How To Draw Dragon Ideas

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Learn how to draw dragon ideas and concepts by sketching from your imagination at all times and also being inspired by other artists.

How to draw Dragon ideas and Concepts from beginning sketches to more finished artwork illustrations. You will learn how to draw various parts of a Dragon creature through drawing tutorials in video form and step by step guides for drawing fantasy Dragons. From Dragon wings to detailed Dragons heads you can practice drawing the Dragons here or go in your own direction and draw your own. Hopefully this Dragon drawing inspiration will inspire you.

How To Draw Dragon Concepts Full Figure Example

Conceptualizing Dragon Sketches

How to draw Dragon ideas from specific Dragon body parts like the head, the arms, the wings and full Dragon forms and structures. Drawing Dragons is a brilliant and quite exciting exercise when you are relying quite heavily on drawing from your imagination to get the end result. Dragons come in all shapes and sizes and you can draw them any way that you want and also there is no wrong or right way to draw a Dragon.

In the following video you can draw along with the Dragon drawing or be inspired to draw a Dragon creature of your own. Starting with the basic figure framework you can build on it and develop the drawing further.

How To Draw A Dragon

Drawing A Dragon In Pencil

Ink Your Dragon Drawing

Inking The Next Design Process

You can ink over your pencil drawing now of the Dragon drawing with a gel ink pen and improving the pencil sketch is the key here. Experiment with different ink pens to get the right flow of ink and also different line weights too. This helps to give your Dragon some weight behind it and some visual flare for a complete design.

Inking A Dragon Pencil Drawing Concept

Using An Ink Pen To Ink The Drawing

Color The Dragon Drawing

Crayola Twistables Coloring Art Video

I decided to color this Dragon in Red as a fire Dragon which is always a good idea as Dragons can be any color from Green to Blue and Purple to Yellow and even Black or White. So with that in mind don't feel obliged to stick to the color scheme as in my video below. I used the Crayola Twistables for coloring this Dragon design and they always blend quite well together.

You will need the Red, Orange and Yellow for the Dragons skin color and the backs of the wings will be a brown with highlights of yellow.

Coloring The Dragon Drawing

Coloring Demonstration With Crayola Twistables

How To Draw A Detailed Dragons Head

Draw Dragon Head

Drawing a Dragons head takes a lot of practice at times and this drawing video will show you how to tackle the subject head on. The detailed Dragons head drawn in pencil becomes more like a proper Dragon when you start to add all the lovely details like the scales on the creatures skin and the teeth and the eyes help to make the character of the Dragon.

Drawing A Dragons Head In Detail

Pencil Sketching A Dragons Head

Sketch A Dragons Wing

When you start to draw the wings of your Dragon you can draw them like this or look to other real life animals such as Bats for inspiration for drawing wings. Also drawing the wings of any Bird is also quite useful as the underlying structure is similar and you can still get away with that for your Dragons wings. Try drawing wings outstretched and folded and from different angles and you'll get it right eventually as it takes time to draw certain things.

Also see the drawing a claw hand example too to give you an idea....

Drawing A Dragons Wing Video

How To Draw Dragons Wing

Draw Dragons Claw

Draw Hand Claw Of A Dragon Video Example

Draw An Easy Dragon Idea

A Time Lapse Drawing By YouTube Artist Kazanjianm

I thought I would share another YouTube artists drawing video for a change as this Dragon is more bat like and he shows you the construction lines before he begins to solidify the whole drawing and he has the wings down to a "T" with them incredible Bat like wings which are always the best way to draw them for Dragons. YouTube user Kazanjianm has created a very nice Dragon idea that is a nice simple drawing that anyone can follow, even kids when they are bored can follow along and draw this. The video is a time lapse drawing but you can still pause it and try and take the route of drawing something similar along with this quite prolific Artist.

How To Draw Dragons For Beginners By Fellow YouTube Artist - Kazanjianm

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Draw A Dragons Eye

Drawing Dragon's Eye

How To Draw A Dragons Eye Video

Sketch A Dragon Eye

Just thought I'd add this video aswell on drawing a Dragons eye which you may find useful. Drawing eyes for Dragons can be different each time you begin to draw them so keep this in mind when pencil sketch the eyes of a Dragon as there will be Dragon scales around the eyes much like a Lizard.

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Drawing Dragon Ideas

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onepagearticles on 03/13/2012

Thank you! Dragons are always fun to draw as they are such wonderful imaginary creatures that you can make possible right on the paper anyway way you want....I want to do more variations of Dragons some time!

Snurre on 03/13/2012

I loved this article. So informative! The videos are a great help. I'm now tempted to draw a dragon.

onepagearticles on 03/05/2012

Thanks! still need to add more to this....

Shaz on 03/04/2012

Such a cool article, thanks!

onepagearticles on 02/29/2012

Cheers now! got some updates coming up for this wizzle!

sheilamarie on 02/29/2012

This is helpful for me right now, even though it is a bat I'm trying to draw rather than a dragon. Thanks.

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