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by LindaSmith1

This is an instructional article for how to create and edit your board on

Although netboard me is much like Pinterest, it does have features that Pinterest does not have, and there is a bit of a learning curve. There are some things that you need to do, but the tab that you need to click on does not exactly stand out.

Here are some step-by –step instructions for using, to help you learn how to navigate the site and do the various tasks that you would like to do.

Learn how to create, edit, delete boards, add text, images, links, Amazon Astores. Learn how to use the various functions and so forth.

Getting Started

Black Navigation Bar Introduced

You have signed up and logged in. You are now at your profile page for

The black navigation bar is important.  To the far right, you will find the button for logging out. Hover over the navigation bar. Otherwise, you wouldn't know anything was there. 

To the left of the log out button are the notifications. Here you can see who is following you, among other notices. 

In the section How To Create Your Netboard, you will learn more about what is found on the Navigation Bar.

Profile Page


This is what your profile page will look like.

You will see your photo, avatar, image for your account.

Below that is a list of various items such as:

  1. My Netboards- You will see how many boards you have. 
  2. In center of page is your list of netboards. 
  3. Top right of board list is a red button for Create New Board.

What Is Your URL

This one is a bit tricky.  Yes, you have your own url. 

When you have the site open to your profile page, you will see this in the search bar:

Your actual URL is like this:  JANEDOE.NETBOARD.ME

If you want to, simply copy your url and save it in you computer.  If you post that url on FB, etc, it will be seen by others.  The problem is that unless you use your URL in another browser, or close the site in the browser you opened it in, you will see the crazy url with index at the end.  Remember, others won’t. They will see your actual URL. 

How To Create Your Netboard

Name Your Board

URL-Under this you will see a box and Based on netboard name.

Click on Create Netboard which is on your profile page at the top.

Check the box: Your board name is Toys For Infants.  The url will be be; your url with the name of board being like a subdomain.  If you uncheck the box, you can create the subdomain name to anything you would like.

Access: You can keep your board private or available for public to see.

Skin: The skin is your background for your board.  The site does not have examples of the various colors. Once you create your board, click on your board, profile page. Now go to the top of the navigation bar and click on Netboard.  The drop down menu will have skins. Click on skins and a drop down with color samples appears. Select the one you want and save. 

Changing Skin

If you do not like the color/pattern simply go to the top of the page for your board. Yes, the black bar. 

You will see a white bar with the rating, followers, and votes. To the right, you will find Edit, Netboard, Notices, a tab that will take you back to your profile page and logout.

Netboard Tab: The netboard tab has a dropdown menu. Skin is listed. This is where you can change the color/pattern of your board.  The dropdown now shows samples of colors when you click on skins.

Co-authors: You can list those who are allowed to post on your board. This is something similar to making other people administrators of your website.

Properties: This will have your URl, ability to change from private to public and vice versa

Delete: If you decide that you don’t want to keep the board, simply click delete. 

How To Edit Your Netboard

EDIT: Now you will learn how to add images, etc to your board.  Keep in mind the following:

You want to see if a url to a post is working correctly

You want to see if image url is working

You see a big empty, grey box, when you add an Amazon A Store

Once you click save, the Astore will appear.  You can now click on images, posts to see if the links are working properly.’

Search Bar:  Post  box

Here you can post the URL to an article that you have published on other platforms.  You can also post your URL to your profile page from Hub Pages, Wizzley, Infobarrel, etc.

UPLOAD: Upload image from computer.  At the top of image, right hand corner, click and you will open description box. With the description box open, another icon will appear which is the trash can. Click on the trash can to delete image.  Unless there is a glitch, if you place a link in the description box, it does not hyperlink.  There is a remedy for this problem though.

Go to the Text Box. Click on Text found on drop down menu. Here is where you can add text, insert a link, insert an image, etc.  The  text box works like those found on the writing platforms, Word, etc. When you use this to insert an image with a link, the link will hyperlink.  

The Rich text box has been removed. 

Try it out with a product image.  Get url for image from Amazon, for instance.  Click on insert an image.  Once done, click and image will appear.  Now go back and click on insert a link which is where you simply put the shortened Amazon product page link.  Click Save and done. If you name the link, the name will appear in blue, hyperlinked to product page.  Click save.  Now click on image and see what happens.

Here is what your product images will look like using the rich text box.  You can click on any of the comforters to see what happens. 

Note:  Remember that there are 2 ways to insert images from the Rich Text Box

Insert Image: This is found in the rich text box. Insert image and use url to take reader to Amazon page, etc.  Links will be hyperlinked. 

My Images: Images that you download from your computer.  Links do not hyperlink.


The dropdown menu will show Chitika Ads so you can place Chitika on your boards.

