Hungry Girl to the Max - The Ultimate Guilt-Free Cookbook

by katiem2

Learn how to eat really delicious feel good food without the guilt as it is as healthy as it gets all the while mouth watering good food by Lisa Lillien aka Hungry Girl

The creator of this hot way of thinking and eating is Lisa Lillien, aka Hungry Girl. She is the author of 6 New York Times bestselling books. She also launched the Hungry Girl brand as her choice to eat, live and enjoy became a huge movement with an amazing following.

If you're just now hearing about Hungry Girl you are in for a treat. The Hungry Girl cookbook collection is the go to books for big events, parties or a simple get together. You will be sure to wow the crowd with your dish using Lisa's cookbooks. They will become the fast favorites all your family and friends request of you anytime there's a gathering. Keep your cook book on hand.

Hungry Girl to the Max

Hungry girl to the max is the latest release to the Hungry Girl collection.

This is sure to please the seasoned hungry girl cookbook lover and the newbies as well. It's packed with 650 recipes. Who can come up with so many great recipes? Not me, but Lisa does and a good reason why she's the go to cook book for the fun loving crowd who loves to eat and live large. You can eat both healthier and tastier with the hungry girl method. 

Removing gluten from your diet can eliminate many painful misdiagnosed symptoms plus aid in weight loss . Eating and cooking gluten free is easy with the good cook books we offer.

A Taste Good Feel Good Cookbook

The Hungry Girl knows how to cook food that taste good and all the while making it healthy without sacrificing taste.

Healthy cooking often means you have to sacrifice taste. This is the main reason so many simply don't want to cook healthier or eat right. They fear taste will be sacrificed creating food that just doesn't taste good or anything like the food they've grown to love. Hungry girl decided to eat tasty and good all the while documenting what worked and what did not. She took what she could substituting great ingredients that did not sacrifice taste, texture and flavor. She has taken a long time with trial and error to get her recipes right. If you enjoy eating otherwise unhealthy foods and do not want to give it up yet would like to be healthier, this is the cookbook for you. 

Updated: 10/19/2012, katiem2
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Hungry Girl to the Max - The Ultimate Guilt-Free Cookbook Chat

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katiem2 on 11/02/2018

Hungry girl loves to eat and has made it her mission to convert all the fattening foods we love into something with much fewer calories. Gluten free is covered in her books, but it is a overall all foods involved type of book. I watch her on Dr, Oz often.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/26/2017

katiem2, What is your favorite recipe from the ultimate guilt-free cookbook? Is it just what to eat or does she also cover guilt-free drinks?

katiem2 on 10/30/2012

Thanks for reading Pinkchic :)

Pinkchic18 on 10/30/2012

Oh this sounds like it's meant for me! I will have to see if they have this as an ebook for ipad!

katiem2 on 10/21/2012

Dustytoes, She's amazing, Dr. Oz and other popular shows have the hungry girl on regularly to share recipes and how to take an other wise fattening dish into something healthier yet still delicious. It's amazing how she transforms food into healthy delicious dishes with less fat and calories. She really loves to eat but doesn't want to be fat, sounds like all of us don't you think?

dustytoes on 10/20/2012

Sounds like a wonderful cookbook, and I have not heard of Hungry Girl.

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