let the hotel maid know that you don't want them entering your hotel room. 
  • Do not open your hotel room door to strangers. Use the peephole to see who is outside the door.
  • Unless you are expecting a hotel employee, do not trust someone claiming to be a hotel employee. Look through the peep hole and ask them to flash their hotel employee ID or call the front desk to confirm that they sent an employee to your room. 
  • Leave the TV or radio on when you are not in the hotel room.
  • Hang a portable alarm system on the inside of the hotel room doorknob. You can purchase an inexpensive on on Amazon. 
  • Don't leave cash, travelers checks, expensive electronics or and jewelry lying around your hotel room. Leave your valuables at home.
  • When you leave the hotel room, check the door to make sure it's securely locked.
  • Keep in mind that hotel rooms on the upper floors are safer from crime but worse for fire rescue.
  • If your hotel room is on the ground floor, make sure all windows and sliding doors are securely lock.
  • Keep a light on in your hotel room if you plan to return after dark.
  • Upon entering your hotel room, check all the possible hiding places and check all the locks to make sure your room is secured. 
  • If your travel alone, ask the hotel security to escort you to an from the hotel parking garage, and use valet parking if possible.

Hotel Room Safety Alarms From Amazon

These products also great for home use.
GE 50246 Smart Home Door Stop Alarm

GE DOOR STOP ALARM. Pressure on door stop activates alarm. 120 decibel alarm when activated. Requires 1 9V battery (not included). Low battery indicator light. Mfg # 50246

Only $14.99
GE 45117 Deluxe Wireless Door Alarm

Motion alarm with keypad allows activation/de-activation by entering personal code. Magnetic sensor detects the opening of doors and windows. Piercing 120dB alarm. Has ...

Only $44.88
98 Decibal Door Guard Knob Alarm

This door knob alarm is a dual purpose 98db alarm which can also be used as a flashlight. It acts as a both a burglar alarm and a personal flashlight. Hang it on any metal ...

As Seen On TV Guys
Only $17.95

Hotel Room Safety Alarms

There are several door safety alarms on the market. These door alarms are great for home use but they are also perfect for travel because they are small, which is convenient for packing in a suitcase, inexpensive, and no set up other than batteries.  

There are 2 kinds of door safety alarms that I think work well.

  • The Door Stop Alarm is powered by a 9-volt battery. You just turn the power switch on and place it at the foot of the door. If someone enter, you, and the intruder, will be alert by the 120-desible ararm. The sound is usually enough to send an intruder running. The security product is small enough to fit in a suitcase, briefcase or purse. Its great for hotel stays, home use and dorm rooms.
  • The Hanging Door Guard Alarm is powered by a 2 AAA batteries. This security alarm is hung on the inside of the door knob or dead bolt. The alarm will sound if the door is moved. 

These alarms are ideal for:

  • Hotel safety for travelers
  • Hotel safety for Women who travel alone
  • People who travel with children (use these to alert you if a child leaves the hotel room)
  • Students to use in their dorm rooms
  • Home security

Hotel Room Safety and Security

So you think you are safe in your hotel room? Think again.
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