How Coil Winding Machines Ramp up Production

by edstorm

Modern coil winding machines are simple yet innovative solutions that wind diverse materials onto a reel, spool or bobbin.

Coil winding machines can be operated manually, mechanically or efficiently driven by a computer to deliver lengths that are precisely wound for later use in manufacture. These state-of-the-art industrial machines have the capacity to wind, rewind, latch and/or store a wide variety of linear materials notwithstanding their inherent dimensions.

Industrial machines to wind rewind and store diverse materials

UPVC plastic piping developed for applications in irrigation and agriculture, copper wiring used in the production of transformers and solenoids in electric motors and generators, thermoplastics used in the manufacture of plastic profiles in the automotive sector and yarn which is later woven to create textiles are typical of the materials processed by coil winding machines.

These state-of-the-art industrial machines have the capacity to wind, rewind, latch and/or store a wide variety of linear materials notwithstanding their inherent dimensions, allowing for application across various sectors of industry.

Depending on the winding requirements, engineers design and develop advanced industrial machines perfected for the task at hand. Some are innovated as standalone solutions while others are integrated into the production line to deliver fast, cost effective and efficient results.

  Coiled Wire  


Purpose-designed for the task at hand

Designs of modern lightweight and fully automatic coil winding machines are abundant and can include one or more reels which are arranged either vertically or horizontally. The entire winding process is typically achieved automatically with the only human input that of programming the computer to drive the process.

These intelligent, reliable and rapid industrial machines are often marketed with an array of special features integrated into the body architecture:

  • Automatic splicing ensures the exact amount of material is consistently wound onto the reels registering zero wastage
  • Break detection sensors recognise a fault or break in the material and immediately stop the process resulting in time and cost savings
  • Automated slicing is achieved by blades which cut off the material at the precise linear lengths, leading to rapid production
  • Automatic roll change sensors determine when the maximum roll diameter has been achieved providing a fast, efficient and uninterrupted production run   

Benefits of industrial coil winding machines

Versatile fast and super efficient, modern coil winding machines have an array of benefits, chief of which are:

  • Fast and precise production rates
  • Low labour costs
  • Faster time to market
  • Facilitate easy storage, handling and transportation of long lengths of materials

Modern coiling machines, along with sophisticated CNC (computer numerical controlled) and plastic injection tools allow forward thinking machining companies to provide you with turnkey manufacturing solutions, getting the job done right first time, every time.

Updated: 08/30/2012, edstorm
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