Quote Mugs for Coffee Lovers

by Mira

Fun quote mugs about coffee love. You can personalize them by adding your name or first name initial, and you can also create your own coffee mug.

I've just eaten several biscotti amaretti we've received in a Christmas basket, and I immediately started thinking about hot, steaming coffee. Flavorful coffee, with nutmeg or cinnamon or both, or with caramel, or with all those syrups they do at Starbucks, with pumpkin flavor, with mint even (iced).

I've given up my daily dose of coffee this year, and that instantly took away my heartburn and several degrees of stress, but I wouldn't say I advocate giving up coffee for good. I love to treat myself to a Starbucks coffee now and then, love creamy espressos even as they are rather strong, love trying coffee in town here and there, decaf of regular, and, of course, love meeting friends over coffee.

I also create quote mugs and T-shirts, and I feel there aren't enough quote mugs for coffee lovers. I have seen many coffee quotes on Pinterest, but not enough of them made it on mugs. The good thing is that on Zazzle you can make your own mugs, so if any quotes inspire you, you can create something in minutes, for yourself, friends, and family. They make nice gifts, I think. I'm guilty of buying mugs for friends, hence the thought.

Tard Mugs for Coffee Lovers

The Grumpy Cat people have a new design out, with "Coffee Now!!!", in the style of their Grumpy Cat image macros (image macros are those funny images – of funny characters – with superimposed text you see all over social media). A related Tard mug (that's the cat's name) comes with the words "Do I look like I rise and shine?" The coffee mug was probably the next step.

Sometimes it's fun to gift things, well, just for fun.

Grumpy Cat (TM) Coffee Now!!! Mug


Grumpy Cat (TM): Do I look like I rise and shine?


Alot of Coffee

When I searched for coffee mugs on Zazzle, I found this image of "Alot." As in "a lot (or, as some would have it, alot) of coffee" – or anything else. I finally found the source for this and other similarly-drawn comics characters. See this blog.

You can add text to it in seconds on Zazzle to customize it for you or your favorite writer friend who has just gotten rolling on that novel he/she's been working on forever.

ALOT mug


Asleep . . . Now You Can Talk to Me

A mug I've spotted a while ago and one that I still like very much has the gradation Asleep / Consciousness / Drowsy / Awake / Now you can talk to me. It has been copied/adapted left and right, but no version is so impactful as this one. Only I think you may agree that the words should have been placed on the other side of the line :). Maybe that's part of the joke, maybe it isn't. In any case, it's a fun mug.

Now you can talk to me coffee mug


"You may not talk to me yet"-style mug with fun quotes

Ad Zazzle

Personalized Espresso Cups and JavaScript Coffee Mugs

I like the design on the espresso cup. Simple yet effective. And the colors and blur effects look great.

There are also some JavaScript coffee mugs out there.

Coffee Is for Closers!

A line from the 1992 movie Glengarry Glen Ross, starring Alec Baldwin (playing Blake), Kevin Spacey, and other Holywood A-listers. The exact quote runs, "Put that coffee down. That coffee's for closers only." I haven't seen the film but here's more about it.

It's about salesmen using all sorts of trickery to sell real estate. If you're good at your racket, then this mug might just be for you. If not, I'm sure you know a Blake type boss or a salesman working under some such manager. There's no such thing as free coffee.

Caffeine Loading . . . Please Wait

I love this one. It's as good as the gradation one, if not better.

Grumpy Dino: "Give me coffee and nobody gets hurt"

Love the cartoon and the idea of using a dinosaur :). Maybe this would work for caffeine-addicted grandpa who has no high blood pressure and lots of anger issues (still).

Then there's "Peace. Love. Coffee." Not as grand as Peace. Love. Music, but without coffee there may not be peace, there may not be love. Just saying. Besides, I like the design.

Grumpy Monkey

I know a few people who would really enjoy this one, so grumpy monkey makes this list, too, even if it's not much of a quote mug. Note that you can customize the mug further. You can include an image of your friend (cropped round), or add his/her first name initial, or even your friend's name.

This particular monkey is the company mascot for Monkey Byte Development. They develop games software, mobile apps, and provide eLearning services. Petey the grumpy monkey is all smiley in the company logo (of course), which is quite funny.

I'm a therapist. I need coffee.

This is rather funny. Imagine the ordeal without coffee. No, I'm kidding.

You can get this mug for a friend who's a certified therapist or for one who's not and doesn't want to play one.

Then there's:

I must have coffee – and a spazzed-out little man
There are lots of Starbucks-derived designs out there, as is to be expected.

