How Chopsticks Aid in Weight Loss and Well Being

by katiem2

Chopsticks are fun to eat with adding a celebratory feel to any meal. plus chopsticks slow you down helping you to eat much less than normally, be conscious of what you eat now.

Obesity is on the rise due to poor eating habits, not only what we eat but how we eat it. We are getting fatter because we eat fast mindlessly shoving it in. I adore chopsticks; I first fell in love with chopsticks while shopping in a fine tea shop specializing in organic teas. Once I learned how to use chop sticks I thought if everyone ate with chopsticks obesity would be less of a threat. Chopsticks are a work of art, using them for every meal, slows down the eating process making it a more thoughtful process. Do you feel you could benefit from eating with chop sticks?

Chopsticks Make you Eat Less

Chopsticks make food taste better and cause you to get filled up with less feeling fuller longer.

Eating with chopsticks is an art that takes both practice and skill.

While some pick it up rather quickly and others struggle it always ends with a better eating experience.

Chopsticks control the amount of food you put into your mouth and the rate at which you do it.

Eating with chopsticks is such an artful act you think differently about your food. You look at it more intently feeding both the eyes and the mind sending signals of satisfaction to the brain.

The otherwise mindless eating we commit with forks rakes it in at amazingly fast and in a thoughtless manner. It’s a no brainer when you give it a little thought.

Do You Eat With Chopsticks

Eating Mindful with Chopsticks

Slowing down the eating process with chopsticks feeds the mind and the body more effectively.

Chopsticks make any meal more of a celebration which makes you more mindful about what you’re eating also controlling how fast you eat. Slowing down the eating process makes you reach the twenty minutes it takes for the brain to send the “I’m Done” message to the body, hands and mouth. This helps so much. When eating with chopsticks we think about ourselves as we are mindfully setting down to a meal artfully using chopsticks to present the food to our bodies. It’s a powerful way to call your eating habits into check and take stock of what you’re really eating and how quickly you’re eating it. All a contributing factor as to how and why we over eat. 

Updated: 05/21/2013, katiem2
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Eating With Chopsticks

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katiem2 on 03/18/2017

DerdriuMarriner, I eat with chopsticks everyday regardless of what I eat, I love eating with chopsticks and so this article is near and dear to my heart.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/10/2017

katiem2, Very nice etiquette and health lesson in the benefits of silent, slow, smack-free, small-sized eating with chopsticks! I remember hearing that the stomach fills up quicker than many people eat so, like with some things in the fast lane, it's important to cherish slower-downers like chopsticks.

Debashis on 11/19/2013

This is awesome, I love chop sticks. I have a nice collection of fine <a href="">chopsticks</a>. I eat with them at least once a day regardless of the cuisine. I got into them when learning about the Japanese culture through study, been a big fan of chop sticks since.

katiem2 on 09/08/2013

cmoneyspinner, I do as well, dining with something of beauty makes one feel more worthy of beauty themselves and therefore treats their bodies with greater respect eating likewise.

cmoneyspinner on 08/27/2013

I like chopsticks cause they're pretty. :)

katiem2 on 06/16/2013

Tara_W, Great having you here and thanks for joining in the conversation.

Tara_W on 06/14/2013

I love eating sushi with chopsticks but never thought to eat the rest of my meals with them too. I can definitely see how they will lead to more mindful eating.

katiem2 on 06/13/2013

fitzcharming, We often fly through a meal and before we know it the plate is empty and there we are to wonder did I just eat all that.... hmmm

fitzcharming on 06/13/2013

I've often thought this was the case. I need to give it some serious consideration ;-)

katiem2 on 06/12/2013

Kenyon, Great comment I agree

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