How Many Calories are in Avocados?

by katiem2

Avocados are high in fat, how many calories are in avocados and will they make you fat if you eat them. How much avocado can you eat without gaining weight? Learn the truth now.

Avocados are a rich source of vitamin K which helps the blood clot. Avocados are packed with the good fats we have heard so much about. But do avocados make you fat? Learn the truth about the fat and calories.There are approximately 235 calories in one cup of plain raw avocado. The amount of calories coming from fat is 34% with 18% being saturated fat. There is no cholesterol in avocados. Avocados are low in sodium and rich in potassium. One cup of raw avocado contains 29% fiber and 6% protein. This amazing food is packed with super nutrients compared to the calories. Read on to learn more avocado facts.

Are Avocados Fattening?

Did you resolve to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables this year?

Lately you see avocados piled in your grocers produce department.

Everyone is talking about how healthy avocados are and yet you still hesitate worried about the fat and calories.

Are Avocados Good for You?

Is all ll the buzz about avocados true?

The buzz is all about smart people including avocados in their healthy diet and fitness plan. Why because avocados are an amazing super food. The one thing that creates pause anytime a weight conscious person considers adding avocados to their diet is the fat and calories.

The avocado contains more fat than most fruits and vegetables which commonly contain none at all. The key here is the fat in avocados is the heart-healthy monounsaturated kind of proven to be good for us. In addition to the heart and brain healthy fat avocados also contains vitamins A a E, and B vitamins, potassium and protein. All great for energy, building muscle mass and burning fat.

Are Avocados Bad For You?

It’s recently been reported that avocados fight oral cancer cells.

The fear of gaining weight has many afraid to add avocados to their diet despite hearing all the health benefits. It's such a rich, creamy food that feels and tastes like it's loaded with rich calories and fat.

You no doubt have been surprised at how many calories an avocado actually contains! This is good news and to confirm the avocado only has 235 calories per one cup serving of fresh, raw avocado. Go ahead enjoy this super food on sandwiches, salads and simply plain. 

Updated: 05/21/2013, katiem2
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How Many Calories Are in Avocados Chat

katiem2 on 10/06/2014

VioletteRose, guacamole has lots of healthy additions, tomatoes, garlic etc. It makes avocados even better.

VioletteRose on 10/02/2014

I do not prefer the taste of plain avocados, but I love guacamole!

katiem2 on 03/02/2013

UG, Keep on eating avocados, they are very good fats.

ummblrgurl on 03/02/2013

I love avocados, eat Chipotles quak all the time.

katiem2 on 02/02/2013

Tami, You are like most people who shy away from avocados we all get so caught up in the numbers, calories and often over look the quality of nutrients. :)K

Tami on 02/02/2013

I thought avocados made you fat. It's good to know how to eat them and get the benefits of the good fats.

katiem2 on 01/31/2013

Wournos, Thanks for adding your helpful avocado facts and tips.

Wournos on 01/31/2013

2uesday, the darker they are the riper. Go for a semi dark one that isn't too soft when you squeeze lightly.

I eat at least 1 avocado a week. I chop it up into pieces, along with 1/4 or 1/2 of a medium sized tomato, add it to 2 corn tortilla bread, add thin slices of red onion and some feta cheese. Wrap and eat.
I don't remember the exact calorie count of a tortilla wrap but it is definitely not a lot. I've been on a portion control/more veg/calorie inspection/mild exercise regime since August and have lost weight despite the avocados. :)

All hail Avocado!

katiem2 on 01/29/2013

cazort, That's a very important fact and truth. I must say I agree. I never count calories. I do watch sugar keeping my intake at 15 grams a day which is very low as compared to the average diet. I love all things whole fat and natural. I eat a lot of natural fats and feel others should as well. I weigh the perfect weight and never worry about it as it's simply not a problem. I'm glad you made the calorie counting point. I wrote this under the title as it's an amazing keyword phrase, lots of people are concerned about calories. I get them to this good news by addressing their burning question. You've hit the nail on the head, very perceptive. :)

cazort on 01/29/2013

I say, eat as much avocado as you want! Foods like avocado can fill you up in a more deeply satisfying way, while adding lots of micronutrients. I think calorie-counting is not the healthiest approach to weight or nutrition. Most people don't really control their calories fully anyway so the calorie-counting is just an illusion--if your body isn't getting enough of something you'll just crave foods and snack on something anyway. There are so many harmful fats and sources of empty calories (especially refined carbs) in our food supply, I can't imagine healthy fats from sources like avocado having any negative impact on people.

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