How to Create Beautiful iPhone Cases

by Mira

Some bestselling iPhone 5 cases on Zazzle and how you can make your own beautiful cases. Here are some ideas for beautiful designs which are easy to create.

Some of the iPhone cases out there are truly beautiful. Zazzle posted today some of their bestsellers, and I took a look at them. They are impressive. They also gave me some ideas as far as creating iPhone cases myself, and showing you how easy it is to become a designer on Z., or at least to make your own products there (you can also create mugs, for instance) using your own images.

For instance: It only takes a photo of a gemstone or mineral to achieve a beautiful pattern. And yet not a lot of people create designs this way. If you collect gems or like to visit shows at a geology museum, you can take photos there and then come back to Z. to make your favorite iPhone case using those photos. In fact, I plan to create some designs for iPhones myself once the Geology Museum here in Bucharest welcomes another fair of huge crystals, semiprecious stones, and gemstone jewelry.

Then you can also use fractal software or images of works of art that are in the public domain.

Make Your Own iPhone Case
Beautiful Turquoise

Beautiful Turquoise iPhone Case

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Turquoise Pattern iPhone 5 Case

This bestselling iPhone 5 case is made using a photo of the gemstone called turquoise. The golden mineral you see there in the interstices of the stone is pyrite, also known as fool’s gold (you can see why). These veins of pyrite tells us about the rock where this gem formed. Speaking of which, the word turquoise, which we now associate with a color, comes from the French “pierre turquoise” meaning “Turkish stone.” It was believed by those who coined this name that the stone came from Turkey. It was, in fact, sold a lot in Turkey, but excavated in other places of the Middle East.

Turquoise Black Chevron Glitter iPhone 5 Case

This case is also a bestseller on Zazzle. The elegant design is more complicated, but you can create something similar if you take the time. Just click on Customize, and you’ll see how this image is composed using a number of simple images. If you don’t have the time or interest to create your own design, you can personalize this one by changing the name and monogram.

It’s rather amazing how easy it is to fool the eye into thinking that you’re not really looking at a plastic case. It seems as if the textures and glitter are all there.

An Elegant iPhone 5 Case

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Beautiful iPhone 5 Case with a Fractal Design

If you play with fractal software, you may come upon some really beautiful combinations. I really love the colors and shapes in one design called "La Chanteuse IV" – another bestselling iPhone 5 case design. If you like fractal designs, here are some of anitalite’s. I'm also showing one of her designs below, to the right.

Anitalite writes here on Wizzley and is also quite successful at selling customized iPhone cases on Z.

White Flower Pyramid Fractal Design

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La Chanteuse IV iPhone 5 Case

Bestselling Fractal Design Case on Z.
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Beautiful Monet Water Lilies iPhone 5 Case

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More Ideas: Art iPhone 5 Cases

Here’s a Monet Water Lilies iPhone 5 Cases. Claude Monet (1840-1926) painted over 250 Water Lilies in his garden at Giverny between 1899 and 1926. Zazzle designers are using many paintings which are now in the public domain. If you click on this case, you can then search on Z. for other artworks. And if you have a favorite artwork that’s not there, you may be able to use it. It’s easy to make your own iPhone case. You just upload the image (make sure it’s large enough, so that it prints nicely), and then position and stretch it on the product you wish to buy. You can also use such art images to create designs on Z. which other people can use as well.

Hope I've Given You Some Ideas

Enjoy designing iPhone cases!

Updated: 07/23/2018, Mira
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Mira on 10/15/2014

I often struggle with design myself, but have some beautiful photos I could use in some designs. I tried photographing minerals but as you can see in the turquoise iPhone case shown here, you need more than just a great stone, a good camera, and some photo skills. You need some great lighting. Not something that would sparkle off some mica in the rock, for instance, but something better. I should probably look into it. Thanks for tweeting :)

Tehreem on 10/14/2014

I loved the designs. I have great respect for all the artists like you who can produce such masterpieces. Sadly, my art skills are quite ordinary so I have skipped zazzle as a source of income. Tweeting ;)

Mira on 05/09/2014

I like turquoise, too, a whole lot. Glad you like that iPhone case :)

Mira on 05/05/2014

Yes, Zazzle is a wonderful business idea, and it does seem to inspire all sorts of designs.

Mira on 04/11/2014

Thank you, Shraddha! They're easy to create, too :)

WriterArtist on 04/09/2014

Beautiful blue designs for the iphone case.

Mira on 03/26/2014

Thank you, Sheri!

Mira on 03/26/2014

Yes, I can't wait to photograph some, as I said :)

Sheri_Oz on 03/26/2014

You have selected some beautiful examples.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/25/2014

Mira, Definitely shells and the sea seem like wonderful images for iPhone cases.

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