How to Fit Two Kids in a Small Room

by SusanM

Tips and ideas for fitting two kids into a small kids room

Kids and small spaces usually don't go together. But sometimes they have to. This means a lot of thought and care needs to be put into designing their room.

So what are the essentials when deciding how to fit two kids into a small room?

The Small Space Essentials

There are a few essentials you need to keep in mind when choosing furniture to fit two kids into a small room. Standard furniture just won't do it. This is because it has been designed for one child in a standard sized room. To fit two kids into a small room and do it well you need to think differently.  

1. Think Storage: Try to buy pieces of furniture that have two functions. It's best if one of those functions is storage space. You can never have enough storage space. By including it in furniture you must have you are getting storage space without taking up any extra room. This is essential when you lack space but need to fit in clothes, books, toys and other things for two kids. 

2. Be Compact: Many pieces of furniture take up more space than they really need to. So when choosing furniture for a small space look for items that are compact. The less space you use in the furniture the more available space you will have for everyday use. 

3. Use Minimal Floor Space: Floor space is like gold in a small room so think up. Don't forget you can hang things from the ceiling. You can get shelves and other storage items that go directly onto a wall without taking up any floor space too. So think creatively and remember not everything has to be on the floor. 

4. Be Organized: The less space you have the more organized you need to be. This goes back to having good storage. But not just in the big storage items. Smaller items that help organize things also help to make the most of a small space. 

5. What is the room really for? Sleeping? Quiet time? Studying? Time out? Having a place of their own to go to? Once you decide what roles the room will have you'll know what you need in it and what you don't. If your kids can study elsewhere like the kitchen do they need a desk in their room? A desk takes up a lot of space. So think about your kids room in the context of your whole house or apartment. 

A Good Example

This bunk bed is a good example of Think Storage and Be Compact.

There's lots of storage space in this bunk bed. This means you will need less extra furniture taking up floor space to store things in. 

You'll also notice it's not taking up any extra floor space than it really needs to do its job. This is an essential part of buying furniture for a small room.

Space Saving Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed

When you lack space it's best to stay away from traditional bookcases. These often take up a lot of room but don't always hold very much. Book racks often take up less room and give the feeling of space in a small area. 

Stay away from traditional toy boxes too. They take up a lot of floor space and don't organize toys very well. Toy organizers are often a better choice for small rooms because they are narrow and high not wide and short. Narrow and high is a good shape for a small room because you take up less floor space. (Just make sure the narrow and high furniture is safe for your children's room.) An organizer like this also, well helps the room stay tidy. This is because you have compartments to put things in. You don't just have a lot of toys thrown into a big box. 

Pictured: Tot Tutors Toy Organizer (available at Amazon). 

Kids Storage for Small Rooms

Tot Tutors Toy Organizer
Tot Tutors
Tot Tutors Book Rack
Tot Tutors

Just Hanging Around

Now here's a good way to use the ceiling of a small room.

Hanging storage!

Chains like this put toys in reach of kids but don't take up any floor space.

They also give your kid's room a warm, friendly feel, with their furry friends hanging around ready for play. 

Hanging Toy Storage

Chain Gang Toy Organizer
Toy Tech

Add Some Large Pillows

Having a few large pillows around makes your kid's room warmer and more comfy. They make your kid's room a nice place to hang out. 

You can find decorative pillows like the ones here in plain colors or in designs for boys or girls. The great thing about large pillows is they can be thrown on a bed when not in use. You can't do this with a beanbag. (Beanbags also take up more space.) 

This is a cute little study desk that can be slipped into a small bedroom. It can also be used in any room you decide will be the study room for your child. (This does not have to be their bedroom. It just needs to be a place that they will be able to concentrate in.)

If you are looking for a more traditional desk for your kids bedroom think narrow to save floor space. If it's a long and narrow table both kid's should be able to use it at the same time too.  

More Storage for Small Spaces

If you're deciding on furniture for a very small room avoid drawers. You need space for pulling out drawers that you don't have in a small room. This means cubby hole storage is easier to use in a tight space. Cubby hole storage gives you the maximum storage using the minimum amount of space. This type of storage can also give a room a comfy lived in feel with toys and other things on show. 

If you must have doors on your storage furniture go for sliding doors. These will stop dust but don't need the same amount of room as drawers. This is because they slide across and don't open outwards into the room. But storage furniture with sliding doors can be very hard to find for your kid's room. So if you want things covered but can't find 'sliding door' storage furniture think about adding some small curtains in a light material to the front of cubby hole shelves. 

Updated: 09/02/2012, SusanM
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