How to Buy Store and Freeze Cheese

by katiem2

Learn the best way to buy store and freeze cheese and learn how to have great cheese on hand anytime for great dishes and recipes.

Cheese is an excellent ingredient lending a rich experience to many a delicious dish. A good knowledge of buying and storing quality cheese is an important practice to provide the best of cheese, the amazing ingredient! Who doesn't love cheese? Most every member of every family loves cheese, in fact its the one food all kids tend to love and enjoy eating. Follow along as we learn the best way to buy great cheese and store it keeping it safe and fresh for your family favorites.

What to Know about Buying Cheese

It's easy to enjoy the best cheese available once you know what to look for in a good cheese.

When buying cheese aim to buy a good fresh quality cheese. Before you buy cheese sample it looking for a smooth, non buttery flavor. If tasting is not an option, let your eyes test the cheese for you. Survey the wrapper; avoid a sticky and wet wrapper that's reduced from the size of the rind.

Unripened Soft Cheese - When buying unripened soft cheese such as cream cheese, or neufchatel, ricotta or cottage cheese look for the date on the package and pick the freshest of the lot.

An Example of Delicious Gourmet Cheese

Semi Firm Cheese - Semi firm cheese as in; Mozzarella, Swiss, or Monterrey jack should look moist, not cracked or dry.

Blue or Green Veined Cheese - When buying cheese with a blue or green vein as in; blue or Roquefort  avoid any cheese with browning near the veins.

How to Store and Keep Cheese

Learn how to store cheese and keep it both longer and delicious.

After buying fresh cut cheese, always re-wrap it.  You can do so by re-wrapping the cheese tightly in plastic wrap to prevent it from drying out.

Keeping air out and away from cheese will prolong the storage life.

Strong smelling cheese should be stored in a plastic container with a tight lid to prevent the aroma of the cheese from affecting other foods. Store cheese in the coldest area of the refrigerator.

Fresh, unripened cheese should be used soon after it's purchased. Both processed and natural cheese will remain fresh for several months if wrapped and refrigerated properly.

Cheese naturally molds as it's stored; slice off the mold in addition to a generous portion of the underlying cheese to reveal the remaining cheese which should be safe for eating.

Is It Okay to Freeze Cheese?

Cheese can be frozen, learn which cheese you can freeze and how.

Freezing Cheese? Yes You Can!

Although frozen cheese may not be desirable as an appetizer, it can be used for casseroles and as a topping. Harder varieties of cheese may be frozen, but will end up drier and crumblier than before.

Freeze Cheese- Unopened hard and semi hard cheese can be frozen for up to two months. If the original package has been opened, re-wrap the cheese tightly and freeze for up to six weeks. Cut cheese into 1 inch thick pieces, wrap tightly in a plastic wrap to keep moisture in and air out.

Thaw Cheese - To thaw cheese, remove it from the freezer, and refrigerate for 24 hours. Plan to use frozen cheese soon after it thaws.

Note - Soft and soft cured cheese do not freeze well as they become crumbly and break down in texture far to much for the effort.

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katiem2 on 03/08/2012

Lissie, Great idea, I can imagine this being a lot more useful, thanks for the tips.

Lissie on 03/07/2012

I will freeze a hard cheese if I'm going away - but I grate it first and then just use the grated cheese frozen as required

katiem2 on 03/06/2012

Angel, Cheese doesn't last long in our house either, my girls love cheese and I do as well, this is the very reason I'm not vegan. Love cheese and as you've mentioned it is so good with all those delicious foods.

Angel on 03/06/2012

I didn't know about freezing cheese. We love some cheese in this house now. Cheese and crackers.... cheese and grapes... cheese and wine... mac and cheese.. we love it.

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