Power Wash Money Making Tips for Teens This Summer

by teddletonmr

Cutting grass not your thing, make money power-washing walks, driveways, porches, patios, decks and much more…

Many homeowners today have already, or have been thinking about buying their own power washer. Why would they do that? Duh, to clean-up around their home of course. For those that have ran out to the local big box store or home center, and purchased one of those cheap underpowered electric pieces of crap. These folks have discovered one very important thing that will help you make money power washing.

Which is, if they had only bought a real pressure washer in the first place? They could really get their stuff clean, quick, fast and in a hurry. Saving them both time and money in the end, which I believe you understand, is a good thing. You see my young friend. This is where you seize the opportunity. As the successful young entrepreneur power washing for profit, you kindly inform the soon to be customer. You do use the best professional grade gas pressure washer, and for a small fee would be more than happy to clean their deck, patio, driveway and anything else needing power washing around their home or business spring, summer and fall.

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Think Safety first

Protective gear you will need to get started power washing for profit

Safety Precautions Really do Matter

  • Think safety, not only mom and dad, but the customers will feel much better about your power washing business when they understand and more importantly believe you are safety minded.
  • Eye protection, tinted or clear safety glasses will help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, flying bits of dirt and debris like small bits of stone, sand, and other types of nastiness such as bird droppings etc.
  • Always, wear protective footwear do not wear flip-flops, or any kind of open toe shoes. Be smart, protect your feet, and wear sturdy leather or rubber work boots please. Your back and feet will thank you after a long day of power washing.
  • Wearing a good heavy-duty PVC rain suit, complete with long sleeve jacket, and bibs are smart choices when it comes to what type of protective clothing to wear. Especially when the temperature is a bit on the cool side, let’s say less than seventy or so degrees-F. Getting soaked to the bone while power washing a deck, patio, or driveway I promise without wearing the proper clothing you will get darned cold.
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Power washing equipment that will make you money

The Simpson 3200 psi PowerShot will get the job done making you lots of money,
  1. Simpson PowerShot 3200 PSI power washterProfessional grade gas-powered pressure washer powered by an OHV Honda, Briggs & Stratton Vanguard, or Kohler 4-cycle gas engine. 30 to 50 feet of steel braided high-pressure hose, trigger gun with interchangeable nozzles, ranging from 0 degrees the narrow stream, 15, 20, 40-degree nozzles soap attachment (for using soaps and degreaser).  
  2. 2500 - 3000 PSI (pounds per square inch) of water pressure, this is the power to break loose the dirt and grime off solid surfaces like concrete and brick pavers. 2.5 to 3 GPM (gallons per minute) this means water volume. As the 3000 PSI breaks the dirt and grime loose, 3 GPM is there to wash the dirty stuff away.
  3. 50 to 100 feet of 5/8 inch ID kink resistant garden hose for hook-up to on sight water source.
  4. 5-gallon spill-proof gas can, large 4-cycle engines under full load will use as much as .6 GPH (gallons per hour) of gas. It is far better to have plenty of gas, than run out before your job is finished.
  5. A set of bright orange traffic cones will come in handy when power-washing driveways, restaurants drive-through lanes and parking lots.



Start your power washing business

This Simpson PowerShot pressure washer and accessories will make you money!
Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot 3200 PSI 2...
Only $695.0
Briggs & Stratton 85043 5 Gallon Spil...
Only $76.29
Ames True Temper 50' x 5/8-Inch Kink-...
Only $24.99
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Promote your power washing business

  1. Start small, word of mouth is a great inexpensive means of promoting a small startup business. Often overlooked, or undervalued ask your friends, family, classmates and neighbors to help get the word out you are open for business.
  2. Be mindful of your competitors pricing, which is not to say let the competition dictate setting your prices where you cannot make a profit. Chances are they will not make money at ridiculously low prices either. Oh, by the way honor their coupons; let their advertising dollar work for you.
  3. Give your customers bonuses for referrals and discounts on repeat business.
  4. As you, follow these simple steps to promote your business. Remember, never ever ever, over promise and under deliver. That my young friend will kill a business quick, fast and in a big hurry. Rather give your customers a bit more than they expect / pay for, smile and say thank you for your business.
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Establishing power washing prices

Find your power-washing niche, pay attention to the little details, and prosper

Before you spend the first dollar, set down with a mentor and discuss what your projected cost of doing business. Will you need permits, or business license, insurance or borrow startup capital from someone? You know you will need fuel, and transportation. Factor everything in, determine how much you will need to cover your operating expenses and how much profit you need to make it all worth the effort. Then set your pricing accordingly.


You know the value of the dollar, and hard work. Pressure washing for profit may not make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. However, you will have more money in your pocket than you started with. Enjoy the weekends,, or better yet save your money furthering your education.

Always remember, there is a great big world out there that needs a good power washing.

Here’s to your power washing success cleaning one driveway, walk, or patio at a time. Mike


Updated: 01/16/2014, teddletonmr
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teddletonmr on 01/29/2012

Your welcome Katie, the time for spring cleaning is just around the corner. With all the winter road grime covering our driveways, walks, and porches. Power washing just makes your whole place look clean and well cared for.
Thanks for stopping by Katie.

katiem2 on 01/29/2012

Great idea, I can think of a multitude of things I could have power washed. Thanks, Katie

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