Amazon Associates: You will simply love this.  This is where you  enter the HTML for the Embed my store using Inline Frame.  Click and you will then see an empty gray box.  Click on save. Now your store will appear. You can also add Amazon Widgets by placing the HTML code into this box.   Here is what the Amazon Astore looks like on

LAYOUT: After you get three or more posts, simply go to the layout, and then click on generate and columns in the drop down menu to decide which layout that you like the best. You can change it at anytime.  Click on save and you are done.   You don't have to have three or more posts first, but if you do, it is easier to see how everything will line up. 

Help: A short list of how to edit.

Below the colored header you will see Rename and Add. 

Rename: You can rename your board.

Add: Here you can add additional categories for your board if you wish to do so.  Let’s say your board is named Recipes. Instead of having all kinds of recipes on one page, you can click on the add button and now add categories such as: Vegan, Cakes, Pies, Smoothies, etc. Now under each category, you can post the things that apply. Now you have  recipe board that is organized.  You can insert images, etc within each category just as if they are the main netboard.

Click on Save when done.  You may click on an image, etc to see of the link works.  Remember you must save first.  Remember to save when you insert Amazon Astore in order to see store. Until you hit save, you board will show a grey box with nothing in it. 



New Changes To

Email About Changes

I received an email today, as all members should have received about changes to the site.  I would like to share the information that has been provided per email from in its entirety:

New layout option "Minimize blank space":

  • Posts will be sized automatically in order to fill blank netboard space.
  • You are still able to resize and reorder your posts.
  • This layout will be enabled for all newly created netboards by default.
  • Switch your netboard to the edit mode and select "Minimize blank space" option in the Layout menu to enable it for existent netboard.

Search Engine Optimization for your netboards:

  • We've improved netboards SEO for all dynamically loaded content.
  • Now you can customize Title, Description and Keywords tags of each of your netboard.
  • Click "Title and meta tags" option below the image of your netboard to change them.

New monetization option via Zazzle Associates:

  • You can post Zazzle products links with your referral ID just like you post any other links.
  • Or you can select Zazzle Associates option in the Ad menu and paste HTML code suggested by Zazzle for banners and for embedding of products links.
  • Each time a visitor clicks on your referral link and makes a purchase on Zazzle, you can earn a 15% referral fee on that sale. It’s free!

Usability improvements:

  • Now you can add the text and links below the posted image, video, uploaded file, etc. Previously only the caption was supported.
  • You can provide LinkedIn profile link in the "About me" section.
  • No more grey boxes on ad posting. Now you can see the posted advertisement just after you click Add button.

Final Tips

Review of


Don't worry if you make a mistake. You can always delete a post you made, an image or the entire board.  Playing with the site is how I learned how to use it. The delete button comes in handy.

It took me a couple of hours to go through everything. I emailed customer service who responded immediately to tell me what I was doing wrong and how to do it the correct way. 

Don't get too frazzled.  It won't take long for you to learn how to do everything you want to do.

If there is something you would like to do, but can't or have a suggestion as to how to make something easier, feel free to email customer support.  They look forward to hearing from us about our dislikes, difficulties, suggestions for new features, and how to make current ones  more user friendly. 

I personally sent in an email about some sharing issues and a few other things. I am waiting for a response either by email or by phone conversation.  As soon as these issues are responded to, I will be adding them to this article. 


Find   on



Email:  [email protected]

Updated: 04/23/2015, LindaSmith1
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LindaSmith1 on 02/26/2015

Thanks. i am still experimenting with it.

dustytoes on 02/26/2015

Thank you for the info. I will go read your other page as well. Your pages on netboard look very nice.

CountrySunshine on 02/25/2015

I'll look into it a bit more, Linda. Thanks for the answer! If I cannot figure it out, I'll email netboard.

LindaSmith1 on 02/24/2015

CountrySunshine: Send an email to [email protected]. They also have a Facebook page The image is a red square with on it. I have not had that problem yet. To make sure you are doing it correctly, you click on edit and then place url in bar next to your image, click post and then click save.

I found one of your zazzle products and put this url into the bar: I didn't have any problems.

I also tried this one and it worked fine as well:

I tried one of your products with my affiliate code and it worked fine as well.

CountrySunshine on 02/24/2015

I set up my netboard under the name "lynne", and found it quite easy to do. The only problem I've had so far is trying to get my Zazzle affiliate link to take. It strips my ID off of the end. Any ideas on this?

LindaSmith1 on 02/19/2015

I looked up their domain name. It has been around since 2012. Funny thing is there hasn't been anything written about it, etc. So maybe because the site is not well known, we will have new people becoming traffic sources from there.

AbbyFitz on 02/19/2015

Well, as far as I can tell I've gotten two hits from there to my blog, so I guess that's good!

LindaSmith1 on 02/19/2015

Writer Artist. Even though I have placed articles, etc I have already shared, I promote this as well. Actually, I am getting a bit more traffic and hits on Amazon from it, which could be internal, but who knows.

WriterArtist on 02/19/2015

I have another query - do I need to promote my stuff on netboard like any other?

WriterArtist on 02/19/2015

Dear Linda - I have bookmarked this article. Thanks for the information. It really helps when you are getting started.

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