Coffee Mugs for Writers

Careful, or You'll End Up in My Novel

The "Careful, or you'll end up in my novel" mugs and T-shirts are very popular with writers. From what I've been reading, they run into each other at conferences, their T-shirts making implicit statements about their interactions there as well. For this reason, I'm showing here both some mugs and some T-shirts.

The "Careful, or" designs you see here are my own. Rather than just spelling the message, I designed it so you can see some faces in the letters. I hope you enjoy them.

Instant human. Just add coffee.

This one is really good. Loved it. I don't know about all the polka dots, but maybe they're the designer's version of a happy dance.

Another Instant human. Just add coffee.

This one was made in 2008. The other one in 2009. So not much of a happy dance then. (I know, it's not very funny, but I'm in a good mood. I've just had coffee, and I'm about to head out to see some fireworks.)

It's already the New Year. I've had another cup of coffee.

Thought I'd post some of my own designs as well. Here they are below.

I like a cup of joe more than most people

This is an early design of mine, and at first it wasn't much designed at all but mostly a personal slogan. I meant it for people who enjoy their solitude and who are "selectively social" ("antisocial" sounds much too severe). I'm thinking it would be an appropriate choice for those who don't want to be disturbed while writing at Starbucks or in other coffeehouses. There really are people like that, who stay there for the coffee and munchies all day. I've seen them. Haven't stayed there all day with them but they were beginning to grow beards. Or something.

So this message is for any writer, gamer, or reader who likes to spend a lot of time involved in solitary activities or in group activities online. Sometimes I'm like that, too.

Coffee. Cause Life's Dangerous

Coffee. So I can find my mind

I love coming up with coffee slogans. I've created a number of them on Zazzle. Not all of them stayed put, since not all ideas age well. The "Coffee. Cause Life's Dangerous" quote I still like. "Coffee. So I can find my mind," not so much, but other people seem to like it enough to buy it, so I kept it online.

Sometimes You Need Luck. The Rest of the Time You Just Need Coffee

It often helps to be extra alert in order to spot various life-changing opportunities. So here's a quote to celebrate that awareness (fueled by coffee).

This mug was recently pinned by someone on Pinterest, so I redesigned it a little and posted a new version (to the right). As far as coffee slogans go, this one is a little verbose, but sometimes when I have coffee I get more talkative, too. So this one is a little bit reflective of that as well.

Hope you found something that you liked. Remember that you can also make your own mugs on Zazzle, either as a designer, as I did, or when you place an order. Zazzle has nice fonts, and you can write whatever you want. If you want ideas, you can browse through your Pinterest quotes. They often give me ideas. Or you could do a monogram mug. There are plenty of beautiful monograms on Zazzle to choose from. I'm showing an M mug below.

You can also use one of your own photos.

Or you can pick a mug with a monogram design and customize it further, maybe writing something (a short quote) instead of someone's name. For instance on the mug shown below to the left, you can write "Coffee Anytime" instead of Name, or just "Coffee," and something else underneath, for instance "and good books."

I personally find that these monogram designs lend themselves nicely to adding your own text. Note that you can add something on the green band, too, of course. Just experiment with it.

And if you want a blank canvas, you can find that too. I'm showing one such blank mug below. You remove that placeholder image and that placeholder text, and add whatever you like (image/images and/or text).

Thanks for reading and I hope I've helped you find a mug with a fun coffee quote -- or at least given you some ideas for one.

Updated: 01/06/2021, Mira
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DerdriuMarriner on 06/25/2015

Mira, Coffee mugs are fun for coffee lovers, just as tea cups are fun for tea lovers. Could you share the URL for your Pinterest coffee boards? I'm a coffee lover.

Mira on 10/17/2014

Yes, that guy was on to something when he created the Grumpy Cat mugs :)

Tehreem on 10/17/2014

Grumpy cat mugs are shooo cute :) I will definitely buying it for my wife ..... tweeting it

Mira on 05/25/2014

:-) I try to cut back on coffee, too. Like you, though, I highly enjoy it.

chevril on 05/25/2014

Fun mugs! I've had to cut way back on coffee too, but when I have it it's divine. Wish I had thought of that clever javascript one!

Mira on 01/02/2014

Yes, I think so too. Thank you, ologsinquito!

Mira on 01/02/2014

Thank you, Jennifer! I really like the coffee mugs design business :). And Zazzle has different kinds of mugs, too, and all of great quality.

jptanabe on 01/02/2014

Love these mugs - they'd be perfect for my morning coffee!

ologsinquito on 01/02/2014

These are all so cute, especially the grumpy cat mugs. They would make great presents.

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