How to Find the Perfect Match for Me

by katiem2

Learn the common mistakes we make keeping us from the love of our lives and how to make sure you're in the right place at the right time.

We go about our lives doing most everything intentional, we are intentional about our education, our health, wealth, activities and possessions. We don't let these important aspects of our lives to chance. Why is it then so many people wait for chance encounters when it comes to romance? Stop and think for a moment why you would wait for it to just happen. Does this really make good sense? No it doesn't and a good reason to live more intentionally when it comes to finding your life partner, wife, husband, or lover. Let's look at a simple, practical, smart and intentional way to land the best possible love ever!

Find The Perfect Match

Friendships are Key

 Plus, don't leave your appearance to chance either, take good care of yourself, look good, feel good and be ready to land the perfect date at any given time.  

Always take care to have a healthy smile and clean white teeth, a great smile is the opening act to the first time you meet a person, be prepared.

Fresh breath is also a sign that you are a considerate partner, there are those who aren't which will you be?

Eyes are always one of the first things catching the eye of any interested party.  Take care to maintain your eye brows etc. This goes for men too!

Friendship Equals Dating

Intentional not Accidental

Compromising on friendships can adversely effect your future dates.  If you settle for friends that are not up to your standards or interest you will find yourself compromising doing things you normally would not and thus meeting people less likely to really be right for you.  It's never a good idea to settle in any relationship.  The only relationships we can't pick and chose are those with family.  We are never stuck with friends or potential dates, don't allow this to happen to you.


Intend to make friends with people who share the same interest and desires as you do. 

The Best Way to Meet People

This is the very reason we form relationships, to share a life of pleasurable experiences. Once we realize the importance of chasing after our dreams in terms of our friendships we begin to realize a much happier life over all.

Be Selective About Dating

Never chose to go out on a date with someone you're not totally interested in.

Be Selective

When it comes to people you're going to be spending time with be selective. The people you choose as friends should be those you share the same interest and desires with.

It's while hanging out with close friends you find yourself in the places you are naturally interested in, doing what you love.

Be on the look out for people you might be interested in dating as you're out and about with your friends. It is then you will find a compatible mate and one who shares the same desires in life as do you and your friends.

Much Love and Happiness, Katie


Make a Good Impression

How Important is Good Teeth and Clean Breath to YOU?
Updated: 05/23/2013, katiem2
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How Did You Find The Right Person?

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katiem2 on 05/23/2013

Mike, I'm with you

teddletonmr on 05/23/2013

Fresh breath is vital when choosing a date or partner. bad breath, yellow teeth or dirty, smokers breath are all a deal breaker for this non-smoker who brushes, whitens and flosses regularly.

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