Pressure washer-buying tips for homeowners

by teddletonmr

Before buying a new pressure washer, homeowners should consider these important features rather than simply focusing on low prices.

For many first time pressure washer buyers like you and me, the most important thing on our minds is being sure not to pay too much for an overpriced power washer. Who can blame us? After all, as homeowners that take pride in how our home, driveway, landscape, and gardens look,
We absolutely understand the value of the dollar. Furthermore, in today’s struggling economy, refuse to waste one penny, on silliness. In other words, some cheap underpowered gas or electric pressure washer, that over promises, and under delivers is not what we are looking to buy.
In this article, you will learn things about what you should spend money on, why and how to get the best deal shopping online at amazon. Come on, make buying the best pressure washer for your particular wants, and needs a fun and rewarding experience.

Advantages of electric pressure washers

Cheap, relatively small size, lightweight, no fuel smells, and easily stores on a shelf makes electric power washers attractive to many first time buyers.

The first thing most homeowners like you and me find important, when shopping for a good power washer that will fill our cleaning needs. The lowest possible price, after all we cannot afford to pay too much for anything, let alone an electric pressure washer. Next on our list of must have features, small compact size, storage space is always a problem when we are not using all our cleaning and gardening tools. Lord knows with the lawn mower stinking up the place. Bicycles, and all our other worldly possessions cluttering up the garage, closet, or shed, storage space is something we do not have in abundance.

Using an electric pressure washer will save water

Disadvantages of electric pressure washers

Underpowered, light-duty electric pressure washers frustrate homeowners with large homes and gardens to keep clean

After purchasing, using, and throwing away three inexpensive electric pressure washers, I have concluded, although cheap to buy, easy to start-up, use and store away on a shelf in my garage. The small compact electric pressure washer isn't the proper tool for routine power washing tasks; say my concrete patio, driveway, wood fence, or cleaning grass clippings from under the lawn mower deck for that matter. With each purchase, I thought just maybe, buying the next largest size would solve my power washing woes.

 First, I purchased a small 800-psi, then a slightly larger 1000-psi and the last straw a 1500-psi electric pressure washer, all was woefully underpowered for the cleaning job at hand.

I had no one to blame other than myself, I knew better.

The trap many homeowners and first time buyers of pressure washers fall into. More often than not, we confuse psi or pounds per square inch, for overall cleaning power, which is not all there is to making electric pressure washers, an affective cleaning tool for all those routine around the house cleaning jobs. True the high-pressure stream of water blasts dirt, grease, and grime loose. However, without adequate water volume gpm (gallon per-minute), capable of carrying away the loosened dirt and grime these types of pressure washers are a huge waste of time, as we all know time is money and wasted energy is a bad thing.


Must have pressure washer features

When only an electric power washer will work for you, look for a good balance of psi and gpm

Look for an adjustable nozzle, these features make it easy to adjust from a wide-angle low power spray great for cleaning spider webs and the like from windows, screens and storm doors. In addition, the ability to adjust to a narrow spray, with a bit more cleaning power, makes cleaning dust and light dirt from a small wood deck, concrete patio and front porch doable.

For stubborn dirt, and cleaning jobs like, power washing the driveway, BBQ grill, grass clippings from the weed eater shield and lawn mower deck. Buy an electric pressure washer that provides a minimum 1900-psi and 1.5-gpm with a rotary nozzle. This feature will get all the cleaning power out of a small electric power washer possible.

AR blue clean electric pressure washer

AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM is a good choice for homeowners with a small budget

The AR electric power washer is as good as these little power washers get. Complete with both, an adjustable nozzle that makes it easy to adjust the width of the spray pattern, subsequently cleaning a wider area per pass, this feature helps to maximize cleaning without fear of damaging vinyl and wicker patio furniture, or storm windows and door screens. For the tougher outdoor cleaning jobs, power washing a small concrete or blacktop driveway, small wood deck, patio, and BBQ grill. The rotary nozzle helps to concentrate all the 1900-psi, and 1.5 gpm cleaning power this electric pressure washer has to offer, the neat freak in us all in the $150 - $175 price range.

Easy to use electric pressure washer

All the cleaning power a homeowner needs for all those small cleaning jobs
Only $200.42
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ologsinquito on 09/25/2013

I think every home needs a pressure washer, or maybe a few neighbors could chip in and buy one for everyone to use.

teddletonmr on 06/10/2013

Thamisgith you may save a bit of money at a local shop that rents / hires pressure washer for the day.
Best of luck. Mike ,

Thamisgith on 06/10/2013

Thanks for the tips. I'm in the market for one of these as my front drive is getting really shabby. Now I know what to look for.

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