How to Get a Good Nights Rest and End Trouble Falling Asleep

by katiem2

Beat insomnia, or poor sleep quality by adding a simple drink or do this at bedtime to balance hormones, cut risk of heart disease obesity diabetes, control weight and sleep!

Lack of sleep not only feels terrible it is flat out bad for your health causing an entire host of problems. When did you last enjoy a good night's sleep, can you remember? It is important to correct this problem and eliminate exhaustion because good rest helps the body repair and build new cells. Your body cannot do this much needed work without proper sleep. Imagine resting peacefully, waking in the morning ready to charge ahead and seize the day. Drink the sleepy tea outlined below one to two hours before bed to enjoy a nice long sleep tonight and every night.

The Best Sleep Aids

Meditation and Hypnosis for Sleep

If you are someone who cannot shut your brain down or stop that flow of thoughts regarding your to do list at home or work you need self hypnosis and or meditation.

Freeing your mind of the days stress is paramount when it comes to sleep aids. Meditation and Hypnosis is an extremely effective means by which to clear your head and relax.

It is okay if you have never undergone hypnosis or practiced meditation, both are easy using guided techniques and with no skill required. 

Experts Developed at Home Sleep Techniques

My Favorite Tea to Aid Sleep and Relaxation

How to Drink Yourself to Sleep

Drinks that help you fall asleep and rest peacefully

The tart cherry actually contains melatonin, which naturally induces sleep

Tart Cherry Concentrate – Is a great additive to teas such as chamomile, lemongrass or mint, add one tablespoon of tart cherry concentrate to a cup of either tea one to two hours before bed. This concoction will help you drift off and enjoy a great night’s sleep.

Added Bonus – Tart Cherry Concentrate is a strong antioxidant that helps eliminate joint pain, inflammatory related issues and even gout.

Good News – You can buy cherry concentrate at Trader Joes, don’t have a Trader Joes near you no worries buy the type shown to the right.

I like sleepy time tea, it is pleasant tasting and works wonders plus includes chamomile which I like to include in my nightly tea ritual. Chamomile is a good source of phyto-nutrients and this little nugget fights estrogenic build up or over load if you will. We are exposed to these unnecessary additives in many products created by common manufactures. BUT it is good to know chamomile helps to rid the body of these toxins.

When to Drink Sleepy Time Tea – It is best to enjoy your night time tea 1-2 hours before bed, it does take a bit to kick in.

Does Lack of Sleep Really Cause Weight Gain?

Yes, Sleep Deprivation Causes Weight Gain

I will never forget what a co-worker of mine shared with me one day, she commuted to work and so she drove 2 hours to work every bloody day. I thought the girl was daft, who drives that far to work, it was a good job but my heavens!  Anyway, she walked into the office every morning with bags of pretzels and other snack foods I myself would never put in my mouth.  One day I flat out asked her, “What’s with all the junk food, clean out the car from the kids or other?”

She went on to explain, she was so tired driving to work every day so she munched on crunchy foods to keep herself awake.  I was shocked she would do that to her body all in the name of a decent job. I would have moved closer to my work, she lived in the country, she liked it.  BUT she grew fatter and fatter eating to stay awake…

Hormones and Sleep Deprivation

Poor Sleep Causes Imbalanced Hormones Which Causes Weight Gain

Poor sleep, too few hours of sleep and restless sleep all cause the body’s hormones to go haywire. Remember earlier when I mentioned sleep is when the body reboots = balance and good health. Any form of sleep deprivation causes the body’s hormones to become unbalanced and that causes weight gain, mainly cortisol levels.

You could stair step your way to heaven and still have difficulty maintaining or losing weight, primarily in the tummy or stomach area.  Hormones gone off kilter cause weight gain and fatigue and sleep deprivation can cause us to eat mindlessly simply to keep the body busy helping us avoid nodding off when we should not.

Did you also know there are many “health” foods that can lead to even more disruption in your hormones, which can throw off your sleep patterns… and make it impossible for you to lose weight?

It’s true!  On the next page you’re going to discover exactly why to STOP eating foods like whole wheat bread, soy, sugar, certain types of milk, canola & other vegetable oils, and many other “health” foods.

Go to the next page below to discover how these foods are destroying your health, wrecking your sleep, and causing weight gain.



Walk Daily to Sleep Well and be Fit

Fitbits HR monitors heart rate providing a more accurate record of calories burned each day.
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katiem2 on 10/09/2017

Margielynn, Isn't it funny how we forget about the little things that help us achieve a better life? Sleep is one vital element to our lives. Happy and healthy sleep!

Guest on 10/08/2017

I have issues sleeping somtimes, thanks for this very informative article. I love hot tea and have tried the sleepytime before, but forgot about it. Last night was one of those night

katiem2 on 10/10/2016

DerdriuMarriner Good to hear from you, I look forward to hearing about your progress

katiem2 on 10/10/2016

Trish, I am happy to address this very important issue of pain medication use, overuse and addiction. I myself have struggled with this after I was injured in a serious accident - http://whattodoandexpectwheninacaracc... leading to sugery, pain and a long LONG path through life. I will get to work on it. Thank you for the kind review and fan support. I love my fans

Trish on 10/10/2016

hey candy47 I don't use a pillow to sleep because like the frankin dude I was in a car wreck and my neck is now wrecked, sleeping on pillows hurts my neck.... I take way to many pain meds to sleep I am going to give this the ole college try. Katiem2 can you write an article about natural pain relief PLEASE, I love your work, the style of writing you share is wonderful as if I am having a conversation with you. Love your work katiem2 I am a big fan

katiem2 on 09/15/2016

iggy, enjoy a good nights rest

iggy on 09/10/2016

Very interesting, I sleep best after a hard days work. My problem is my days off. I will try some of your suggestions.

DerdriuMarriner on 09/09/2016

katiem2, Thank you for the information about sleeping better after a walk a day and meditation and sleepytime tea in the evening. The addition of tart cherry concentrate sounds like a refreshing addition to comforting chamomile, lemongrass and mint teas.

frankbeswick on 09/08/2016

You can sleep without a pillow! Lucky woman. Ever since 1981 when I had a car crash [not my fault] my neck has required two pillows for an easy night's sleep.

candy47 on 09/08/2016

I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the bed. I don't use a pillow. That's it! I know it's not so simple for a lot of people so I hope they find a remedy in your article.

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