Brick or No Brick - Protect Your Car With Cheap Car Tent Garage

by skywalker

Tent garage can provide a decent replacement for the classic garage, offering enough protection from weather elements.

People that have their own backyards may build solid garage that they will use to protect their cars from cold during the winter or burning sun during the summer. The rest of us are not that lucky.

If you live in a crowded neighborhood full of residential buildings like me, you might have a little problem with parking space. You are not able to build your own garage, and the building you live in may not offer one. Your metal pet might be standing in the sun all summer long, which might damage its paint and interior parts, reduce duration of tires and heat the car up to the point when they are not pleasant to use. On the other end, you might face a frozen windshield, blocks of ice around your wheels and blue fingers trying to clean that mess and prepare car for use. Not to mention the real problems if you face a massive hail storm…

But, not everything is lost for you… If there is no other solution, buying a kind of tent for your car might solve your parking troubles. Tent garage can provide a decent replacement for the classic garage, offering enough protection from weather elements. In addition, those kinds of garages are foldable and movable, so you can take yours with you wherever you go… Just pack it up, put it in the trunk and you are ready for camping…

There is huge offer for the car tent garages online, so finding one to buy shouldn’t be that hard. But, to choose the right one for your car, you should give attention to some crucial details.

Car tent/garage
Car tent/garage

Picking the best tent garage for your cars starts with dimensions. Obviously, this is the most important detail to pay attention to. There is just no point if you take a small one and you can’t fit your car in or take a huge one and not be able to fit it in the space available.

The best thing you can do is to measure dimensions of your car. Add a little space to the sides, front and back and you have your starting point. Leave at least half of meter on the sides so you can open your door enough to leave the car once they are parked. Also, you would want to have some space in front and back of your car for easy access to a trunk and eventual repair, so add at least one meter to a length of your car.

Put it on the paper and pick the first tent garage that has the same or slightly bigger dimensions from calculated.


Garage you are buying should be made from durable materials.

You should go for a steel frame that will provide a solid base for the roof and walls, and be able to resist the winds that might hit it. Easier frames like plastic or aluminum are lighter and easier to manipulate with, but they are not strong enough and just not safe for your car as they might make scratches if they brake and fall.

The roof should obviously be from heat resistant material so it won’t burn or melt in the sun. It should also be water resistant to keep your car dry in case of rain. You could go for a waterproofed nylon that is lightweight, has great durability and strength. The other, even better option could be polyester that have better sun (UV) damage resistance. Polyethylene materials are maybe the best option, as they are equally waterproof, heat resistant and durable. So, make your pick depending on your needs, area of living and weather conditions and thickness of your wallet.

Your tent garage might have walls, bud doesn’t have to. If you choose to have them, they should follow the roof material, for esthetic and durability reasons. If you choose garage with walls, make sure to have at least one window on both sides to provide some air circulation that will help your car dry, prevent condensation and corrosion.

Setup Simplicity

If you buy a tent garage for your car and you need to assemble a team of engineers to put it together, you have done nothing. Setting it up should be easy and fast (think click based) so you can do it yourself, anywhere for less than one hour. Look at a manual or a youtube video instructions before you make your final choice, and choose the option that you feel confident with.

Innovative Approach

Not exactly a tent garage, but it is portable, small, durable, easy to use and will make some heads spin.

This innovative popup garage from china has waterproof roof, metal frame and automatic, remote controlled closing. I’ll stop describing here and let you see it in action.

As far as I know it is not on mass production lines yet and I am not sure it will ever be, but feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

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