How to build the perfect garage workbench

by teddletonmr

Lighted workbench in the garage makes the perfect spot for craft projects, building birdhouses and such, small repairs, or even a reloading bench

I believe most of us will agree. There are several if not all, craft or small repair projects around the house. We should not do on the dining table, kitchen countertops or coffee table for that matter. The thing we really need here that will make our life easier while doing these types of projects. Building ourselves the perfect size, sturdy well-built lighted workbench, we can use to do our work, and keep all the mess and smells out of the house, right.
There are only two workable options here, we can buy a set of workbench plans & blueprints and build one from scratch, or buy and assemble a high quality workbench kit and forgo all that measuring, sawing, searching for the proper hardware and building materials type aggravation.
Continue reading, and discover the better of these two options that fits your needs. I promise you will discover how to build the perfect garage workbench that meets and exceeds your wildest dreams.

The perfect workbench for all skill levels

From the most basic garage workbench, too the more advanced woodworker’s bench design really matters

Just getting started selecting your first workbench, has you scratching your head wondering how and where to get started. That is ok let me assure you, you my friend are certainly not alone, even the intermediate, and yes even those with decades of work experience search for the perfect workbench design. The trick here, simply ask yourself what your needs will be for the foreseeable future and go with that.

Easy to assemble garage workbench kit

For the handyman, craftsman, and hobbyist amongst us looking for a good workbench I have found just what the doctor ordered. Suitable for use in a garage workshop, basement hobby or crafts area. This bench has a powder coated steel frame, a one and a half inch Beechwood tabletop, and two large drawers supported by full sliding ball bearings drawer roller slides. This ready to assemble workbench will be the bench you will enjoy spending many hours working on your favorite projects.

Further helping to keep things organized, this workbench kit also has a roomy pegboard backslash complete with pegboard hooks, florescent work light, and receptacle power strip.




Lighted workbench kit

This bench is a rock solid workbench with a solid wood top great for leather crafts, a reloading bench, and much more…

Good size workbench dimensions

Assemble several workbench kits end to end to increase storage and work space

The work surface measures a generous 51-inch wide, by 28-inch deep. The top of the work surface is about 37.5 inch off the floor, and the top of pegboard, about 66-inches off the floor. Buy two or three workbench kits, put them end to end, maximize storage, and work space.

Hardwood top workbench makes a great gift

Christmas, mother’s day, father’s day and birthdays are great reasons to reward that special someone.

Hardwood top garage workbench I believe it safe to say, we all have that special someone that is hard to shop for. Regardless the occasion, be it a birthday that for some reason as we get older we just as soon forget. Christmas, a birthday, or just because we care and want to give a gift to mom, dad, brother, sister or some other special someone, just to show them we care.

Building models and modifying an RC car, building birdhouses and small woodworking projects, robotics, scrap-booking and well anything, that demands a good non-conductive hardwood work surface.

You can buy them this high-quality workbench kit with confidence.

Everything you will need is included

Easy to follow assembly instructions, hardware, work light, power strip, and tools to put it all together

Just a word of caution, please read and follow the assembly instructions to avoid confusing assembly. Using the tools provided, you should plan on a couple of hours to un-box, sort parts and assemble this workbench. Take your time. Enjoy the assembly and your new workbench projects… teddletonmr

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Updated: 10/01/2013, teddletonmr
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teddletonmr on 10/02/2013

@ologsinquito I understand, many folks that enjoy tinkering, find they have their tools and materials scattered all across their garage. Making it quite the challenge to find anything they need, when they need it a chore, yours truly included.
Over the years I have learned, keeping like items organized on the bench makes things easier to find, saves me valuable time, and money, otherwise spent running out to buy something I can’t find, makes my life much simpler, there by less stressful.


ologsinquito on 10/02/2013

The one you have pictured looks nice and compact. My Dad has his work space spread out all over the garage. He probably could consolidate with one of these.

teddletonmr on 10/01/2013

@MikeRobbers thanks for stopping by having a good workbench makes the work much more enjoyable...

MikeRobbers on 10/01/2013

Nice idea, quite useful I must say. There are indeed a great number of small craft work that can be done. Thanks!

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